The status of “Last seen recently” in Telegram

The popular Telegram network gives users the ability to set various statuses. If the application has not yet been Russified, then often the phrase: “last seen recently in telegram” appears on someone else’s profile. Its values ​​depend on the specific situation. Let’s figure out what’s what.


Types of network statuses in Telegram

The main functionality of the messenger is aimed at maintaining confidentiality. Therefore, Telegram helps to hide from others the exact time spent online. At the same time, the program allows you to make the choice of individuals or entire groups from which information is hidden.

How it looks in practice:

  • “My contacts” – the restriction will affect only friends, acquaintances, colleagues.
  • “Everything” – not one of the messenger users will see the specific time of visiting the author of the account.
  • “Nobody” – the application will hide the exact data, the information displayed will begin to change depending on the length of stay online.

Hiding information about his visit, the user will not see the activity of those contacts that are subject to restrictions. This must be taken into account before changing settings.

How will the statuses change:

  • “Been online for a long time” – if the inactivity lasted more than four to five weeks.
  • “I came in recently” – from a second to three days.
  • “Was this month” – a person entered during the period from one to four weeks.

Note! Telegram allows you to add individuals or entire groups to the list of exclusions from the selected settings. This can be done directly during a change of position.

Last seen status recently

The message shows the deadline for activity without a clear reference to accurate indicators.


Making Telegram last seen recently status quite simple. This is what attracts the messenger of its many subscribers. Actions for phone and computer are slightly different.

On a mobile phone

You can make your activity confidential on your smartphone with Android OS or iOS in one way:

  • In the menu, select the “Settings” section.
  • Log in to Privacy and Security.
  • Go to the Last Seen section.
  • Mark in the proposed list contacts who should not recognize activity.

Hide your online status.

A little differently, the privacy setting on the PC is created:

  • From the “Settings” section go to “Privacy and Security”.
  • Click on the option “Who can see me‘ online ’”.
  • Choose “My Contacts” or “Nobody” from the list, if you wish, add your loved ones to the exceptions.

Why hide visiting time

The reasons for the desire to hide being on the Telegram network may be different for everyone. For example, an employee wants to hide information about his activity from management. It is unlikely that the boss will like that the subordinate uses working time for instant messengers and online communication.

It was for such cases that exception settings were created when you need to hide data from specific people and show them to the rest of the audience.

Important! Telegram has a self-destruct account function. If the user never shows activity within six months, all data, including correspondence, documents, audio and video files, will be irretrievably destroyed. Will have to create a new account and re-register.