Draft on Telegram

Telegram developers, led by Pavel Durov, regularly supplement the application and introduce something new into it. Users do not follow the updates, although the created options are useful. In the article, we consider the Telegram function, which appeared in 2016.


What is Telegram Draft

Draft in Telegram is unfinished synchronized messages stored in a draft. That is, this definition means incomplete letters.


The service is designed to store unfinished text information left by the user in the chat. Messages of this type are placed in the list of dialog lines with the inscription “Draft”. At the same time, the chat with this mark is moved up the list in order to attract attention when visiting the program for further development and sending the text.

All messages that are not sent by the user receive the message Draft and are highlighted in red.

reference. This option is not available in other messengers (for example, in Viber and WhatsApp). The reason for the impossibility of introducing a function on these utilities is in various storage methods. In Telegram, information is located on a cloud server, and not in the phone’s memory, as in other programs.

Principle of operation

The draft in Telegram function works as follows:

  • The user prints a message in a dialog line, but for his own reasons does not send it.
  • After a while, the text is saved as a draft, and the chat moves to the top chat.
  • When it’s convenient for a person, he enters a dialogue and supplements / modifies data, or sends a letter without changes.

Draft on Telegram.

One of the most important features of the option is the functioning of the draft taking into account the multi-platform application.

In other words, the messenger automatically synchronizes devices that use Telegram. The function is convenient in terms of saving time when switching between devices.

reference. The draft option works both in personal chats and in group correspondence and public channels.

Draft Benefits

The goal of the Draft Telegram implementation was the desire of developers to allow the user to supplement their own thoughts without losing them in the fast pace of modern people’s lives.

For example, a person prints the text of a message in a program installed on a personal computer, then he urgently needed to leave, the letter remains incomplete. In other applications, such information may be lost. But thanks to the draft Telegram option, you can complete a message by another device with which the draft has already been synchronized.

This option is not significant for small messages containing several letters or words. But for voluminous letters it is really important.

Development is relevant for people conducting business correspondence in Telegram. And also for bloggers, journalists who at any time may need to write down information, and then add or edit it.

How to delete drafts in Telegram

When accumulating a draft that is not needed by the user, you can clear the correspondence as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” application.
  • Select “Confidentiality and Security”.
  • Click on the “Delete” field.

The Draft function distinguishes Telegram from other messengers. With its help, users of the application have the opportunity to save thoughts in a text message, and then modify the letter without losing it among the chats thanks to bright marking.