Telegram Passport – Secure Document Storage

As part of the introduction and operation of the Telegram Open Network platform (TON for short), Telegram Passport will be used. Officially, this cloud storage is called TON External Secure ID, in translation – “external secure identifier”.

With its help, users will have the opportunity to quickly log in to any services and complete transactions online without wasting time on additional loading of documents.

Telegram Passport: what is it

Telegram Passport is an individual cloud storage where you can upload personal information, scans and translations of documents.

You can easily add any file to an Internet resource that supports joint integration (so far there is only one such service, it is called ePayments).

To do this, simply select the desired multimedia file from your personal account. There is no data retrieval in the phone’s internal folders, long download time, and most importantly – the effective systematization and ordering of all documents.

Where is

On Android Telegram phones, the Passport can be found as follows:

  • Run the application.
  • Swipe right to open the left side menu.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the new window that appears, click on the “Privacy and Security” option and click on it.
  • Browse the menu, pay attention to the “Bots and Sites” block. Telegram Passport service should be listed first on this list. To go to your personal account, you need to click on the name once and enter the password that was set for the cloud.

The path to the Passport on iPhones is even shorter. Open the messenger settings and scroll down the window, Passport will be the last or penultimate in this menu (depending on the ios version update).

Important! Until you pre-register on another resource outside the messenger, the Telegram Passport function will not appear in the application.


Passport service will greatly facilitate electronic document management in the future. For example, when registering drivers in car sharing, making microloans. However, Telegram Passport was conceived not as an independent unit, but as part of the TON infrastructure.

Since in the future it is planned to introduce its own blockchain currency Gram, search engine and torrent, this requires legal control. Telegram Passport implements this role as well as possible.


There are several categories in the service, according to this division you can load and save information about:

  • personal data (name, date of birth, citizenship, phone number, email);
  • national and foreign passport;
  • permanent and temporary registration;
  • driver’s license or other identification card;
  • address of residence or stay;
  • utility bills;
  • bank statements;
  • lease agreements.

Attention! In most cases, it is suggested to choose a folder for downloading the front and back sides of the document, as well as an additional photo of a “selfie” (for example, with a passport in hand). You can manually enter the series and certificate number.


Security in Telegram Passport .

Information from Telegram Passport is constantly located on the cloud server. For data storage, a principle similar to end-to-end two-factor encryption End-2-End (“Secret Chat”) is used.

The difference is that instead of decrypting the message key, the cloud password is used, which the person sets independently instead of registration.

Information is mixed with metadata (your geo-location, data about the device that you used, etc.) and random code. Then, when the account is logged in again, the code is cleared by dividing the key amount by 239 bytes.

This approach has already been criticized by professional programmers, but the development team is confident in the safety of their product. Moreover, External Secure ID is only to become a part of TON, it should be expected that security methods will be significantly enhanced.

Creating an account for Telegram Passport

In order to register with the service, you must use the test link, or go directly to the integrated ePayments service page

Reference! The test link does not work in most countries without a VPN connection and proxy. Faster to immediately use the payment system.

In ePayments you need to click on “Register”, and then select “Register via Telegram”. On the corporate link you just need to click on the blue button “Log In With Telegram”.

In both cases, in a new window that appears, you need to set your own password for the cloud and a hint that will be displayed every time during authorization. Then you can already start filling out the account. You do not need to receive a two-factor authentication code, as when authorizing in the messenger.

Using a Telegram Passport

Using files and scans on integrated services will not cause difficulties, since all forms are filled in automatically. However, the use of a Telegram passport itself requires more detailed consideration.

Adding Documents

In order to be able to add documents on any resource, they must first be downloaded to your account in the desired category. If you try to enable data editing directly while working inside another application, then such a function will be absent.

Open the Telegram Passport through the messenger, click on “Add Documents”, select a category and upload any file through the gallery or manager.

Important! The service supports almost every file extension, not only standard.

Data editing

Error correction in Telegram Passport.

To make changes, open the desired section. To erase and drive in new data in text format, just hover over the block.

To upload a photo (or scan), click on its icon once, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Delete”, then upload another file.


To delete your cloud storage, go to its main menu and select “Delete Telegram Passport”. This text is highlighted in red.

Possible problems

Like all Telegram features, the identifier is stable. The most difficult thing is to configure a VPN on the computer itself before starting registering an account on an official or third-party service.

Attention! It is impossible to create a Telegram Passport on the phone, only the desktop version is used for this. Then use it from your phone and PC.

What else you need to know about Telegram Passport

The service does not check your data for correctness and compliance with the requirements of third-party resources. You should find out about typos, the format of filling and other details yourself when you attach documents to the payment system or other sites.

So, Telegram Passport is a very convenient service that significantly helps to ease legal delays. Its advantages are especially appreciated on trips when it is not possible to carry a lot of documents with you, or in a situation where you need to register on multiple portals at the same time.

The only minus of the Telegram Passport is that it has not yet received much distribution among other necessary resources.