Telegram voice messages – what it is and how to send them

Telegram has launched new features on its site. Now you can send a voice message to Telegram, which greatly simplifies the communication process, there is no need to type the text, click the audio message recording icon, talk and send. About how to prepare a voice message on various devices, we will describe in this article.

Telegram application description

Using the Telegram messenger, you can quickly send messages, pictures, music and video.

Everything is very simple and clear. The program corresponding to the platform is downloaded, then registration is carried out. To do this, specify the phone number. After which, at each entry, an SMS with a code will come. You can start talking.

Features of voice SMS

Telegram voice messages.

Saving time and providing comfort to its customers, Telegram added new features to its site.

Recording audio in Telegram has become much easier and more convenient, and communication is even more pleasant, since now you can share emotions.

Telegram Audio Benefits:

  • Confidential information. For convenient use and to avoid unnecessary witnesses, the system makes it possible to listen to a voice message by placing the phone in your ear. The volume will switch to standard. Only you will hear the text. You can also record the answer.
  • High speed response recording. After listening to the message, immediately upon completion, a slight vibrating signal will pass, after which the text is spoken and sent to the interlocutor.
  • Listening to information during activity in another chat. After completing the dialogue and moving to a new chat, it is possible to view the response and record new text, as well as the functions of stopping, turning off and hiding files.

How to record a message

The subscribers use the term “voices” to designate voice messages.

In order to send voices, you need to open chats and find an interlocutor. Near the line for entering information, press and hold the microphone button and speak the text. As soon as the icon is released, the sound file will be sent to the interlocutor.

It is important to remember that recording starts after a slight vibration. You can listen to the voice by clicking on the “Play Record” button.


How to record voice in Telegram with a long time duration – for this, a function for recording text is provided.

She suggests an opportunity to free her hands. Just click on the recorder, say the text. Once done, press the button again and the material will be sent.

A short

Short voice messages in Telegram are recorded quite simply: the button with the microphone is held down, the text is pronounced and sent to the chat.

There is also a function to transmit information in the “Lift to the ear” mode: just attach the phone to your ear after listening and vibration, record the answer, check and send.

On Android

Sometimes users have a question, how to send voice messages to Telegram on Android.

Voice Recording.

The software version provides the following steps:

  • Open messenger.
  • Choose an interlocutor.
  • Hold Microphone Button.
  • Record a speech, then release the icon, and in automatic mode the words will be sent to the person.

On iPhone

Updating the program on the iPhone made it possible to accelerate the sending of audio messages:

  • Launch the application.
  • Choose a chat.
  • Hold “Microphone” and record.
  • Release the button. Message will be sent.

On the computer

Conducting dialogs in Telegram on a computer does not make much difference with the operating systems of telephones.

Instructions for sending audio messages to a PC:

  • Launch instant messenger.
  • Select a chat by left-clicking.
  • Did not find the right person – click on the three strips of the upper left corner, select the contacts and mark the person.
  • In the dialog box in the line of text on the right side is a microphone.
  • It is important to make sure that it is connected to the computer and is fully operational. Hold it and pronounce the text. Then release. Conversation sent.

Special functions and settings

Telegram provides for communication using messages, video, audio. All of them are located in one window, simple and convenient to use. To write text, open the desired dialogue, scroll down, write a message and send.

Video recording is also quite simple: open the dialogs and click on the microphone once. The system will switch to video mode. It remains only to record and send to the interlocutor.

Any audio recording, like other types of messages, is stored in the dialogue memory. Can be deleted by user if necessary.

The program provides for blocking random entries. It is useful if recording occurs while the phone is in your pocket. It includes a ban on access to the microphone for the Telegram platform. To do this, on Iphone you need to go into the privacy settings, then in the microphone functions, find the application in them and turn off.

On Android, you can block accidental recording in this way:

  • Open application and notification system.
  • Find Telegram, then disable the permission item. In Web versions, you just need to block access to the microphone.

How to cancel a record

Delete voice messages.

Removing troops is quite simple: you need to hold the record for two or three seconds. Next, the screen displays information about the actions that need to be applied: delete or forward.

The desired action is selected and sent to the chat.

If there is a need to interrupt recording while speaking in the Web version and on the computer, simply release the record button outside the typesetting fields. On the phone, this is done like this: hold the button to the left side along the message field. Removal is permanent and cannot be restored.

Pros and Cons of Voices

Positive points are:

  • saving time on recording messages;
  • protection against listening by strangers;
  • automatic deletion at a given time;
  • record long and short messages;
  • automatic recording without holding the microphone button with your finger;
  • fast file delivery.

The negative sides of the troops:

  • texts can be read at a convenient time, but for the sake of audio recording you need to distract from the work being done;
  • no voice message search;
  • sound is lost if surrounded by a recording noise, windy weather and technical work.

There are still many more advantages to this program, which is pleasantly pleasing, gives a feeling of lively communication and the ability to share positive emotions with each other.

Telegram is clear and easy to use. You can learn all the techniques for working with the application in a short time. And also quickly send a voice message, while not spending a lot of time writing it. You don’t have to worry about privacy.