Turning off the sound in Telegram – step by step instructions

Each messenger has a notification system. They are usually sound, so users are interested in how to turn off the sound in Telegram, if it is already tired.

When developing the application, communication participants do not pay attention to the signals, and when dozens of them come to the smartphone, they want to filter them out. There is always the possibility of partially or completely disabling alerts if you find this function on your device.

Telegram Feature

Sounds and notifications in Telegram.

Telegram is a domestic development. Many experts recognize this messenger as one of the best because of the ease of download and the availability of mastering its capabilities.

The application works on a laptop, PC, smartphone. It is important from the very beginning to learn how to turn off alerts in Telegram on a computer, phone, Iphone.

The messenger was originally intended for iOS, later it was finalized. Since 2018, the utility began to work on PC and on mobile devices, and now it is in demand in many countries.

The multi-platform resource is equipped with convenient for communication functions, including voice messages, online trading, quick search of an active interlocutor. If you receive signals for each replica from group correspondence, there is a chance that the messages will begin to annoy. To do this, there is a notification block.

As in any advanced messenger, you can partially or completely remove the sound in Telegram.

How to remove the sound

Subscribers should figure out how to turn off the sound in Telegram. It’s important to remember how to do this on your device. In this case, there is a choice – turn off group calls or mute individual dialogs or contacts.

There are various options in the menu, for example, when you want to block the notification from single subscribers or turn off the sound in Telegram on the phone to be inaccessible to everyone at the same time.

Thanks to standard functions, you can make it so that you can cancel receiving messenger alerts through the normal mute function.

In chat

In a conversation, you can turn off alerts on any device. Just go to the “Settings” (upper right corner). Then click on “Notifications” and uncheck the box next to the column “Sound”.

In marked correspondence

There is a method that allows Telegram to disconnect the sound of messages from a specific contact. To do this, select the chat and click on the three dots (upper left corner). An action menu will pop up, one of which will be “Turn off notifications”.

Or another way of silent mode of a particular correspondence is to remove the slider from the corresponding category, which is located on the right (if PC) under the information about the interlocutor’s profile.

For the mobile version, “Disable notifications” is also in the friend’s account information. You can only find it by clicking on the avatar.

In all posts

Mute in all chats.

To make all messages silent at once, go to the general settings (upper right corner). In the “Notifications and Sound” field, select “Personal Chats” and move the slider to the left.

In group conversations

If you’re tired of receiving notifications from group chats, then by going to the dialogue itself, click on the three dots (left corner) and select “Turn off notifications” or click on the conversation’s avatar and move the slider to the left in the information about it.


Disabling annoying reminders about incoming SMS on a smartphone and on a computer does not have any special differences. The same can be said for Apple gadgets.

For iphone

Every iPhone owner knows how to turn off notifications in Telegram on iOS.

And if you are just mastering this OS, then the following instructions for you:

  • ZIDte in the chat.
  • Click on the person’s profile picture.
  • Opposite the “Notifications” tab, click “Off.”.

If you are tired of signals from a channel, then go to ZIDte and click on the bottom line, where it says “Off.”.

For Android

Changing the settings for Android (see the upper left corner) occurs through the “Three stripes”. Next, go to “Notifications and Sound”, select the one you need from the list of options.

Here you can configure your favorites:

  • Applications
  • events;
  • individual messages;
  • groups
  • events;
  • contacts.

In this case, the call system is designed to work according to needs, without overloading and without annoying the user.

For home computer

On a PC, the signals are turned off completely or by individual contacts and groups. It is recommended to enter the basic Telegram settings. Then click “Three Strips” and find “Notifications”.

In the “Sound” menu, click on the checkmark. The function is activated after the checkmark disappears (or after a restart).

The top tab opens a list of Telegram channels. You can leave with active correspondence, the rest can be disabled. After activation, Telegram should restart. Now the question of how to disable notifications in Telegram on the computer does not arise.

How to restore sound

If, after disabling notifications, you notice that you are missing important notifications, then there is the option to return the settings. Just check the box next to the line “Sound”.

On any OS, returning signals is as easy as turning it off. If you were able to remove the signals yourself, then you can easily do the opposite.


Telegram is an affordable application for communicating with a select circle of people. Ease of managing settings is the main difference. Here you can communicate via SMS and video messages, send music and videos, enable and disable audio messages.

Through the settings, you can make a general disable / enable notifications by correspondence in chats, groups, channels. Thanks to such important trifles as the function of disabling alerts, Telegram has every chance to become the most popular application for chatting video call exchanges.