Telegram ad exchange

The choice of advertising space, audience, taking into account age, interests and needs, the amount of information determine the success of the sale of goods. We are used to seeing ads on billboards, in newspapers, leaflets, on transport and other places. Various platforms are created on the Internet to promote services, company sites, social networks and instant messengers are used.

Advertising on Telegram

Independent customer search takes a lot of time and resources. Thanks to channel exchanges, the customer can quickly find the desired project, post his information on it and start making money.

Telegram Advertising.

The service interface is simple, functional, accessible and maximally adapted for users. Buying and selling ads is fully automated.

Joining Telegram can be a good source of income.

Telegram Advertising Exchanges

They have made it easier for users to find places to post information about products or services.

Telegram exchange provides channel statistics. These analytical information help you easily navigate in choosing a suitable site for yourself.


Telegram advertising exchange is a convenient tool that allows you to talk about the merits of goods and services. To publish a channel, you must fill out a special form and add a bot.

Ways to use

The main tasks that administrators set themselves:

  • communication between the customer and the client;
  • publication of information about projects indicating the subject, cost of advertising, the number of subscribers and views.

On the exchange you can not only post information about products, but also use the channel for mutual PR. This helps to expand the target audience and promote the business.

Principle of operation

Originally created only as a chat, a means of communication, now, by expanding the functionality of Telegram, it has become a powerful, technological platform for promoting business on the Web. Now you can distribute advertising through official exchanges among millions of potential customers – contacts in the messenger.

Telegram today remains the only platform that refused to cheat users, replacing them with bots.

The exchange is a directory of Telegram channels.

Creating a site inside it is as follows:

  • The administrator registers an account on the exchange.
  • Through the API, it makes a request to the Telegram server. Gets data about the added channel: total number of users (real and bots), audience growth indicators and activity on the resource.
  • Channel rating compiled.
  • The owner places the necessary information for advertisers, sets the cost of display.

After adding a channel to the exchange, the administrator will receive notifications of incoming applications for advertising. He must process them, select suitable ones by subject, content and cost, earning income from this.

Best Telegram exchanges

For advertising, you should carefully consider the choice of site. Read reviews and follow expert tips.


The site has 1300 channels. The interface is intuitive. When processing an application, its status is displayed: “request”, “under review”. The customer controls the placement of advertising information.


Exchange Combot.

Exchange based on Telegram itself. Management through the bot. There is no possibility of access from a computer. Combot does not allow statistics and control of posted materials.

There are other sites on the Internet.

Channel Directories

According to expert estimates, they relate to the main methods of promotion in the messenger. Gather an audience interested in community topics. Starting promotion for getting into the top is carried out at the expense of our own resources. There are paid and free catalogs.

Competitor monitoring

Owners communicate with each other in groups and monitor new services. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each other. Such communication contributes to the development of sites and the identification of dishonorable competitors.


Working with Telegram Advertising Exchanges – A Profitable Business Solution. They greatly reduce customer search time. Now you do not need to study the messenger interface, manually check the channel statistics. You will quickly pick up a community that meets the specifics of the proposed product or service.