What are chat, user and channel IDs – how to find out

The popular Telegram messenger is installed on many phones, but it is used not only for private communication. He is chosen for business communications. The application offers a wide range of features: from messaging exchange to maintaining a corporate channel.

When using Telegram, users often face the question: how to find out the Telegram ID of a chat or contact. The article will deal with this in detail.

What is an ID?

ID is a unique identifier. The code is assigned to each registered subscriber when creating a profile, and is used for further authorizations. All communities, channels, conversations have their own identifier.

Telegram Channel ID.

The system uses a digital code for the correct storage or display of data and recognition of the subscriber.

Thanks to the ID, the messenger “recognizes” the user and shows only his correspondence.

Important! Unlike a username, which can be changed at any time, an ID cannot be selected. If you know the person’s ID, then even when the nickname or name changes, the profile will be easy to find.

Why you need to know the ID

ID can be useful in various situations: create a group, set up chat or spam, adjust bot settings. To send a message via the Telegram API, the bot needs the ID of the conversation or user to whom it will write.

Most people do not need to know the code, but if you still need your Telegram ID, or wondering how to recognize someone else’s, use one of the methods described below.

How to see ID in Telegram

When solving various tasks, it is often necessary to know the account ID. However, the developers did not provide such an opportunity to preserve the complete anonymity of their subscribers. There is a solution to this problem – using special add-ons.


How to find out your ID in Telegram? Ask the bot! There are many helpers. For example, @ShowmeidBot, @userinfobot, @MyTelegramID_bot. The bots @GetMyIDBot and its analogue @my_id_bot are considered absolutely safe, as they were checked by the application developers.

Using them is very simple:

  • Log in to the application under your name and add to the friends list one of the bots listed above.
  • Send him a message with the text “/ start”.
  • In response, you will receive a specific ID code.

Chat, groups

Using bots, you can find the chat ID in Telegram, but there is another way:

  • Share your site.
  • Send a chat request using the API.
  • The text will come with chat ID telegram.

You can use this method to get a unique group number, but only if the group belongs to you. If the group is alien, bots will come to the rescue again. The algorithm of actions in this case will be the same as with the channel.


You can find out the Telegram channel ID using the @getmyid_bot add-on:

  • Add it to your friends list.

    Get Channel ID.

  • We start the dialogue with the message: “/ start”, we get the chat ID with the bot and the personal code (Current chat).

    Channel ID using bot.

  • We forward any publication from the channel of interest.

    Channel id.

  • In response, we get a message in which after the phrase “Forwarded from chat” the necessary code will be contained.

On a note! You can use a different method to get the ID. For this you will need a link. Find the desired channel in the search, copy the first digits from the URL and first add -100. Get full ID.


You can’t directly view information about someone else’s ID in Telegram, so we’ll tell you how to find out the ID of someone from your contacts.

Again, you need to add a bot called @userinfobot to your friends. Forward the bot any message from the correspondence with the person of interest. The bot will determine its identifier and send a return message.

Pros and cons of the application

Speaking about the Telegram ID and certain difficulties in recognizing it, this property of the application can definitely be considered an advantage. This, in the privacy of the server, includes the presence of end-to-end encryption, which means complete secrecy of correspondence.

Telegram is universal, works great both on mobile devices and on PC. In addition, a web version of the program is available. And the moderation of the communication itself is multifaceted thanks to bots, audio and video format, and other chips.

Even in a popular application like Telegram, which is loved by millions of users, there are flaws. Messages are classified, but phone number, contact details are not. For Telegram users in the computer version there is a significant minus – the lack of secret chats.
As you can see, there are much more advantages. Perhaps this is the main secret of folk love for the application.

The above are ways to see the ID in Telegram. Since no one can change the value of the identifier, it is enough to find out the ID of interest once. Defining a unique code is required for some settings.

Telegram saves the data of its users, so in the address bar there are usually no numbers, and in the application itself the ID is not displayed. Those who need this information will easily get it using bots.