Telegraph – a platform for creating content in Telegram

Initially, the Telegram messenger was intended for correspondence between users. But later, the developers decided to make additional services that allow you to create large texts, insert photos, videos and other interesting elements into them.

At the same time, you do not need to go through the registration procedure and register your data, which means that the author is able to remain anonymous. This platform is called Telegraph. Let us consider in more detail what telegraph and telegram are, what is their difference and how to use them.

What is Telegraph

Telegraph on Telegram.

A new product appeared in 2016 and began to actively gain its position. Here people can post any content that loads quickly.

The size of the article in the editor is unlimited, so you can create long reads.

Since the platform allows you to beautifully format the material, bloggers and all those who previously used channels and groups on social networks loved it.


The creation of the Telegraph made it possible for everyone to print notes and articles, where in addition to text content there are also links, videos or pictures. To track post statistics, it’s better to bind to the bot.


According to the developers, using their platform, the user has the right to present the material in the way that real media do.

To write a publication use:

  • various fonts (bold, bold, italics);
  • lists (bulleted, numbered);
  • Images;
  • quotes;
  • Twitter posts
  • YouTube videos.

You can read the finished material using Instant View – this is a special Telegraph function that can expand a post in a chat or in a new dialog box. Its main task is to simplify the visualization of information without a direct transition to the source.

At the same time, outwardly the post is absolutely no different from those articles that are on regular media platforms. Due to the anonymity of ownership and the ability to study content directly in the messenger, more and more bloggers are using the resource. Read the material will be obtained from the catalog, where the most interesting is stored on the exchange.

How to work with Telegraph

To use all the features of the service, you do not need to download Telegram or go through the registration procedure somewhere.

Tool interface

To make an article in Telegram, you need to go to the mirror site, where a page with 3 inscriptions opens:

  • Yourname. Writing here is optional. Those who want to remain anonymous are allowed to leave the line blank. Although many people write their nickname or pseudonym.
  • Yourstory – a place to host the content itself. Publishing it is very simple and users usually don’t have any problems with it.
  • Title – the title of the post. Together with the placement date, he will make a link thanks to which it will work with the material on other sites.

Article writing

Making entries in the editor is very simple. The text is printed in the Yourstory window. To add a picture or video, the cursor is placed in the right place, next to which several icons will appear. For the photo, use the one in which the camera is drawn. The video code is written in the icon with brackets.

To format the recording, the desired fragment is highlighted. Above you can see a panel with available tools: bold, italics, link, quote and subtitles.

The text is allowed to be postponed and modified later. To publish, click on the Publish button on the right of the page.

Next appears Edit – the ability to edit. However, if this needs to be done, then it is allowed to use only the device (computer or phone) and the browser where the material was originally printed.

Adding a post from Telegram to Telegraph

Sometimes users have a desire to share in the Telegraph a record that they had previously posted on Telegram. It’s easy to do, just find this post by moving it to the editor.


  • Right-click on it and copy the link to it.
  • In the field where you want to write information, paste the code and click Enter. Upon transition, the publication opens in a new window. Here, by the way, it is allowed to make a voice message.

Why the transfer might not work?

Perhaps the user did not pay attention to one of the nuances:

  • The channel from which you plan to share information is required to share. You won’t be able to do this with private.
  • Chat must have supergroup status.
  • When copying a vote, only the body of the poll is transferred, and the information about its results will be blocked.

Bot for Telegraph

Many channel administrators in Telegram use a special robot to communicate with the Telegraph. So it turns out to manage all the records, view the full statistics on them and make changes. To do this, use the internal search on the nickname @telegraph.

After it is added, you need to click on “Start”. The bot helps to enter the office, where you can publish messages and perform other actions from any device.

By clicking on My posts, the statistics of messages that have been posted on the account for the entire time of its existence are opened. To change the information, click on the name of a specific post. And the Settings button is used to display the settings.

The nuances of the design of articles

Publishing in the Telegraph is very easy.

But here there are certain nuances that bloggers need to know:

  • Here you can quickly divide the text into separate chapters or parts within the meaning. To do this, 3 stars are printed on the keyboard and press Enter. There will be lines that separate the different parts of the publication.
  • Lines and paragraphs are broken using Enter and Shift. If you click on them at the same time, new ones will be created.
  • To make a short and memorable link, before sending the text for publication, the name is written in the title.
  • To make articles on Telegram more colorful, you can use gifs. To do this, a link to it is simply inserted in the editor. Or the image is uploaded to the gadget and placed in the body of the post using the camera icon.

Media competition

Instant View in Telegraph.

Telegram has a special feature called Instant View. Thanks to her, the content is downloaded quickly.

You can read posts on Telegram without going beyond the scope of the messenger, which is very convenient for users.

Therefore, the service has already been nicknamed the “killer of the modern media”, and all because:

  • To view the desired publication, you don’t have to switch to new windows or to third-party resources;
  • page opening speed is very fast;
  • the author has the ability to edit his material;
  • articles may be posted anonymously.

Telegraph Alternatives

A popular service has several analogues that have similar functions and capabilities:

  • Medium The platform is designed for typing and posting texts on the Web. Advanced editing is available here, viewing statistics notices and the percentage of read materials. No less attractive is the import of articles.
  • is used by many website creators.
  • Teletype – a minimalist blogging platform for authors.


Today, messenger users have the opportunity not only to communicate in the service, but also to create their own blogs. To do this, you just need to write articles in Telegram and post them through Telegraph.

Thanks to the convenient menu and wide functionality, the platform gains more and more fans every day. Therefore, it is possible that after some time it will worthily compete with the media.