Ways to restore correspondence, chats and messages in Telegram

The Telegram messenger is becoming more and more popular among Internet users. But sometimes, inadvertently or emotionally, a person deletes a chat, message, channel, account.

How to insure against data loss, is it possible to restore the destroyed information, what services help to save the necessary messages – about this in the article.

What is special about communication in Telegram

Let’s analyze the possibilities provided by the messenger:

  • sending information in the form of files of all currently known formats;
  • data synchronization on all devices when logged in with one account;
  • create a chat for groups in which up to 5 thousand users can participate at the same time;
  • open any number of chats;
  • closing (destruction) of the account without the possibility of its recovery;
  • impossibility of interception of data by third parties, since all messages are transmitted in encrypted form;
  • opening your own channels, subscribing to thematic feeds of other authors;
  • when messages are deleted, their “traces” are removed not only from the devices of the dialogue participants, but also from the servers through which information is transmitted;
  • blocking unwanted contacts, spam;
  • organization of communication in a secret chat with the installation of automatic destruction of correspondence;
  • saving the necessary files and dialogs in archive configs or in the Telegram cloud storage.


How to recover deleted ones

Correspondences, messages, entire chats, channels, history – a question that is constantly discussed on the Internet. There is only one answer to this question – in no way. If the information was not saved using a backup, to favorites, using other features (notes, an archive text file), special programs, there are no ways to restore the correspondence in Telegram.

But there are a number of tools that allow you to save and later restore information.

Let’s consider how to proceed to return:


The only way to recover messages in Telegram is to copy and transfer them in advance to:

  • Favorites. You can create a chat with yourself in the main panel of the messenger by clicking on the horizontal bars at the top of the screen.
  • Text file (by opening Notepad, Notes, or Word).

Telegram also has the ability to export data (we will explain below).

Visual information, a fragment of the conversation is saved using a screenshot.

If the gadget is lost, then when you log into your account from a new device, all correspondence will be restored, since there was no command to the server to delete letters.

If you lose your phone number and log in from another, there will be no information recovery. The fact is that the newly created account will be assigned a new ID number. Therefore, trying to restore old SMS, correspondence is useless.


It is impossible to restore a deleted chat in Telegram. Nevertheless, as in the previous case, if you are in the habit of exporting the necessary data to archived files, it is enough to find the archive, open it and you can read the deleted correspondence.

This method is not applicable for conversations that are conducted in a secret chat. Since the export function is only for the computer version, it is impossible to open a hidden chat.

Moreover, you cannot copy the screen on a smartphone with Android, but on an iPhone, the interlocutor will immediately see an attempt to take a screenshot.

There is no other way to restore a deleted chat in Telegram.


I must say that it is also impossible to return the feed and its subscribers after its destruction. In fact, if an export was made and an archive was saved on the computer, then the history can be viewed in the last file before deletion.

Note. As a rule, Telegram saves the exported data in HTML format, which is easy to read from a PC.


When asked if it is possible to recover deleted messages in Telegram, the answer does not please with a variety – no, it is impossible. But if a post from the group chat disappeared no earlier than a day before you had to read it again, and you have administrator rights, then you can find and view the destroyed correspondence by entering the dialogue from the computer version of the messenger. For this:

  • open the chat menu by tapping on the three dots at the top of the screen;
  • select the line “Group management”;
  • tap on the “Recent Activity” section;
  • reading the required fragments.

Another option to view deleted messages in Telegram is to contact the second participant in the dialogue. If you accidentally destroyed part of the correspondence on your device, then the conversation is completely preserved on the interlocutor’s gadget. You just need to write and ask to forward the lost information.


When clearing this section, if the data has not been exported, nothing can be done to restore the information. If there are backup files, all saved correspondence can be found.


One of the functions of the messenger is that it recognizes its subscribers by the phone numbers entered in the device’s address book. If the person recorded in the smartphone has Telegram, then the application icon will stand in front of his number. When you replace the gadget, log out of your account, during a new visit to Telegram, all contacts will appear.

If the ID changes, the messenger finds users by their phone numbers entered in the device’s address book. The interlocutors entered by name will not be restored, they will disappear if the contacts were not exported to an archive file.

How to save correspondence

The only way to quickly and easily protect important data from loss is to perform a backup. But such an operation is available only for the computer version of the messenger.

Let’s list the ways to save information when using mobile devices. We will learn how to export data to a desktop.

On Android

Smartphones with Android installed do not allow backups. But important correspondence, contact can be saved in three ways:

  • by taking a screenshot;
  • by downloading the required file to the device;
  • by copying the dialog and pasting it into notes, text file, favorites.

On iPhone

For iPad and iPhone, there are only the same 3 options described in the previous paragraph for saving information.


A backup on the computer version of the messenger can be done quickly without leaving the chat.

To do this, open the chat menu, select the “Export chat history” item. After that, the service will offer to mark the necessary sections by moving the slider opposite them. You can save photos and videos, voice and video messages, stickers, gifs, received and transferred files. The formats in which the history can be stored are HTML or JSON.

Telegram also offers an archive location and a choice of period.

If it is necessary to save a wider set of parameters, it is necessary to export the data through the main Telegram menu. This requires:

  • go to messenger settings;
  • select the “Advanced settings” section;
  • tap on the line “Data export from Telegram”;
  • use the slider to mark the sections necessary for saving (channels, contacts, chats, account data, etc.);
  • click on the “Export” button.

Telegram Cloud Storage

This is a dedicated server where you can store files, correspondence, any data. The main advantage of the cloud in the messenger is that there are no restrictions on the amount of stored information. On the plus side, cloud storage is available from all devices. This is a free service.

In order to enter the cloud storage on a PC, just tap the checkbox in the main Telegram menu, which is located at the top of the screen near the user’s nickname.

On tablets and smartphones, to activate the cloud storage, select the “Favorites” line in the main menu.

The cloud can be used in conjunction with a dialogue partner in a group chat. To do this, tap on the chat avatar, select “Shared Media” for Android, “Shared Materials” for iPads and iPhones.

It is easy to send or delete information from the cloud. This function is especially convenient when you need to transfer photos, videos from one device to another.

When saving files, the messenger sets a limit on their size. Therefore, large files must be archived and recorded in parts.


Telegram was created as a messenger with a high degree of protection of transmitted data. The command issued to destroy information is executed not only on the device, but also on the server. Therefore, when you delete correspondence, files, chats, channels, account, it is impossible to restore them.

There are several ways to save data. The simplest ones – copying a dialogue to a text file, a screenshot – can be used from any device.

A more reliable method – performing a backup – is available only from the desktop version of Telegram.

A convenient, simple option – connecting to a cloud storage – can be used both on tablets and smartphones, and on a PC.