Music in Telegram: search, listen and download

With the release of the new update for Android, Iphone and iPad in the fall of 2017, the popularity of Telegram has further increased. And all because the built-in player appeared. With him, the music in Telegram finally became available. You can listen to it without any restrictions and advertising both in the application itself and by downloading to your device.

Search for music on Telegram

This is the boldest and fastest growing working application among instant messengers for online communication. In addition to the possibility of correspondence with friends and colleagues, new features are constantly appearing.

Music on Telegram.

Here are a few reasons why Telegram has become so popular:

  • completely free means of communication;
  • encryption of user data, maintaining confidentiality of correspondence;
  • lack of advertising;
  • no restrictions when sending files;
  • the ability to create groups and channels;
  • ability to transmit data at the highest speed;
  • a huge number of stickers;
  • the ability to find, listen, and also download music.

Telegram is easy enough to master if you know the principles of its work. And the attempts of blocking by the authorities only added to his fame.

Many do not even realize that using the application you can listen to music and audio books for free, send voice audio messages. This has become especially relevant now, with the introduction of significant restrictions on sound content in social networks and on many Internet sites. The messenger offers to search for music in Telegram in several ways.

Music channels

The most affordable way that Telegram users access is through multiple channels. A little over a year has passed since the addition of this function, and tens of thousands of publics have already been created on the messenger servers. Among them are compilations, charts, songs and videos of different times and genres.

Here everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Using the channels is not difficult at all: find through the search and launch with the “Join” or “Start” button.

Note! Telegram has many publics with various jokes. While loading songs, there’s always something to do.


This is an affordable way to find any composition: from the leaders of modern chats to the hits of past years.

Music bot @scloud_bot.

Which bots are most liked by users:

  • @radiobot. Can find songs on popular radio stations.
  • @scloud_bot. Allows you to search for songs across all cloud services.

The steps you need to take to search:

  • Go to the application and open the “New message”.
  • Click “Search” and insert the name of any bot, for example, @ MP3Robot.
  • Select it from the list, to start click “Start”.
  • Among the commands that appear, click on “/ search”.
  • In the window that appears, insert the name of the song or the name of the singer, it is also possible to record a fragment of the melody through the built-in microphone, click “Send”.
  • In response, a list with possible options will come. To open the one you need, click on the number opposite the track.
  • To save a song to your device, select “Download”.

After a short download, the music will be available for listening.

Download audio files to Telegram

Telegram can download all available audio recordings on the device to the application and listen to them offline there. To store them, you can make your own channel or use the existing one.

What actions will help create a new one:

  • Go to the messenger, on the desktop open the menu.
  • Select the option “Create Channel” from the list.
  • Come up with and enter a name, to continue click on the daw in the upper right corner.
  • In the open window, select the type. It can be public, everyone can use it, or private. This option will close it from prying eyes.
  • Now you need to add the tunes stored on the phone. To do this, click on the clip, which is located in the lower right corner.
  • In the window that opens, select “Music”.
  • Select the desired track from the list, click “Submit”.
  • A spinning circle indicates loading.

By the way! Thus, in Telegram, you can add any composition with ios, android, mac and other operating systems.

How to download music from the messenger

With the advent of the free player, it became possible to find and download music on Telegram.

This put the application to a completely different level and attracted many subscribers from popular social networks.

Enemies called the appearance of new functionality superfluous for the messenger. But it remains the only opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes without limit, without additional fees and annoying advertising. Telegram does not allow you to listen to music online. To listen, you need to download your favorite tunes.

But you can not tear yourself away from songs when disconnected from the Internet.

How to save songs to the device:

  • Find and highlight a song file.
  • A window will open, go to “Save” or “Save as”.
  • Downloading audio to the device starts. The download will take place in the application cache, it is also possible to choose a place of your choice.

By default, all audio files are stored on Telegram servers, and only links go to channels and chats. When you click on a track, you can immediately listen to it. But if you want to save the song on your computer, laptop, poppy, phone, flash drive or memory card, you will have to take a few simple steps.

Listening to tracks

There are many ways to listen to music on Telegram.

No download

It’s not enough to learn how to find tracks, you still need to understand how to listen to music through Telegram.

There is nothing complicated in this, just a couple of steps to do:

  • First you need to select any track on the messenger channel.
  • Next, load it with the arrow and click on the Play triangle.

A panel will appear at the top of the phone’s screen, where you can pause, end playback, and enter the advanced player control menu. It allows you to customize the sound and other audio effects for all available tunes.

Create playlists

Telegram does not allow you to listen to songs directly from memory, first you need to upload them to chat. This is convenient to do with the help of playlists created on the messenger channel, using hashtags to find the necessary tunes, as well as throw off the songs to yourself.

How to do it:

  • Find tunes using the special vk music for bot bot.
  • Download tracks that fit your genre, mood or artist.
  • Assign a hashtag to each composition.

You can name them, for example, #music catalog, #player channel, # romance and so on. They will help you find similar songs easily.

Audio player

Audio player in Telegram.

The built-in player is no different from the standard ones. It shows the name of the song, artist, number of plays.

Its panel appears on top of the screen when playing an audio file.

There are pause, rewind and stop buttons on it. If you pull it down, a menu with advanced settings will open. The specially created for this bot @cctracks helps to get acquainted with the player’s capabilities.

Important! A feature of the player is the ability to download music in the Telegram messenger, without ceasing to communicate with your contacts. Users rated the service, it helps them to work more comfortably with the application. Downloading takes place in the background, this does not interfere with dialogue with friends and exchange files with them.

How to share music on Telegram

The messenger provides the ability to share tracks with your contacts.

To do this:

  • Open chat with a friend.
  • Click on the paperclip icon.
  • In the list that opens, select the desired audio file.
  • Click “Submit”.

If you liked a song on one of the music channels, you can also share it. To do this, click on the arrow to the right of the “Forward message” track and specify recipients in the opened contact list.


There are many ways to find, download or listen to music on Telegram. And the step-by-step instructions suggested above will help to make it easy and soon enjoy your favorite artists, as well as share them with friends.