We write to the Telegram channel

Telegram is very different from other messengers, so it’s not always easy for beginners to figure out how to write in Telegram on the channel, what information is allowed to be left, how to contact the administration, etc. Let’s see how to create and send messages.

Who can write to the Telegram channel

Unlike other social networks, there are some restrictions in communication. Write on the channel can only its creator. Subscribers are only able to read the posted information and respond to it using the buttons, if any. Absolutely all users are able to add SMS in groups and chats.

Types of Publications

Posting on Telegram

The content laid out with the help of Telegram is usually divided into post-pictures and texts. They can be arranged within one message.

Regardless of their type, you can add any buttons to them.

Images are photos in a gallery or channel. It is easy to make a description here that does not exceed 200 characters with spaces.

If you need to increase the number of characters, you should think in advance what will be the first to be placed in the group, or simply set the picture immediately after the article. The only condition is that they must be of the same style so that users are more comfortable and understandable.

To create a gallery, you need to send all the photos to the messenger, and he will automatically form it. But at the same time their order may be violated. Thus, you can insert up to 10 image files. In addition, they are easy to download as a document. Then they will be shown full-size without previews.

Text material is divided into:

  • Guides. Due to their usefulness, they have become the most popular version of publications. Here are step-by-step instructions for performing an action.
  • Interview. Their task is to find out what experts think about a specific problem related to the subject of your resource. Before writing it, it is important to think through in detail each question that the interlocutor has to answer.
  • News. Their creation is considered as simple as possible. Anyone can easily write up to 3-4 such texts a day.
  • Reviews Their subject should be related to the general direction of the channel. For example, in the culinary community you can not only tell how to cook this or that dish, but also outline a certain brand of dishes, etc.

You can write an article in the Telegram channel without using extraneous services. But formatting them will be almost impossible, especially if you need to insert a link. This requires customers, for example, Telegraph, etc.

How to write in the channel

To place information on your site, you need to open it and find the option “Publish”. After clicking, the cursor will appear. If you are working on a smartphone, the keyboard for entering recording will become available. On a personal computer, you can immediately proceed.

Telegram Posting Ideas.

When the text is driven in, click on the image of the blue plane or use the Enter key so that the article appears among the group members.

Where to look for ideas

Each person who decides to create their own channel in Telegram should know that for its development it is necessary to have regular, high-quality and unique content.

Where can I get information for creating content:

  • Blogs and articles with similar topics. It is better if there will be at least 10. It is important to analyze publications, paying attention to the number of comments, the order of presentation and other criteria. If you can’t view the statistics, you just need to select the topics of the most successful material in your opinion that can become useful to the target audience. But it is not allowed to simply copy from competitors and paste finished works on your resource. Subscribers are not interested in re-reading the same thing many times in different places.
  • Thematic forums. Browse the thread for topics of interest. Very often here users are looking for answers to their questions. It is they who can suggest ideas for a future article.
  • Resources of competitors. Explore other channels in Telegram with a similar direction. Pay attention to what people print here and how people react. This will give an idea of ​​what they are interested in.

But in order for your channel to become popular, all the information that you managed to get needs to be supplemented by providing the most detailed answer to the question. This increases the loyalty of the public and, accordingly, can guarantee a greater number of subscriptions.

Telegraph Work

To write extensive material to the Telegram channel will not work. To do this, you must use third-party resources, for example, telegra.ph. The editor allows you to immediately create an article or format a finished test.

Among the functions of the resource is the ability to:

  • make the font italic or bold;
  • Insert headings and subheadings
  • add links;
  • create quotes;
  • change the color of letters or background.

When everything is ready, it remains to click on Publish.

Pin message

To do this, click on the desired post, after which a menu will open, where you should select the item “Pin”. Further information will be on top of the screen. To remove it from there, click on the cross on the right.

Pin message.

If necessary, make an appeal to the administrator of the public, you should find his contacts. You can do this by clicking on the group name or profile picture.

A window will appear with all the necessary information about the creator of the project and its administrator. Each of them can be written in PM. Telegram is not prohibited.

Voting, polling and likes

You can do all this with the help of special bots that will create buttons under the post. By clicking on them, the user has the right to answer the proposed questions or express his emotion to the article.

Possible problems

Those who decided to write a message on the Telegram channel sometimes encounter some difficulties, namely, a small number of views of the published material. The reason may be the administrator disabling alerts about the placement of a new article. To fix this, select the bell icon.

Can I write to someone else’s channel

Since they are analogues of publics, leaving messages to strangers here, except for the administration, is not allowed.

Contact admin

To find the contacts of the group creator, you need to open the general list of community members and find the name next to which there is an asterisk. If the public is huge, then it can take a lot of time.


An ordinary user cannot write a message in the messenger channel. Such a function is simply not provided here. Only representatives of the administration can do this. You can contact them in private messages. Contacts are usually found in the community description.