Ways to search for a contact in Telegram by phone number

Telegram is used for many purposes. Here you can read and distribute information, download files, store them in the internal cloud, etc. But first of all, it is needed, of course, for communication between users. Therefore, there are several ways to find yourself interlocutors inside Telegram – both from friends and strangers.

Let’s consider how to search for people in Telegram by phone number, because not many people know about this interesting feature.

What is the feature of Telegram

Search for a contact by number.

Security is the main advantage of the application. It is provided by many technologies, one of which is mobile authorization.

This allows users not to come up with usernames and passwords that they will forget anyway. The login here will be the number, and the password is the combination of SMS. Each time the password is different, but always five-digit.

Since registration and logging in using your phone, it’s obvious that you can use your mobile phone for something else. For example, to search inside the “Telegram”.

Why do you need a person search

Telegram is a messenger, which means that its main task is to ensure the exchange of messages between users. You can not write anything to anyone, but just keep channels and throw off useful links. This application is primarily for communication. So, the search function for someone specific inside the system is necessary.

For example, you will need to invite a colleague to chat, find a new friend or write someone a proposal for cooperation. Therefore, the question of how to find a person in Telegram by phone number is relevant.

How to find a contact by phone number

There is also a mobile related method. If the subscriber is already recorded in your gadget, “Cart” will notify you when it registers.

Notification takes place free of charge by creating an empty dialogue, and the interlocutor’s name is indicated not as you write it, but as it is marked inside the smartphone’s memory. You can write to Telegram by phone number.

Dialogue is not required to start, it can be deleted. Just registered will not be notified that you are connected to the messenger. However, he can learn about this from the contact list, which the application has access to.

On Android

Let’s say you need to add someone on Android. This will require:

  • Go to Telegram.
  • Click on the “burger” in the upper left – this is a button with three stripes.
  • Select “Contacts”.

A list of those who joined Telegram and who is in the smartphone’s memory will open. They will be marked as recorded there. You can check who and when was last online, and by clicking on someone from the list, you will automatically be transferred to a dialogue with this person.

Here are the buttons for:

  • Sorting. She is in the upper right. You can sort the list by name or by last time.
  • Search. The magnifying glass icon allows you to find friends faster if the list is too large and scroll longer than typing the first couple of letters of the name.
  • Invitations of friends. You can offer to use the application to anyone from your phone book.
  • In order to find someone nearby. If the interlocutor opens the same page inside his Telegram, you can exchange phones and immediately open a dialogue with each other. By the way, this also works in groups.

The last one is a button with a plus sign in the lower right. You write the name, number, and the subscriber is added to the smartphone book. And not only inside the application, but also on your device. That is, to enter new data, you do not need to leave Telegram.

In most devices, a function has been added with which you can check the search for Telegram by phone number directly through the book.

On iphone

For the iPhone, the Telegram algorithm for searching by phone number will be slightly different from what is offered for Android. Mostly due to differences in interfaces. For example, a button with a “burger” is not required to be searched. You can go to contacts right away using the button at the bottom left.

There is also an accessible search on the list, view all who use Telegram from your list. You can also search for someone nearby, as well as invite someone from the book who has not yet used the messenger.

In pc

Telegram client for personal computers has the same buttons as applications, and there you can also go to addresses that are synchronized with telephone.

The only difference is that there aren’t so many different functions like applications. That is, only contacts are added that already use the messenger. From this list you can search or add someone through the corresponding button.

Possible problems

Nickname search.

Sometimes the way to recognize the subscriber by mobile does not work. But this does not mean that the method is unique. The easiest way to find someone is via a link like @ nick – everyone asks him himself.

It’s easier to search in this form, because the subscriber may not have to sign his name.

It is important to pay attention to the result icons:

  • The shout is a channel.
  • Something like a helmet – a bot.
  • Two little men nearby – this is a group, chat.
  • Accounts are not marked in any way.

However, this is not the only method to find someone inside the “Cart”. There are unusual ways, such as searching by car – a special bot @AntiParkonBot will help here.


Probably, you don’t even need to say how simple the search in Telegram by phone number is. Therefore, anyone can cope with the algorithms proposed in this material. Moreover, the system is designed so that users are comfortable communicating – take at least the function of the appearance of a new chat with a person who is added to contacts.

Thanks to such trifles, the messenger audience is growing.