What are the themes for Telegram and how to install them

Telegram is a popular messenger for convenient and safe exchange of any information. In addition, the application supports many other functions.

One of the updates introduced themes for Telegram. Thanks to the ability to change the background, you can completely change the interface of the application or its individual elements.

What is a theme in Telegram and their varieties

Telegram Themes.

To make the messenger more attractive and original, it is proposed to replace the background.

Support for themes is an important feature for channels, groups and subscribers who are more comfortable using Telegram with a unique design.

A variety of screensavers allows you to design an application based on personal preferences.

Standard themes for Telegram:

  • White.
  • Blue.
  • Black.

To change the wallpaper, go to “Settings”, where a new “Theme” item has appeared. Choose one of the standard options or upload a personal photo (still lifes, images of animals, nature, flowers, people, etc.). To create an original color background, download additional screensavers from special channels.

On a note! If the desired option was not found, then it is proposed to create a chat theme yourself according to the template. The process requires certain skills.

How to install or change the theme

To change the color of Telegram, first download the appropriate theme. To do this, tap on the file found in the feed stream. Not all screensavers are suitable for different devices. For the desktop version, the wallpaper is archived. The process of installing skins for smartphones and computers is different.

Make your own logo will help a special editor. A convenient function allows you to change each element of the messenger interface. The developers have released detailed instructions on how to create your own skin.

On Android

The standard background for Telegram on Android is gray with barely noticeable outlines of animals and various objects. To replace it, download new options from the channels. Normal wallpapers are set through the “Settings” section.

Where to find

In addition to light, blue and dark backgrounds, subscribers can use their personal photo for wallpaper. It is also proposed to download a ready-made and beautiful skin.

For Android OS, use the Android Themes Channel, which has more than 400 thousand members. After downloading, users have the opportunity to rate the topic by participating in the vote. The survey results are visible to other members of the group, which greatly simplifies the choice.

Download background is allowed from the official channels “@themes”, “@tgthemes” and “@desktopThemes”. You can also offer your own skin. If it meets the requirements, the channel will publish a post indicating authorship.

On a note! To change the wallpaper, write the bot @tthemebot, which offers random options. How to download

First, click on the channel that offers the new Telegram chat background. To do this, just copy the group name to the message clipboard, and then paste the messenger into the search bar. Next, you need to select a topic and click on it. After that, the wallpaper changes automatically.

How to install

When downloading, new skins are installed automatically. But if the user wants to set the standard background mode or some personal picture, then you will have to follow a different algorithm.

Android theme change sequence:

  • Launch the application and open the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  • Click on “Settings” (gear icon).
  • NIDte in the list the line “Background for chats” and click it.
  • Choose the best option and tap on the checkmark, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • If desired, select your photo as a skin by clicking the icon with a picture.

On iphone

The process of changing themes on the iPhone is identical to working with the Android OS. Slight differences are observed in the Telegram interface for iOS, but the sequence of actions is the same.

Advice! It is recommended that you click on different screensavers to see how they will look. Actions are easily canceled with one click.

Where to find

To change the background to “IPhone”, use the standard themes. It is also proposed to download wallpapers from special channels – “@themes”, “@tgthemes”, “@desktopThemes” and others.

How to download

To download a skin, open the necessary channel. Then select the desired topic in the feed, focusing on personal preferences or voting results, and click on the file. Download and installation of the skin is carried out automatically.

How to install

How to change the background in Telegram to “IPhone”:

  • Enter the “Settings” section, and then click “Appearance”.
  • Tap on the line “Background for chats”.
  • Choose one of the proposed options or upload a picture from the gallery.

In pc

If for the desktop version you need to install a standard theme, the process is practically the same as changing the skin on the phone. But when downloading a screensaver from third-party sources, you will need to unzip the archive.

Where to find

For computers, the theme is the @themes channel. The group regularly publishes new wallpapers with an interesting and funny design.

How to download

To download the skin, click on the desired file. It is introduced in the .tdesktop-theme extension. After clicking the download starts, after which proceed to install the theme.

How to install

How to set the background mode on the computer:

  • Click on the download file, after which a new window will open.
  • Click “Apply this background”, which is located in the lower right corner of the page.
  • After – the color of the interface changes, but the action is reversible, because after 15 seconds the question “Keep this color theme?” Is displayed.
  • If the new design is completely satisfied, click “Save Changes”.
  • By not selecting any options or by clicking “Return”, the changes are canceled.

How to return a standard theme

In Telegram there is always the opportunity to return to the standard background mode. To do this, open the settings section on the smartphone (gear icon in the menu). Then select “Theme” (for Android) or “Appearance” (for “IPhone”). Next, click on the “Default” action.

Stages of returning to a normal computer screensaver:

  • Go to application settings.
  • Click on “Background for chats”.
  • Select the Standard Color Scheme option.
  • Confirm the action by clicking the “Apply Changes” button.


As you can see, making the background of your favorite application pleasing to the eye is a snap. The choice of topics is wide and will satisfy everyone’s tastes. Changing the Telegram skin is another way of expressing a person or her character. Themes are easily replaced with one another, which allows subscribers to be original even every day, even in such a trifle as a messenger.