Login error “Too many attempts, try again later” in Telegram

If the sign on login appears on the screen, do not rush to panic and send technical support requests. Some errors, including “Too many attempts,” lead to a temporary block. Often you need to wait a few minutes for access to re-entry to be allowed.


Login Failed Too Many Attempts

Bypassing the restriction using anonymizers and similar programs, using another device to work in Telegram will not work. Reinstalling the application will also be ineffective.

The error “Too many attempts” appears on the screen – this is the action of the system to block the user’s phone number, and not the IP address. Therefore, to restore access to your account, it is important to know the reason for the restriction. This may be a temporary lock due to suspicious user activity, which is easily fixed. Or a more serious reason – punishment for spam.

Main reasons

access error.

The restriction is imposed when in Telegram you perform too many actions that the system considers suspicious.

For example, you log in and each time at the end of the work do not just minimize the window or click on the “cross”, but completely exit the messenger. In this case, the system may give an error, and your page will stop opening.

The most common question in a situation when the limit of attempts is exceeded is “How to restore access to your Telegram account and how long should I wait”? Sometimes the lock lasts up to 24 hours, after which a new login attempt is provided.

Incorrect registration

When creating an account, the easiest way to avoid mistakes is to do it from a smartphone. Then the system will automatically send a request and considers the received verification code.

For security reasons, the digital combination has a limited duration. If for some reason the verification code was not entered on time, its repeated use will cause the error “Too fast. Try again later. ”Spam

The account is blocked if you write a lot of messages in a row in a short period of time. This number “X” in Telegram is known. For example, it is unacceptable to send more than 20 messages to the same recipient within a minute.

The second reason for blocking your mailing list is repeated complaints from other users about spam. When their number reaches a certain limit, the system imposes a restriction on the account. Therefore, adhere to the main rule of mass mailing – try to contact only your own customers who will not send many complaints.

For a business, one way to deliver alerts is to create a channel. You can invite other users to this group without restrictions. They will decide for themselves what to do – go to your channel or not.

There are no restrictions on community posts. Even if several complaints are received, the channel will not be blocked. The problems “too many attempts, try again later on Telegram” will never arise. Of course, we can talk about this with confidence only subject to the rules for working with the application.

Password entered incorrectly

The creators of Telegram are constantly increasing the level of account security. For example, so that an outsider could not pick up the password, he is allowed to try to write it only 5 times. If entered incorrectly, authorization is temporarily blocked. Such an error on the smartphone screen (ios or android) in the desktop version may look like “Limit exceeded. Please tries again later ».

Auto lock.

In order not to be blocked, after the first unsuccessful input, you must do the following:

  • Check keyboard layout. Often the user types Latin characters in Cyrillic or forgets to disable the caps lock key.
  • Incorrect entry can be related to password complexity: alternating upper and lower case letters, long combination. As soon as you managed to overcome the “Limit exceeded” error and enter Telegram, change it to a lighter.

Solution to the problem

If an error occurs in Telegram “Too many attempts, please try again later”, you can only wait. How long will it take? Usually no more than 10 minutes pass, the time limit is removed, you can try to enter the password again.

If after a day the blocking does not disappear, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the official website https://telegram.org and try to find a solution to the problem.
  • If this doesn’t work out, you need to write to tech support at https://telegram.org/support.

Account Lockout Duration

Most often, imposing restrictions is a temporary measure, and after a few minutes, re-entering the password will become available. In exceptional situations, the lock lasts about a day.

The period for imposing penalties due to spamming will usually not exceed a week. But logging into such an account will only be possible if the incident occurred for the first time.

When the user again admits violation of the messenger rule, it will be too late to fix the error, the lock can be established forever. The only option to log into Telegram is to create a new account on a different phone number. That’s why you can’t repeat the mistake, and after the first block due to spam you need to be extremely careful and accurate.

Thus, when the message “Too many attempts” appears on the screen, analyze the possible reason, wait. In the worst case scenario, the decision takes no more than a day. And only because of spam can you get an eternal ban on your Telegram account.