Telegram Plus for iPhone

General characteristics of Telegram Plus

In addition to stable operation, Teleplus deserves special attention of users due to the huge number of additional functions that the standard version of Telegram does not have.

This applies not only to the ability to independently choose the application design, but also to pleasant technical bonuses: additional privacy settings, sorting folders, channels, chats, etc.


In addition to the basic functions of Telegram, this web client has the following advantages:

  • the ability to sort contacts into folders: private chats, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin / creator (the number of tabs and their display in active mode also varies);
  • customizable interface design: the background color, wallpaper, icons, font size and style change to your own taste;
  • more than 1,500 exclusive wallpapers are available for individual design (they can be downloaded from the official site;
  • the limit of pinned chats has been increased to 100 pcs., and of favorite stickers – up to 20 pcs .;
  • multi-account creation (at the same time you can use up to 10 accounts and easily switch between them);
  • pop-up notifications after reading emails;
  • Forwarding messages without quoting;
  • editing the names of downloaded files;
  • quick access panel for switching between dialogs;
  • changing the design of the check mark (icons for displaying the status of read / not read messages), as well as the frame for video messages;
  • switching to night mode in the side menu;
  • display of user messages and files in group chat by special request;
  • sending messages of the same content to several recipients at once;
  • chat counter;
  • the ability to hide your number from strangers in group chats, as well as make public only the username;
  • active “on / off sound” button in group chats and channels;
  • use of Telegram emoticons instead of default iOS emoticons without additional settings;
  • option to change wallpaper directly inside the active chat;
  • image or video size compression;

Differences from the official version

The official Telegram messenger in recent updates has provided users with the ability to change the design of the interface. Despite this, Teleplus still has a large number of tools that adapt on their own.

In the standard version, the general appearance of the interface does not change, it is only allowed to choose one design option from the four basic ones (Default, Mono, Dark, Arctic) and change its hue, making the background plain. There is also a function to download a background image from your own gallery or built-in library (now the collection has about 45 pictures).

Telegram Plus has a library of images and templates in the total number of several thousand items. In addition, you can change the style and size of almost all interface objects.

Reference! By default, the number of backgrounds in Telegram Plus is limited. To view the complete collection, you must download it from the official site.

Telegram Plus also pleases iPhone owners with options that are not available in the official version and competently complement it.

Telegram plus features.

It should be noted the function of complete anonymization, hiding the phone number, faster access to the most active contacts and the ability to quickly receive notifications about the actions of the interlocutor in your general chat.

reference! For others, your activity will appear as normal Telegram user actions, changes in the interface will be visible only to you and no one else.

Getting started with Teleplus

In addition to minor changes in the interface (in particular, the appearance of a folder sorter), the operation of an unofficial web client is very similar to the use of the “original”. Because both programs are built on the same API source code.

Download and Install

Telegram Plus can be downloaded for iPhone from the App Store by asking in the internal search: “teleplus”, “telegram plus”, “plus messenger”.

The algorithm for downloading and installing the program is performed automatically:

  • Go to the main page of the application.
  • Click Install or Download.
  • If there is not enough memory, then free it.
  • Wait for the application to download and install.
  • If the web client did not open on its own after installation, go to the App Store and click “Open.” Or, click the new application icon in the menu and click on it to launch Telegram Plus.

Attention! If you can’t find the application in the App Store, then apk can be downloaded from the official site

Account activation

The system automatically reads whether you have already been authorized in Telegram using the phone number associated with your account. In turn, the web client does not need you to set the number yourself: it determines it by the active SIM cards in the device.

Depending on whether you have already been registered in the system or not, account activation will look different.

If you are activating an account for the first time, then:

  • After installation, view the start menu or skip it.
  • In the window that appears, accept the agreement on access rights to information on the phone.
  • Enter the phone number to which you want to bind a new account.
  • Wait for a call back or SMS to confirm registration.
  • Set the name and surname with which you want to be represented in the system, add a photo for the avatar.
  • After completing the previous step, you will automatically be redirected to the main window, which will display incoming messages from channels and chats.

If you have previously activated your account on other devices or platforms, the process will look much shorter:

  • After installation, enter your phone number.
  • Wait for the response code to be sent via SMS or inside the application in which you are already authorized on another device.
  • Enter a code.
  • Login successful.

Reference! A login password is not needed, but according to the security policy, authorization of an account without two-factor authentication will in any case be impossible (even if you did not enable it yourself).


No special settings are required to get started. The number of active folders, their display in the menu, the contact bar for quick access, special backgrounds, the size and color of checkmarks – all this and other little things are edited in the left and right side menus, as well as directly inside open chats.

Which is better: Telegram or Teleplus

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, because it is a matter of personal preferences of each user. Teleplus is suitable for those who want to have more design options, technical capabilities and complete anonymization, while Telegram, despite the unstable operation, remains a unique product beyond competition.

So, Telegram plus ios is an application with a huge number of useful functions that will be relevant not only for especially demanding people. Web client options will simplify the life of each user and make work with your favorite messenger more vivid and complete, because it has a number of properties that are not thought out in the official version.