Why Telegram does not start on Android – reasons and actions

Let’s consider the possible causes of messenger crashes.

Application Features

First, let’s figure out how to log into Telegram from your phone, what you need to do for this:

  • We find official applications for iOS in the AppStore, Android in Google Play and download them to a smartphone.
  • After finishing the installation of the application, launch it and click on the “Start chat” button.
  • To log in, enter the phone number to which the account is registered. When there is no account yet, we still indicate the phone number in order to register it.
  • An SMS with a code will be sent to the specified number, which must be entered in the line allocated for this.
  • Everyone, the application has been accessed, start chatting.

Note. If you are logging in from a new gadget, and already installed on the old Telegram, then instead of SMS, the code can be sent to the device in which the messenger is already installed in the form of a chat message.

On the computer, we perform the same actions – the main thing is that the phone with the number to which the password will be sent to enter or a smartphone with an open Telegram session is nearby. If the gadget with the activated account is out of the access zone, then you need to click on the line “send the code by SMS”.

Telegram for Android

Pros and cons of running the app on your phone

Since Telegram has been in the area of ​​increased attention for a long time, its capabilities were actively discussed by both fans of the application and its opponents.

Telegram fans note its merits:

  • Ease of use, ergonomics of the program. The messenger loads and starts up much faster than other applications of the same purpose.
  • Availability of versions for almost all operating systems, adaptability.
  • Protection of personal information. Transmitted messages are encrypted using keys located only on the subscriber’s device.
  • Configurable options. Optionally, the messenger introduces two-step authorization, opens secret chats with enhanced cryptographic data protection, sets timers to delete messages, and much more.
  • A large number of formats. In addition to regular chats for communication, there are group chats (in which it is allowed to include up to five thousand users), information channels, bots.
  • Impossibility of sending spam, advertising.

Telegram critics point out the following software shortcomings:

  • Authorization only through a phone number. First, SMS can be intercepted. Secondly, if you compare the base of numbers with the base of contacts of the messenger, anonymity will be broken.
  • By default, the transmitted information is not encoded. Data is transmitted over encrypted protocols, but stored as text files on Telegram servers.

Another disadvantage is the limited desktop versions, but this does not apply to applications for smartphones.

The main problems in Telegram and how to solve them

Despite the large number of advantages, the Internet still asks questions such as “why Telegram is not loading on the phone” or “Telegram has stopped working on the phone”.

Let’s look at the reasons why this can happen, and ways to solve the problems.

Application starting slowly

If Telegram turns on for a long time or does not load at all on Android or iOS, most likely this is due to poor internet.

When connecting to a mobile network, check the signal strength: even at a point where there has always been a good connection, the signal may deteriorate in bad weather.

If the Internet connection is made via WiFi, then restart the router.

You can also see the speed of opening other sites or applications: if they work as usual, most likely there is a problem with Telegram servers. Then just try again later.

Telegram for Android

Slows down

When the messenger works slowly, the application window opens for an annoyingly long time, messages are sent, files are loaded.

As a rule, such a slowdown in Telegram is caused by a large number of open programs, running applications.

Another culprit behind the slow operation of the messenger can be an outdated version of Android or the smartphone itself. There are simply not enough resources for the functioning of Telegram.

To “cheer up” the application:

  • close any unused software;
  • or update Android;
  • or install one of the previous Telegram options.

Doesn’t load data

Sometimes “Start Messaging” appears instead of the usual window when you log into the application, although you have not previously logged out of your account.

So why doesn’t Telegram launch on Android or other OS?

There are three reasons:

  • you were blocked by the administration of the messenger for violating the rules of its use;
  • a software failure has occurred;
  • the application has incorrectly determined the geolocation of the device and closed the account for security reasons.

In this case:

  • remove Telegram from your smartphone;
  • download and install the latest version;
  • activate proxy or VPN;
  • Please try to sign in again.

If these operations did not help, write to the technical support of the messenger, where they will tell you exactly whether there are restrictions on the use of Telegram and for what period.

Not receiving notifications

When the messenger works without problems, but there are no messages about new posts in the group or on the channels, most likely, this is how the smartphone or Telegram is configured.

In order to receive notifications, you must:

  • enable them in Telegram itself (settings are in the chats or channels menu);
  • check if there is a ban on receiving event messages in the phone settings.

Unable to register

As a rule, this situation occurs when the authorization code does not come.

Just check which country is listed when entering the phone number. If during installation a VPN was running on the gadget, or registration is made from the territory of another state, then the country code is automatically indicated by the one that was determined by the IP address.

Messages not sent

There are several reasons for this failure:

  • Account limitation has been imposed. To confirm or deny this assumption, you need to write to the bot @SpamBot. He will tell you if there is a block and for how long.
  • Unstable internet connection. Open your browser and see the download speed. If the connection is bad, all services will “slow down”.
  • There are problems with the VPN or the proxy is not disabled. Then you just need to deactivate these tools.


Photos and videos are not loading

If the media you receive appears as a cloudy, fuzzy picture, it is most likely that Auto Save or Auto Load is not configured.

If some data does not load Telegram on Android, just go to “Settings”, open the “Data and memory” section and set convenient modes.

Other problems

Rarely, but there are other difficulties:

  • Recent correspondence is not visible. This happens either when entering from another device that has not yet downloaded updates, or the last dialogue was carried out in a secret chat, which means that it will be visible only on the gadget from which the correspondence was conducted.
  • Voice messages are not recorded. There are two options here. The first is microphone problems. Second, consent was not given to record audio (it is corrected in the phone settings in the “Permissions” section).


Telegram is one of the most convenient messengers with advanced functionality.

That is why from time to time there may be problems associated with incorrect setting of options, limited capabilities of the smartphone, coverage of the territory or disruptions in the operation of the mobile operator.

If you follow the rules set out in the User Agreement, failures can be eliminated.