Ideas for Telegram Channels

In Telegram, the usefulness of posted content is much more important than in any other social network. After all, here users are interested in quality, not quantity. For a blog to become popular, the theme must be exciting, relevant, relevant.

Channel types

Classification dependent on content.

Channels in Telegram are divided into several groups:

  • Information – media, news, education. Subscribers receive interesting, useful material in the form of articles, notes, checklists, instructions.
  • Entertaining – jokes, funny pictures and videos, usually devoid of meaning.
  • Commercial – information about goods or services, promotions, updates. These channels are created by firms. Often users here get an answer to their question or help from a support service. The company can create an information and commercial channel where product posts will be diluted with materials useful to subscribers.

How to start a beginner

As a rule, first people follow the easy way. They create a channel on which they post funny pictures, gifs, and other entertaining content. Why might this be a mistake? Telegram doesn’t have the very audience who wants to relax and brighten up their leisure time with light, unpretentious content.

A feature of the messenger is that one useful, interesting article here is valued much higher than a hundred funny pictures.

At the same time, we need a clear goal of creating a blog in Telegram:

  • income from the publication of advertising integrations;
  • for the soul;
  • creating an additional source of traffic to your own site or other resources;
  • to promote the brand, your name.

It is with the definition of the goal of a public in Telegram that a beginner needs to start.

Author’s blog

The easiest way is to create a channel where posts will be posted with your own point of view or assessment of an event. As a rule, it’s the author’s blogs that attract subscribers and increase audience loyalty.

To create such a service, you need to choose a familiar topic and share useful information with readers, proving your expertise. Another option is to learn something new with subscribers. In such blogs, authors share successes, analyze failures, warn readers against errors.

What are the advantages of this idea for the Telegram channel:

  • self-development and gaining experience in writing copyright posts;
  • create unique, relevant and relevant content for people;
  • the opportunity to make money on their own expertise;
  • search for specialists in selected topics.

Post creation

Any SMM specialist knows the basic rule of social networking – compiling a content plan for the month ahead. For Telegram, this is also relevant. In order not to get out of schedule and regularly please the audience with new publications, you need to plan the content of posts, as well as the date of their release.

The second mandatory rule for maintaining a channel in Telegram is the daily publication of new materials. The ability to beautifully articulate your thoughts, spark, surprise, make you think – all these qualities of a good author cannot be developed without practice. Therefore, in Telegram, posts need to be published every day, especially the rule applies to beginners.

Regardless of the usefulness of the content, reading solid text will tire subscribers. The visual component should be in every post.

Over time, understanding will come which illustrations will be suitable for the text to attract attention, but at the same time remain pleasing to the eye.

With daily posting in the created Telegram channel, a month later you can get statistics and draw conclusions based on it. Content promotion, patience, a strong desire to succeed are important for promoting a blog.

A step-by-step diagram of creating a post in Telegram is as follows:

Stage 1 – work on a portrait of the target audience. This stage is crucial in sales, advertising, blogging. Only by clearly knowing who the information is for can you create relevant content. When you get a picture of a potential reader, you need to think about the needs and problems of this person in order to lay benefit in your publication.

2 stage – writing a post. Define the format of the publication, collect facts, other relevant information, add your own text. After writing, it is necessary to re-read the material in order to correct errors, typos, remove useless words, lines and even paragraphs.

3 stage – registration. For a post, it’s important to write an interesting, attractive headline. In addition, you need to remember that reading a solid text is tedious. Therefore, the post is beautifully formed: small paragraphs, lists and italics (if necessary).

Before publishing, you should think about further continuation of the topic in the next issues.

If you run out of ideas

The author of the blog always has a moment when topics for writing are running out.

In such cases, you can:

  • Ask subscribers what they’d like to read about. Such questions should also be asked by friends or colleagues;
  • find a post on the channel that can be supplemented and re-published;
  • share experience in solving a problem;
  • go to websites or blogs of other specialists, see what they write about;
  • give a reaction to some recent event or incident;
  • talk with subscribers about your plans;
  • conduct your own research on a certain issue and draw up the results with visual diagrams or tables.

The easiest way to generate content is to start reading a book on a topic. Fix emerging thoughts and develop them further.

For the same purpose, monitor communities in other social networks, immediately writing out topics that are affected.

Using this list, you can not only formulate the concept of your channel, but also develop a content plan in the coming month.

It’s useful to keep track of which training courses are sold on the topic chosen for the channel, because training is in most cases the closure of some kind of pain or problem for the client.

How to choose your niche

The bottom line is that people have many questions about a particular area of ​​everyday life. Information channel provides answers to them.

According to the pyramid of needs of A. Maslow, about 80% of people are limited to the first levels: physiological, the need for security, belonging and love. Niches that meet basic needs are always guaranteed to be in demand and relevant.

Only a small percentage of people move up the pyramid. But this audience has a high level of needs, including cognitive and aesthetic, is the most intellectual and expensive.

It is the choice of a niche that determines the success or failure of Telegram. To prepare for the launch of your own blog, it is important to answer the questions: “Why do I need a channel? What benefits can I bring to my audience? ” The second stage is the selection of the closest topics. It is clear that writing interesting authorial material about advertising will be easier for a person with experience in this field.

