Ways to add stickers to Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers that continues to work despite numerous locks. Even the representatives of the Kremlin do not hide the fact that they use it for work, personal correspondence.

Users, as a rule, quickly get bored with the built-in set of emoticons, so they are looking for ways to add stickers to Telegram.

What are Telegram stickers

Stickers – pictures for expressing emotions in social networks, instant messengers. They differ from emoticons in large sizes and in that any user can create them. Thanks to this freedom of creativity, the number of sticker packs (thematic sets of stickers from one author) in Telegram has exceeded 1200 units. However, not everyone knows where Telegram stickers are stored and how to use them.

Telegram stickers.

Where to find

The basic set of stickers can be found in the same window where you enter a message to send.

In addition, you can save your favorite directly in the chat, download using a special bot, directories. Let’s consider all options in more detail.

Official stickers in the app

Official kits are available in the mobile application, desktop version.

In phone

Here’s how to find the place where the stickers are stored:

  • Open the chat window with any person you’re talking to, click on the emoticon.
  • Choose the desired category of pictures.
  • Click on the square plus emoticon icon.
  • Choose the set you like, click “Add”. It will be copied to your collection to be always at hand.

In computer

In the web version, everything works the same way. When you click on the emoticon in the message window, a directory with images available for adding opens. It remains only to make a choice, click Add Stickers.

Saving from chat

When your interlocutor sends a nice picture, there is no need to search for it through the built-in directory. When using the phone, simply click on the image to view the entire theme set. Then select Add stickers to save. On the computer, the same operation can be done by right-clicking on the sticker.

Bot @Stickers

The built-in bot allows you to instantly open the menu of available stickers, choose the most suitable. No special knowledge is required. To activate, just open the message line, enter the command @stickers.

Due to the mobile application update, the bot is no longer needed, but on the computer it can still be useful.

Sticker Catalogs

Pictures created by users cannot be searched through the application. This would be inconvenient due to their large and ever-increasing number. For user comfort, special catalogs have been created. All kinds of stickers are published there, including animated ones.

Examples of directories where you can see additional sets:

  • Telegram Stickers;
  • Telegram Store;
  • Tlgrm stickers.

Adding stickers to Telegram.

Search is possible by keywords, popularity, subject.

Downloading kits is easy:

  • Open kit link.
  • Telegram will start automatically.
  • It remains to click Add to stickers and a new unofficial set will be added.

How to add your own sticker pack to Telegram

Anyone who knows photoshop can create and add their own stickers in Telegram. Ready images should have png format, size 512×512 pixels, have a transparent background. It is also advisable to add a shadow effect and a white stroke.

You can install in the application both from a computer and from a smartphone. A universal way is to upload using a bot. It will be described later (instructions for PC). On smartphones, it’s more convenient to use third-party mobile applications, since there is no official image generator yet.

With Android

For Android, there is a wide selection of applications that simplify the creation of custom sets. For example, you can mark “My Sticker Maker”. The original picture or photograph is easily processed and supplemented with special effects: transparent background, inscriptions, contours.

The only negative – there is no way to change the size. If the image turned out to be too large, then it will have to be reduced using another application. Otherwise, adding stickers to Telegram will not work.

With iphone

Generator applications for iOs have been created no less than for Android. One of the most convenient for the iPhone is Stickers. It automatically reduces the image to the desired size, adds special effects. Cons: you can not put a shadow, sometimes the quality suffers.

From PC

The computer has more options for editing images and conveniently download volumetric kits.

Instructions on how to add new stickers in the Telegram bot:

  • Enter @stickers in the Telegram search bar.
  • You must use the / newpack command and enter the name of the future bundle.
  • Adding pictures follows a simple algorithm: first select an image from a folder, then indicate the corresponding emotion. Attention, the bot will not accept the sticker if its weight is more than 350 kb.
  • At the end, you need to use the / publish code, specify the abbreviated name of the kit, which will be in the link.
  • The bot will give a link to ready-to-use pictures.

So that as many people as possible can learn about the new pack, you need to send it to all friends and catalogs.

Private stickers

It is impossible to make absolutely private pictures, because all of them are considered public. The only way – a link to them should be distributed only among selected interlocutors.

However, there is always a risk that someone uses a private collection in a public conversation, and all of it becomes publicly available.

Pros and cons of using

Pictures help to diversify correspondence, get more emotions from it and save time. On the other hand, abuse can create the impression that the interlocutor does not want to communicate and uses them to unsubscribe.

Telegram chats will quickly remove people who instead of meaningful correspondence randomly spam annoying images. It is important not to forget about the feelings of other people and apply this function only where it is really appropriate and necessary.


To get stickers in Telegram, you need to use the built-in catalog, copy them from the correspondence or follow the special link from the independent catalog.

If you can’t find the right ones, it’s easy to create your own using the image editor, mobile applications and the built-in bot.