What to do if Telegram does not work on IPhone

Happy owners of iPhones from time to time are faced with the incompatibility of some applications with the ios operating system. Compared to other instant messengers, Telegram works without serious system failures. This is independent of the OS. However, sometimes users are faced with the fact that Telegram does not work on the iPhone.

Such problems are easily fixed. Sometimes it is enough to reinstall the program or check the Internet connection. Read more in the article.

Application specifics

Telegram is not just another messenger for communication, exchange of text messages and stickers.

It’s easy to identify the reason for the failure of the application. To eliminate errors, the user does not need to have special knowledge and skills.

IPhone Features

After installing update 5.0, owners of earlier versions of the iPhone, including ios 11, did not notice any problems. Changing the design, increasing the download speed and synchronization between devices, reducing the load on the smartphone’s battery – the planned optimization was successful.

However, users of Apple devices with the ios 12 operating system are faced with the problem of access to Telegram. The messenger opened, but after a few seconds it ceased to be installed and began to fly out. Immediately there was a reason for the failure – the update was written in Swift, and not in Objective-C.

To prevent mass distribution, the non-working version 5.0 was immediately removed from the App Store.

Most often, if the messenger does not work correctly, rebooting the device and restarting the application helps. Read more about other solutions to the problem.

The main problems with Telegram and how to solve them

Failure is not always related to the application itself. The reason may be the lack of an Internet connection. I can’t open Telegram due to a malfunction of the mobile gadget or the installation of a conflicting software update on the iPhone.

Old version

There may be a situation when, after downloading the application and the appearance of the welcome window, the download has stopped. The reason why Telegram or its updates are not installed on the iPhone may be a conflict between the messenger software and the device.

The procedure for resolving the failure will be as follows:

  • uninstall the old version of Telegram;
  • re-download the application from the official site.

If Telegram still does not want to start, it’s easier to uninstall updates and return the old version of the application.

Wi-Fi and Internet

The reason that Telegram does not open on the iPhone may be a poor connection to the network. It is easy to detect when, after entering the application, the connection icon appears on the screen, but the messenger is empty.

To eliminate problems in the iPhone itself, just try to open Telegram from another device. If the situation does not improve, it is worth checking the operation of the router used to access the Internet. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Often the download does not go for a trivial reason – the money has run out. Then you need to replenish the account.

Notification settings

If Telegram opens, but messages are not updated, the settings inside the application may be the cause of the problem. For example, to restore the messenger, you need to check the activation of notifications: go to “Settings”, then to the “Privacy and Security” tab, notifications.

If necessary, you need to allow access to receive letters.


Using the Telegram version for other software (for example, for Android) can also lead to malfunctioning of the messenger on the iPhone. If such a problem is detected, you need to uninstall the application and download a suitable new program from the official website.

When Telegram does not work on the iPhone, the utility may be blocked by cache overflow. Just remove unwanted trash from your smartphone.

To do this:


  • Open “Settings”, then – “Application”.
  • Choose Telegram.
  • After opening the data window, click “Clear Cache”.


Expert Advice

Telegram crashes not only because of problems on the iPhone.

Here are the common phrases that the messenger begins to write on the smartphone screen, and their designation:

  • Error 400 – malfunctions in the program itself;
  • AUTH_KEY_INVALID – invalid verification key;
  • 500 – server failure;
  • FIRSTNAME_INVALID – invalid username;
  • Connecting – server problems or lack of Telegram system files in IPhone.

These errors are fixed only by developers.


Telegram may not work on the iPhone for several reasons: problems either inside the program or in the gadget itself, lack of network connection. First of all, you should reboot the device and check the operation of the router. The second step is to clear the device cache. If this does not help, you should uninstall the application and reinstall it from the official Telegram website.