Install Telegram on a Samsung device

Samsung cell phones today are leaders in the market for selling devices on Android, so the question of installing different programs on this phone is very relevant for users.

Telegram is the eighth most popular messenger in the world. Safe data exchange, file transfer without loss of quality, simple and convenient interface – thanks to this Telegram today is chosen by at least 200 million users.

In this article, we will consider all possible methods of installing a popular messenger on Samsung phones.

Ways to Download Telegram to Samsung

Install Telegram on Samsung.

You can install Telegram on Samsung in several ways:

  • from the application store for the Android Google Play system;
  • Using the installation APK file
  • Web version of the application (on PC).

Let’s consider each option in more detail.

From google play

In order to download Telegram to your phone through the Google Play application store, you need to complete only 3 steps:

  • Open Googl play (you just need to click on the store icon, usually in Samsung it is located either on the desktop or in applications on page 2 or 3).
  • Enter in the search line the name of the messenger – Telegram. You will get a few suggestions, but the first application we need comes out (note that the phrase “Telegram Messenger LLP” is under the name), click on it.
  • Click “Install” and just wait for the program to download to your phone and the necessary automatic installations will be completed. After that, you will see the “Open” button.

APK Installation File

There are several options for installing APK files for Samsung Android phones:

  • for ARM7 ARM6 x86 devices Android 2.3+ (size 18.63 MV);
  • for ARM7 devices Android 6.0+ (size 17.29 MB);
  • for ARM8 devices Android 6.0+ (size 19.21 MB);
  • for x86 devices Android 6.0+ (size 17.93 MB);
  • for ARM8 ARM7 x86_64 x86 devices Android 4.1+ (size 23.52 MB).

Typically, program downloads using APK files are used when the program is not available in the Play Market (for example, if Telegram is blocked in the country and cannot be downloaded in the official store).

After downloading the installation file, go to the “Settings” section on your smartphone and allow installation of files from unknown sources in the “Security” subsection – without this step, the file will not be installed.

Now you just need to run the downloaded ARC file.

Web version

Telegram Web Version.

The web version of Telegram also has a right to exist.

It is free and is usually used in cases where it is not possible to download and install the application on the phone: whether it is a lack of memory or an incompatibility of the program with the phone software.

Here are 3 links to open the Web version of Telegram (if any of them does not open on your phone, use the following):


Registration of an account in the messenger

To register in the popular Telegram application with Android (for example, Samsung), go through the following simple steps:

  • Go to the installed application and click the “Start messaging” button.
  • Then a window will appear in which you will need to enter your phone number (indicate the current number that you have in direct access).
  • An incoming call will be received to the indicated mobile number – you need to answer it, and thus the account will be activated.
  • After activation, you should indicate your contact details: name and surname. This is the last step to activate your Telegram account.

Problems with Galaxy A

Telegram is not installed on Samsung – what should I do? Typically, the messenger does not have problems with tuning to popular phone models, but there are exceptions that you should be aware of.

Problems installing Telegram on Samsung.

Owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 (e), A30, A40, A50, A70 and A80 constantly encounter problems and errors when trying to install or enter Telegram – each time the system gives a warning about the incompatibility of the messenger with this phone model.

It is worth noting that until recently, no such problems existed, and the owners of the Samsung Galaxy A line could download the program and communicate in it without restrictions.

Telegram developers confirm that they really quite consciously refused to support these Samsung models due to the fact that these smartphones have certain problems with the file system, which make it impossible to install Telegram, as well as some other applications.

Until the creators of smartphones fix bugs in the software of Galaxy A models, Telegram will not work on them.

Now the Telegram messenger just disappeared from the Play Market on Galaxy A line phones. Users of smartphones in this series found a way to install the APK file.


To summarize, it is worth noting that the procedure for installing a popular messenger on a Samsung mobile phone is simple and usually does not cause any difficulty for smartphone owners. The exception is the Galaxy A series phones (when Telegram on Samsung is not registered), but here you can also find a way out by downloading the APK file instead of installing it from the Google Play store.