Often, newcomers make a mistake when choosing a niche – they begin to lead a channel on a narrow topic. The logic here is simple: the fewer competitors, the higher the likelihood of success. But on Telegram, this does not work. The creator of a narrowly targeted channel will simply have nowhere to advertise it, and, therefore, it will become more difficult to get new subscribers. Therefore, the main rule is the presence of competition on topics in Telegram.

Another important point is to choose a niche in which, as the channel develops, you can promote affiliate programs or your own information products. For example, topics for the Telegram channel: business, psychology, design, and even technology will promote many partners, but the same thing will be difficult to do on entertainment channels.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

Most profitable topics

To collect a solvent audience on your blog is the goal and dream of most public authors.

To create a channel and start making money, you can try the following profitable topics:

  • copyright blogs;
  • reviews of political events;
  • business secrets on behalf of an expert;
  • marketing and promotion.


A topic that will always be relevant. Business is the most profitable and popular area in Telegram.

Here you can select niches:

  • Cryptocurrency In publics related to this topic, the rate for advertising integration can reach 5000–7000 rubles.
  • Earnings. Regardless of the standard of living, people are always interested in options for generating additional income. For example, it can be proven and working sources of receiving money, ideas for your own business, black and gray schemes (oddly enough, but such content is quite popular on Telegram).
  • Investing – learning the basics, comparing the profitability of tools, ideas where it is profitable to invest.
  • Business Literature – Book Reviews on Finance, Earnings.

Marketing and motivation

Another profitable niche that is indirectly related to earnings is motivation and success.

Telegram audiences like these kinds of content, and people like to join these groups with great pleasure.

For one advertising post in the public, dedicated to marketing, PR, advertising, owners request up to 2 thousand rubles. Moreover, the channel will have no more than 5 thousand subscribers.

Promoting a brand, products, services, accounts on social networks is a popular and profitable topic, and therefore also suitable for Telegram channels. The main thing is to submit the content correctly.

Other topics

Telegram audience is not only interested in money.

Here are more niches with high earnings on advertising:

  • health and sport;
  • the photo;
  • art;
  • travels;
  • parenting, development of children;
  • psychology.

Most losing topics

There are areas that are no longer able to attract subscribers. In certain topics, it will not be possible to compete with other social networks where the niche is occupied by large communities.

The cost of advertising, and, consequently, earnings in Telegram depend on the number of subscribers.

It’s difficult to reach an audience on channels that contain the following content:

  • collections of articles from other resources, links to sites for transition;
  • self-development – the number of books and trainings just rolls over, people are tired of reading about it;
  • movie reviews;
  • description of art books – regardless of the quality of the content, a losing option;
  • quotes from famous personalities;
  • news reviews;
  • boring articles about psychology, business, economics.

There are niches in Telegram, where even the large size of the readable database will not allow you to earn a lot. They are signed by an insolvent or unwilling to pay audience, which reduces the cost of advertising.

Here is a list of the contents of such publics:

  • music and video content, funny memes, gifs. It may be possible to gain a lot of subscribers on this topic, but making money on the channel will not be easy. There are few advertisers on Telegram who are ready to buy an advertising post for more than 700-1000 rubles in such a public;
  • games, mobile applications;
  • life hacks are an interesting idea for the channel and collects a lot of views, but it is unpromising for earning money on advertising;
  • recipes for cooking. Advertising here is cheap. Oddly enough, but channels about fashion, style, beauty will also bring a penny;
  • Chinese products (Aliexpress, Joom, etc.).

Over time, authors either abandon such channels, or continue to lead, but use primarily to transfer traffic to other Internet resources. The audience on Telegram is determined to receive useful information and rarely searches for entertaining content.

If a person subscribes to such a channel, he often turns off notifications. Because of this, the statistics of the ratio of the number of views to the number of subscribers falls, and, consequently, the author’s earnings.

Useful Tips service.

To independently and at the same time for free assess the demand and profitability of a niche, you can use the service.

The procedure is simple:

  • Choose a topic of interest.
  • See how much the cost of advertising is set by the administrator.
  • Analyze the ERR index (the ratio of the number of views to the number of subscribers per day). The minimum value should be at least 20%, but it is better if it will tend to 35%.

Conclusions after studying statistics: Telegram should not go with topics in which to get 1 thousand rubles from advertising integration, you need to dial more than 10 thousand subscribers.

In fact, you can try any niche if the author has interesting content. But expensive topics, for example, cryptocurrencies, marketing, advertising, will require financial investments and additional time spent on channel promotion.

When choosing an idea for a channel, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Telegram is still a messenger where there is no convenient search and page navigation, like on regular sites or on social networks.
  • A person will not come here asking how to “fix the sink”; there are many sites on the Internet to close any such problem. Such channels are doomed in advance.
  • The same fate awaits public in Telegram, which do not adhere to a common theme, do not justify the name – today there is information about the rally, and tomorrow about how to care for your face in winter.

It’s important to pick a topic in advance and plan content.