Telegram at the Opera

Telegram has long become one of the most popular instant messengers that help people stay connected and share information. It is easy to install on a computer, but depending on the browser, differences in functionality are noticeable. Consider the features of the Telegram messenger in Opera.


Using Telegram in Opera

“Opera” today is a unique browser in which Telegram, like other instant messengers, is present initially and does not require installation using additional extensions. This is very convenient, but some nuances of working with Telegram should be considered.

Entrance to the messenger

Telegram at the Opera.

On the left of the screen is a special panel. You can get to Telegram through it.

To do this, you must:

  • Click on the messenger icon.
  • On the authorization page, enter the country, as well as the phone number.
  • Click on (“Next”).
  • Recheck the data in the page that appears.
  • Log in to telegram opera.

The algorithm is simple and the input takes a couple of minutes.

Sidebar customization

If there is no Telegram icon in the special panel on the left, then you need to configure it.

This is done as follows:

  • Launch the Opera settings page.
  • Then go to the sidebar control.
  • In the settings of the elements, check the box in the window with the Telegram messenger.

Immediately after the actions, the necessary icon will appear on the side panel and to enter, just click on it and log in, as described above.

Install extension

It is also possible to install the messenger extension for this browser from a special store for extensions.

If Telegram is not working

It happens that when you try to log in and click on the desired icon, it is found that the service is not functioning, and instead of it a well-known message about a problem appears on the screen – there is also a suggestion to reload this page or try to launch the link in another window.

If the messenger icon is not in the panel, then, perhaps, an outdated version of the browser is simply installed on the computer. In this case, you must update your browser and re-configure the sidebar. If now the application does not work, then there is a lock.