Methods for successfully maintaining a Telegram channel

Many users tried to lead the Telegram channel, but not each of them succeeded. As it turned out, attracting and retaining an audience is not so simple. How to create it, design it and what information to publish, we will consider further.

What does channel maintenance mean in Telegram?

Many people do not understand why founding communities in the messenger. It turns out that this is a special platform where you can upload text, photo, video and other material, share your thoughts and just chat with people.

Telegram Channel.

They differ from blogs in that they exclude the possibility of commenting on articles.

But if the author wants to know the opinions of subscribers, he leaves his contacts under the publication, and everyone can debate with him using private messages.

The subjects of such groups are diverse: from posting funny pictures to serious analytical reviews. The number of users who can subscribe is not limited. Therefore, many perceive this as a free opportunity to keep a live journal, collecting people with similar interests.

Maintaining a channel in Telegram is:

  • design in accordance with the desire of the administrator;
  • planning and creating engaging content;
  • study of the target audience and its preferences;
  • analysis of the work of competitors and the methods that they use;
  • definition of prime time;
  • establishing friendships with subscribers;
  • drawing up a development strategy;
  • studying statistics to improve channel quality.

How to start a beginner

The beginning of any work is the most difficult, especially for those who have never encountered the creation and development of groups. Let’s take a look at the whole process step by step.

Choose a direction and topic

This is the first and main thing that the author needs to do. Writing everything in a row is not permissible. If in other social networks this rule is “forgotten”, then Telegram categorically does not recommend this. Such resources will simply be ignored by users.

This advice is especially relevant for those who decide to make money on advertising or selling links, because their cost is directly related to the subject of the resource. For example, the price for publishing jokes or 18+ content is lower, and for news of music, film or sports – higher. The maximum rate for those who promote the community about life and work abroad or share various life hacks.

Create avatar

The next step is to create a Telegram channel. The picture of the community should be not only beautiful, but also memorable. This will highlight it among the tape. You should not copy your competitors, otherwise users will not be interested in visiting your group.

Common mistakes when choosing an avatar include:

  • Using inappropriate image format. Photo with cropped edges will look ridiculous.
  • Complicated drawing. It should be easy to read. The user needs to understand that this.
  • Avatar mismatch with the general theme of the resource. A channel in Telegram is a holistic organism. Therefore, all images and articles must be done in one direction.

Title and Description

Creating a channel in Telegram.

To collaborate with a person, he must first be interested. The name of the community should correspond to its content and at the same time, be engraved.

If the name is entertaining, then people will subscribe to it. But to keep them here, you have to work on the content. It is important not to give too much and be sure to enter contacts to communicate with the administrator. Anonymous information looks repulsive.

The audience negatively refers to the fact that the title of the material does not reflect the essence of the article. They may feel cheated, and they are likely to simply leave and never return.

Common errors to avoid are:

  • lack of material name;
  • creating a header that causes false expectations from the read.


The content of the group must be unique. Only high-quality material that is difficult to find on other resources will force the subscriber to become a regular reader of your channel. That is why it is advised to start work with a choice of topics. If you really understand it, then it will be easy to write good, high-quality posts.

You can also use the services of professional copywriters. You can quickly find them if you place a vacancy on one of the freelance exchanges. Here you can find a person who understands how to maintain a channel on Telegram and can help you.

Features of channel maintenance

It’s easy to work with the Telegram channel if you know some of the subtleties of this messenger.

Post Design

The appearance of the content is very important for people. Its format is chosen based on the size of the article and the importance of the information. We recommend using Instant View before posting. When adding photo material, keep in mind that the size of the signature does not exceed 200 characters. You can post a video on a Telegram channel.

Reader engagement

Unlike social networks, it’s technically impossible to communicate with each other in a group. Therefore, if you need to contact another user, you need to write him in private messages.

Ban users in is also prohibited. The administrator can only delete members. And in private messages, such a feature is available. To do this, click on the icon with three dots in the profile and the “Block” item.

To add someone, you must select the “+” image. In the new window, mark applicants from the contact sheet.


Those who decide to channel on Telegram, of course, want it to become popular.

Unlike social networks, the messenger has its own ways to increase the audience:

  • Paid and free promotion methods. Moreover, the latter are much larger. To be in the TOP, it is important to catch the eye of people more often. To do this, you can use paid advertising or mutual PR with administrators of other communities.
  • Integrated promotion services that are able to create a “turnkey channel”. Experts make the group according to your parameters, fill and configure it, connect various assistant bots, collect the first subscribers.
  • Platforms for advertising. In this case, social networks or special resources are used in the messenger.

Useful Tips

There are certain rules that those who have decided to work to create and promote their community should follow:

  • In no case should you deviate from the selected topic. If you started writing about football, you don’t need to switch to cooking soups or post funny photos of cats.
  • You should not impose your opinion on the reader. He should enjoy exploring content. For example, when describing dog breeds, you do not need to list the advantages or disadvantages of a particular feed in paints, as the subscriber may have personal thoughts on this subject, and they do not necessarily coincide with yours.
  • Refuse frequent placement of material. The constant sounds of a notification about a new recording can lead even the most restrained person out of himself. The best option – 2-3 articles per day.
  • Interest in the channel should never disappear. Therefore, it should be heated periodically.
  • Watch for advertisements placed on the resource. Ideally, it should resonate with the theme of the community. For example, a mom who decided to subscribe to a blog about raising and developing a child will not be interested in winter car tires or heating radiators. Here the ads of training centers, toys or baby food will be appropriate.
  • Avoid huge posts that are hard to read to the end. Messages should be concise and concise. If the topic involves a large amount of information, it is better to write a short introduction, and at the end give a link to a third-party resource where you can read the full version of the article.
  • Only beautifully formatted information should be posted. Let there be photos, drawings, gifs, emoji and hashtags.
  • Watch the audience. Special applications are suitable for this, for example, Amplifer.
  • Use mutual PR.
  • Periodically clean the channel from inactive users and bots. They can damage the community’s reputation. Even if several thousand people join you, but they will not be active, hardly anyone else wants to be among them.


No matter what device you are working on (computer or smartphone), creating and maintaining channels in Telegram is easy and fun. In order for it to develop steadily, it is important to regularly post unique content that will be of interest to your target audience.

At the same time, one should not forget about other ways to promote the community. Only with their combined use can an excellent result be achieved.