What to do if Telegram is not installed on Android

Most experts agree that the future of Internet marketing is no longer connected to social networks. A variety of messengers successfully supersede them. But sometimes during installation, unforeseen situations arise. Fortunately, the developers thought over everything, the problem is solved quite easily.

Telegram Benefits

Many people use instant messengers for personal correspondence or participation in interest groups (for example, parent chats). Telegram is different from similar applications. Here you can easily create your own channel, share knowledge, thoughts, life hacks with subscribers.

If you benefit people, they are happy to join your community. With the growth in the number of subscribers, there are opportunities for monetizing the channel, placing paid advertising posts, selling products.

Thanks to its creator, Telegram has earned a reputation as a secure messenger. Protection of user data in the utility is the main advantage for ordinary people who do not like government interference in their lives.

Moreover, in the midst of constant informational noise, it is difficult to search for the knowledge that is really necessary for a person. In Telegram, a lot of channels are created by professionals with rich experience who offer it for free to readers in exchange for subscriptions, likes, personal thanks.

In addition to these obvious benefits, there are several more advantages of the messenger:

  • use as an unlimited cloud storage of data;
  • access to correspondence and files sent from any device (IPhone, Mac, new laptop or old computer, etc.);
  • Telegram bots that facilitate many processes.

Android system features

For owners of modern phones, searching, downloading, installing a messenger is maximally simplified. You need to go to Google Play, type in the Telegram search bar, the application will be in the first positions.

The messenger should only be downloaded from official sources, for Android it is the Google Play Market. Applications installed from extraneous resources often do not work due to software errors.

Android Application Compatibility

The cause of installation errors may be the conflict of Telegram updates with the smartphone software. Uninstall the application, install the earlier version that worked on Android. Also, try updating your device’s operating system.

The old version of Android is another reason why Telegram is not installed on your phone. On Android 4.1 and older, you cannot do this. Therefore, it is worth checking the operating system of the smartphone (go to “Settings”, then “About the phone”).

Why can’t install

Most often, the causes of the error are related to the device used to access the Internet.

If Telegram is not installed on Android, check the functionality and settings of the smartphone:

  • Reload it.
  • Free internal memory from junk files, unused applications.
  • Activate the VPN connection in the smartphone settings. This is usually done in the Wireless Networks menu. Server address and port are easy to find on the Internet.
  • Check if the Telegram apk file matches the original. This can be done on the official website of telegram.org. If the document is damaged, the messenger will not be installed. This happens when downloading a program from third-party resources.
  • Installation may fail due to incorrect date and time. Change them manually or select automatic detection. Go to “Settings”, then tap “Date and time”, move the slider to the active state on the item “Date and time over the network”.

If Telegram is not installed on your new phone, these steps are enough to eliminate the error. Also, before starting, check the installation file tsetup0.7.20.exe for viruses.


Check your device’s internet connection.

If Telegram is not installed on Android, check your Internet connection. Reboot the router, if using wi-fi, turn off, restart the smartphone.

Often this is enough for the phone to start working without freezing.

Another common reason why you can’t install the Telegram app on Android is because the device’s full internal memory. Sometimes the smartphone may not report this error and simply interrupt the download. The messenger is always installed on the internal memory, so you need to free it.

If you checked the Internet connection and smartphone, but Telegram is not installed on Android. You should wait, and after a while try again.

The second option is to use VPN servers or special browsers for the desktop version to bypass the blocking.

Other problems with Telegram

Mistakes a couple. If Telegram does not download to your phone, the reason is due to crashes inside the messenger. Then a message or a digital error code will appear on the smartphone screen.

Try restarting the phone, start downloading again. Sometimes you need to wait a while due to problems on the internal Telegram servers.

Who to contact

First of all, try to find a solution to the problem on the official website https://telegram.org in the FAQ section. Here you can send a message to tech support, the only inconvenience is that you need to write in English.

Be prepared that the response to the appeal may come with a delay. The fact is that the team of the popular messenger does not have help desk and support employees who receive remuneration for their work. Help is provided by regular users – volunteers.


Telegram installation is possible on a smartphone with a version higher than Android 4.1. If you have problems, check your phone’s settings: free internal memory, VPN mode activation, network connection, correct time and date. Sometimes after a simple reboot of the device, the Telegram installation starts successfully.