How to make a video call in Telegram – detailed instructions

Users of popular instant messengers choose the most convenient, in their understanding, functions for communication. To the logical question “Are there video calls in Telegram?” You can answer unambiguously – there is no such option directly in the application. But there is a way to use video files for communication.

Telegram features

Like other instant messengers and social networking applications, Telegram has options widely requested by users. There is no video call button in Telegram, but it’s still possible to see the person you are talking to.

Telegram video call.

There are two ways:

  • record and send a short video file in the chat;
  • use the video bot service.

Both options do not replace a full-fledged video call, but according to the developers of the application, Telegram has a different purpose initially.

Telegram is primarily a messenger created to communicate through short messages that can be varied with emoticons and stickers.

BTW! The sets of stickers embedded in chats are different from the stickers of other instant messengers. Many options are provided to users for free.

Telegram video

A specific analogue that replaces a video call in Telegram is a special mode. With it, you can exchange short videos with the interlocutor, which will be recorded directly in the chat.

In order to send a message, you must:

  • open correspondence with the right user;
  • in the lower right corner, change the microphone icon on the camera by clicking on it;
  • turn on the camera and record video;
  • during recording, you must either hold and hold the specified button, or swipe up to fix the shooting mode;
  • until the message is sent, you can press the cancel button and dub the video.

Video is recorded up to one minute long, image and sound quality are not compressed. This is not direct communication, but as close as possible to the video call mode, when the conversation can be conducted face to face.

The advantage of such recorded messages is the option of re-viewing, while in video mode, you can not rewind the conversation. You can also edit the finished record and overlay text on it.

BTW! The original detail of Telegram is the design of the video in circles, and not in squares or rectangles, as in other messengers.

Bot services

You can make a video call in Telegram using a special robot. In fact, communication with the interlocutor will pass through a third-party service. The advantage of this method is that there is an option to communicate even with users unregistered in Telegram.

The disadvantages include the instability of the site, because of problems on the server, the program does not always work as it should. In addition, there is a possibility that the creators of the application can block bots.

Video call using a bot.

In order to enable the video call bot, you need to:

  • in the “chats” section in the search, enter “Video llamadas”;
  • in the list of conversations that appears, select “video llamadas”;
  • in the chat that opens, click the “/ start” button;
  • on a request for a choice of language write your country;
  • indicate your nickname;
  • enter the command “send request”.

After that, the robot will send a link to the video chat, after which the broadcast of the call will begin. By sending it to your interlocutor, you can fully communicate via video.

IMPORTANT! Since the call is no longer made through the Telegram application, but on a third-party resource, the security of the connection is not guaranteed. Clicking on suspicious links is highly undesirable.

Other features

And although there is no video communication in Telegram, the range of possibilities that this application provides is quite wide:

  • instant messaging with the function of sending emoticons, stickers and small media files;
  • record voice messages;
  • option to make calls to all registered subscribers;
  • You can create group chats and communicate on working and family matters or common interests with the participants in the conversation;
  • secret chat function allows you to not save correspondence on personal issues;
  • option to subscribe to interesting channels and receive the necessary information from other users;
  • if you make your own channel, you can get a fairly wide audience of subscribers.

Application Installation Features

Telegram messenger is free and has good user reviews. Installing it is not difficult at all, but registration by phone number is required.

For iOS

To install Telegram on iPhone, you need to download the application from the App Store. At the first launch of Telegram, you will need to specify a phone number and go through SMS confirmation. Then you need to fill out the registration form, entering your name.

To synchronize contacts, you need to open the application access to the phone book of the device, as well as to the camera and microphone, to use all the functions in full, including video calling.

For Android

After downloading and running the installation file of the Telegram application for Android from Google Play, you will need to go through authorization, indicate your first and last name and select an avatar. After that, Telegram will automatically download the contacts of those people who already have this application from the phone book and ask for consent to access files, a microphone and a camera.

If one of the friends installs Telegram, the messenger will send a notification.

For pc

Sync contacts on PC and phone.

To install the Telegram web version on a PC, you need to download the program from the official website of the developer and run it.

Then you need to connect the computer to the mobile phone so that the contact list and previously started conversations are available. You don’t have to constantly configure the connection, this is done once during installation.

Messenger for smartphone and computer

The main difference between the mobile version of Telegram and the desktop version is that for a “computer” or laptop there is no way to call the other person. This is done in order to ensure maximum security of private conversations, since they are more protected on a smartphone.

The computer supports all the basic functions of Telegram, chatting and viewing media files.

BTW! Telegram is one of the most secure messengers, for which they even tried to ban its use at the state level, since encrypted data can be used for criminal purposes.

Rumors about the appearance of a video call in Telegram

In a competitive environment, developers are trying to include as much useful functionality as possible into applications. But this does not mean that the best messenger will be the one with more options and additional buttons.

Someone will consider such mobile software too overloaded. So the creator of Telegram was limited only by the fact that with the help of his application you can simply write messages in chat rooms, call and send small files.

BTW! The very first news about the appearance of a video call in Telegram appeared on April 1, 2016. And this was just a joke of Pavel Durov.

When asked about why a video call in Telegram is still not included in the application’s functionality, the creators respond by saying that it’s very difficult to organize a secure video transfer at the moment.

For the creators of the messenger, data security is a priority, therefore it is worth assuming that video calls in Telegram will not appear earlier than they will be able to solve these technical issues.

When asked by users whether Telegram has a video calling feature, and whether it will appear in the near future, the developers definitely refuse. Rumors claiming the opposite still appear periodically, so do not completely exclude the possibility of adding such an option.

At the moment, Telegram has an already extensive set of tools for communication, and alternative applications of competitors allow you to choose any messenger or use several at once.