What is Markdown and what is the connection with Telegram

In order to make beautiful publications in instant messengers, it is important to know how to select text, insert a link, bulleted lists. In Telegram, text formatting is done using Markdown. The editor is designed for convenient and accurate scheduling of posts while maintaining the channel.


What is Markdown

To set the correct form for a note, you do not need to use Word or Pages programs, which take up a lot of space. There are convenient and compact editors that are used when writing texts in ordinary documents in TXT format. These include Markdown.

This is a text markup language developed by John Gruber, who is engaged in writing, has his own blog.

MarkdownTelegram markup allows you to make a table, insert a link or quotes, highlight text in bold or italics.

This question is relevant for many writers, bloggers, journalists. To write a lightweight programming language, you need to study which characters are responsible for what.

Examples of using

Scope of marking:

  • Organization of notes. “Markdown” on Desktop will be able to replace Evernote, OneNote.
  • Create a draft. You can write a draft post using special characters, and then quickly post it on your blog. The finished version will be immediately edited, which is much more convenient than copying from Word.
  • Writing a list of tasks. In “Markdown” it is easy to make lists of upcoming tasks, tasks.
  • Editing messages in instant messengers. Many programs support this text markup language. So, there is a Markdown Telegram bot, with the help of which it is possible to make the text more beautiful.


To extend Markdown syntax, you can use special applications. To add additional functions, it is allowed to use MultiMarkdown (C), Maruku (Ruby), Markout (Java) and others.


To convert from HTML to Markdown, html2text.py, Make.text and others are used. There is also a library that supports several dialects of the editor – Pandoc. For other formats, odt2txt and word_markdown_macro apply.

What resources do they use

The best option for Markdown is Atom, which is characterized by flexibility, versatility, convenience. The editor works in Windows, macOS, Linux. Android and iOS users also have access to a simple programming language.

Markdown and Telegram

Telegram supports html and Markdown. Each option has its own advantages. It is recommended to choose the programming language that is more convenient in specific circumstances. It is impossible to use both Markdown and html.

When and why use is needed

Markup is used if necessary to format the text. Typically, “Markdown” is used by people or communities that lead their own channel on Telegram. Thanks to special characters, it is possible to make the publication structured, neat, beautiful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive aspects of using Telegram Markdown:

  • Ease of use. All options are mastered in 10 minutes.
  • A lot of tools. You can insert a text link, highlight individual words and sentences in bold or italics.

Text editing.

Cons of “Markdown”:

  • Editing Limitations. Beautiful fonts, highlight in color, etc. are not available to subscribers.
  • Strict adherence to the rules. When formatting text, special characters are used. If you insert an extra character, you will not be able to achieve the desired result.


For bot in Telegram APK to work, at the beginning of publication you need to register “md: true”. Then a space is put, after which the text is printed. To make the final version of the publication attractive to a wide audience, you need to follow the instructions and use special signs.

How to convert a message using Markdown:

  • To select text in bold, it is placed between two stars: * text *.
  • To underline the message in italics, the underscore is used: _ text _.
  • To create strikethrough text, you need to put it in tildes: ~ text ~.
  • With GFM support, you can make a simple table using signs | and -, which indicate the boundaries (in HTML, the tag <table>).
  • When you want to insert a link in text form, the following characters are used: [Text links] (Link).
  • Gravis is used to create code.
  • To mark an entire block of code, you need 3 gravis.


Format text in Telegram using html and Markdown. Thanks to the markup, it is possible to change the general appearance of the text – highlight individual parts of it in italics, add links, tables, bulleted lists and more. To use the API bot, you need to study what characters provide a particular function.