How and where to download new stickers for Telegram for free

Most programs for >Communication on the network offers only simple emoticons that poorly convey the emotions of a person. One of the advantages of Telegram is the ability to use animated pictures. They are called stickers, which are easy to download. In addition, they are made independently.

What are stickers

Communicating in instant messengers, often lacks emotionality, stickers solve this problem. These are special stickers that express your feelings. They look like many emoticons familiar to many, only better. Using live images on Telegram is free.

The word “stickers” resembles a leaf that is glued to the refrigerator as a note on an important matter. Of course, images for Telegram do not carry useful information, but they look like a sticker. A variety of pictures circled in white are used instead of emoticons.

By the way! Such drawings can be called a transitional stage between emoticons and photos.


On the Telegram sticker page, more than six thousand sets are available. For convenience, they are sorted by type, the number of images has already exceeded the mark of one hundred thousand. You can download new Telegram stickers on third-party resources, where there is a search by name.

Almost on all sites where such pictures are collected, for ease of use, collections are sorted by category.

Most popular categories:

  • anime;
  • movie;
  • cartoons;
  • celebrities;
  • love
  • eighteen+.

Cartoon images of animals, turbos, for hot chat are also often downloaded.

Where to find new ones for Telegram

Despite the versatility of such stickers, they can quickly get bored. “Telegram new stickers” can be viewed in the messenger catalog, or use the built-in bot to search.

Interesting! Ease of use is thought out so that the bot itself offers the most suitable images for your situation.

The network offers a lot of resources on which modern collections of 2019 are collected. You can find the most popular stickers of 2018, or search by category.

Format requirements

All animated pictures that are in the messenger correspond to a specific format.

Mandatory requirements:

  • PNG format;
  • the background should be transparent;
  • size within 512×512, it is permissible for one side to be smaller;
  • in a set no more than 120 pieces.

The white stroke that is present in most images is optional, it is used to improve the look of the photo, as well as the shadow effect.

How to create your own sticker pack

You can create your own sticker yourself. This is done according to the instructions of the bot. You will need to come up with a name for your new sticker, it can be any.

To create an animation, send the robot a picture and an emoticon that matches it. After you finish the collection, you will need to come up with a short name for it, which will be displayed in the link.

Share the resulting link with other people, or send it to directories on third-party resources, where users can download new stickers for Telegram for free. Thus, the drawings will be available for public use.

On Android

Creates your own animated sticker on Android. The process is not complicated, cropping and stroke of the picture is easy, but 2 applications are needed.

The program for creating drawings is called “My Sticker Maker”, you can download it for free. The disadvantage is that you can not fit the picture to the required format. Therefore, you need to download the second application – “Photo & Picture Resizer. ” In it, we resize the photo in width and height.

On iphone

To create a picture on the iPhone, you will also need to download a special application. It’s called: “Stickers for Telegram”. The result you have done is automatically saved in the right size, on a transparent background.

On pc

You can make a “photo” on a computer with the same photoshop.

Attention! Do not forget about the requirements for the picture. Customize to 512×512, PNG extension.

Creating with the desktop version may seem complicated. But if you are an active user of Photoshop, applying layers and image strokes will not be difficult for you.

How to add new stickers

Adding New Stickers.

For any operations, you need to contact the @sticker bot.

With it, you can add a new sticker to an existing set that you created. You need to make a command to add a picture. Then send the link, picture and emotion.

The bot’s capabilities also allow you to view the download statistics of the picture you created. Recall, save and use only those who have a special link.

How to delete

To delete your set, you need to send the removal order to the robot.

Attention! Even if you delete the picture, it will still remain with those who have already downloaded it.

After sending the removal order to the robot, new users will not be able to install the sticker.

Private stickers

All sticker sets in the messenger are available for public use. If you do not want your drawings to be with third parties, just do not share the link to it.

Pros and cons of using

Stickers for Telegram have many advantages:

  • You can create it yourself;
  • emotional;
  • free of charge;
  • more than emoticons.

There is a minor minus – you can’t remove a sample that you don’t like from a foreign set.

“Sticker” cannot be called something new, they are already in full use by people of different ages and interests. Pictures help convey our feelings without words. Cause a smile or show resentment.


Telegram allows all users to create their own sets, but the pictures must fit certain standards. There is nothing complicated about using animated pictures. The main thing is to choose the best set in your opinion and add it to yourself.