Buttons in Telegram

Many messenger users pay attention to the buttons in the Telegram under the posts. Thanks to them, it turns out to express attitude to a particular record. But this is not the case in the standard set of functions. Therefore, the question remains – how to make them and insert them into your message.

Types of built-in buttons in Telegram

The Telegram keyboard, located in a row in a line below the message, is tied to each specific news item and allows you to dynamically modify it. To add them, a special bot is used. Today there are 3 types of buttons. We consider in detail each of them.

URL buttons

Based on the name, it becomes clear that they are used to redirect the reader to a direct link to another channel or site. The user is warned about this.

They have a corresponding label located on the right of the screen in the corner.

Switch buttons

These buttons are used in the Telegram bot to switch to another chat with direct activation of communication with the program. To connect it manually, you can simply register “@ bot name”. But the use of this type of keys does all the work in automatic mode, thereby significantly saving time.

To create a switch, “switch_inline_query” is specified. The argument may remain empty or have some text.

Callback buttons

This type of icon is considered the most interesting in Telegram. They have feedback and are needed to dynamically update the post without clogging the tape and are located in the modal window or at the top of the screen.

These Telegram bot buttons are used to view too long entries, to make a calendar with the ability to add notifications by a certain date.

Working with ControllerBot and BotFather

These bots allow you to create control of your own record and its formatting.

Users who decide to deliver them will be able to:

  • add all kinds of reactions to the post (likes, etc.);
  • work with pending records – edit them, plan the time of posting;
  • format text and set anchor links;
  • study statistics on the number of views or new readers of the group;
  • place active keys, when clicked, a subscription, discussion with friends, an offer to share information or open third-party resources.

Those familiar with the python programming language can create any bot on their own.

Channel connection and setup

Consider the procedure for working with the bot using the example of Controllerbot. First you need to create it. Going to @BotFather, you need to click on Start and write the command / newbot.

Further, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Come up with a name and enter it.
  • Copy the robot, as it is useful for connecting or adding to the channel as an administrator.
  • For settings in the search should find the “ControllerBot”.
  • Register / add and click on the “Connect” icon.
  • It remains only to copy the token, sending it to the robot. Additionally, you need to specify the channel’s @username and city, which will correctly reflect the posting settings.

Adding reactions

Reaction buttons in Telegram.

This is a kind of likes, following the example of other social networks. Opportunities to discuss information within groups are usually not here, because emojis help to track the reaction of readers to content.

To make such a button in the Telegram channel, you need:

  • Open the “Add reactions” item. You can attach up to 6 different emoticons to one post. Subsequently, the user will be able to track how many people clicked on the icon.
  • To automatically attach them to each entry, the “Default Reactions” is used, and the list of available emotions is sent to the robot.

Adding a URL Button

These are special keys that hide links that allow you to go to the poll, vote, another channel or site. To place them, after writing the message, select the “Add URL” item and enter a name in the format “name-link”.

Telegram Feedback Widget

There are several options:

  • Using the Telegram.im service. To do this, select the “Make a button in Telegram” item, and on the open tab, register the channel name. Optionally, you can make other settings here (determine the background, experiment with the size of the text). Upon completion, click on “Get Code”, copy it and put it in the right place.
  • Tgwidget.com. Here are two options for icons and one widget with broadcast news of the resource, which are displayed by the owners of the subscription. On the site you need to register and get a code for your personal account, which is added directly to the messenger.


To monitor the reaction of readers to the author’s posts, subscribe to the channel, repost, vote, Telegram uses special buttons. Those who are familiar with programming are able to create them on their own. For everyone else, there are special services that allow you to make bots in a few clicks.