Telegram self-destruct messages

In the messenger, the function of deleting messages is implemented in different ways. Initially, it was not even provided for. Features such as deleting messages and self destruct timer in telegram turned out to be disruptive.

The increase in the audience of active users in Telegram reaches 500,000 people per day. This is a good example of how people like convenient and secure solutions that guarantee privacy, including self-deleting chats.

Message self destruct function

The creators of Telegram care about user privacy. In an interview, Pavel Durov often emphasizes that he would like to protect people from the consequences of the digital data left.

Thanks to the security principle, it became possible to use self-deleting messages in the Telegram application. The original name of this function in English sounds like a self destruct timer.

Important! Such a timer can be set not for each message, but only for those sent as part of the “secret chat”. For old letters, changing or setting the timer will not work – you need to take care of this in advance.

The minimum time that can be set is 2 seconds, and the maximum is one week. The countdown starts from the moment of viewing. Settings will be automatically applied immediately to the entire chat, including not only your messages, but also those sent by the interlocutor. If necessary, you can turn off the timer at any time, after which the correspondence will be saved.

The main feature of the ability to delete messages is that the information is deleted not only from your devices, but also from the program’s servers. When using other instant messengers and social networks, even after deleting messages, letters are stored in the depths of the Internet for years.

How to start a timer

Timer on.

Activating self-destruction is easy. You can do this on any device with Telegram installed.

The interface is slightly different depending on the operating system, but overall the process is similar:

  • You need to choose an interlocutor.
  • Create a new secret chat with him.
  • Activate timer.

On a note! With the same person you can create only one public (standard) chat, you can make unlimited secret chats.

On the phone

First, make sure that the secret chat with the right person is open. When using regular insecure messaging, self-destructing messages are not available.

If you are working on an iPhone, tap on the timer icon in the lower right corner of the new secret chat window. On an Android smartphone, you need to click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, after which additional settings will open. Next, go to the list to set the timer for messages or “Set self-destruct timer”.

There is another way to set the time for self-deletion of letters. Above your profile photo or above your name is a miniature timer icon. Click on it for further customization.

Immediately after that, a chat wheel will appear in the chat with the ability to scroll and select the time interval you need.

Important! Do not forget that time will not go right after sending, but only when the interlocutor opens and reads the message. The fact that the timer is activated will be notified by the indicator of read messages in the form of two checkmarks opposite the text or content.

On the computer

To start the timer, you also need to make sure that a secret chat is created with the interlocutor. Go to the dialog settings in which the parameters are displayed. One of the items will be Disappearing Messages. Then you can set the timer. The indicator will remain in the header of the conversation, and a notification in the chat will tell you that everything is configured.

On a note! If you have already turned on and set the timer on your smartphone, then on the desktop version of the program all functions will be saved, you will not need to configure anything else.

Disappearing photos and videos

For photos and videos, the same rules apply as for regular messages. Immediately after watching the media, the time you set is counted, and the content is deleted.

As soon as the photo was uploaded by the interlocutor, the timer starts, and after the designated time it disappears.

The process of video deletion is somewhat more complicated: you can set the time for self-destruction less than the movie itself goes.

In this case, the program will automatically add the time necessary for viewing.

This will work as follows: the video needs to be opened and downloaded for viewing, then the countdown starts, but if it is 2 seconds and the video is 5, then the timer will be deleted in Telegram after 5 seconds.

Screenshot risk

Secret chat protects people as much as possible from using messages out of context to create incriminating evidence. For example, you cannot forward letters. But what about screenshots? You won’t be able to make it, and you will receive a notification about an attempt to capture the screen (only when using the function built into the phone, the work of third-party programs is not taken into account).

Such measures cannot guarantee complete security. If necessary, the screen can easily be photographed on another phone or download special programs for capturing the screen of a smartphone from the marketplace. Typically, such utilities are used to record the passage of games, but for screenshots in secret chats, without notifying the interlocutor, they are suitable.

As you have already seen, setting up self-destruction of messages in Telegram is not at all difficult. Having such a function is useful, but despite all the efforts of the developers and strong encryption, it is not easy to completely secure yourself in the digital age.

Telegram self-destructing messages are a good way to discuss something secret with someone you trust completely. In other cases, if desired, all your correspondence can be saved using screen capture programs. Always think about the consequences of what you write.