The official channels of Telegram: the fight against COVID-19

To overcome the pandemic, the world needs to unite. In this case, people should stay at home. So social networks, messengers come to the rescue. Telegram is no exception.


War, online help

The Internet has long been used to promote ideas, goals, popularize opinions, and goods. During a global pandemic, network users should be especially vigilant. After all, the number of ill-wishers, fraudsters is growing every minute.

To somehow help people, the developers of the Telegram messenger used forces to fight fakes. For this:

  • Channels, communities from official services are created.
  • Opportunities, functionality for ordinary users increase.
  • Security measures are being tightened. Especially blocking, ban fake accounts.

Other corporations are developing similar actions. So, WhatsApp, Viber create thematic channels of information. Free support is offered on their platforms. TikTok leads bloggers to collect money for treatment and the purchase of medicines. The developers of heating boilers advise increasing the temperature in the house to + 27ͦ, at which the virus molecule dies. Equipment can be delivered by trucks, semi-trailers. Cargo transportation is carried out with all traffic regulations.

The official publics in Telegram create:

  • Representatives of the educational sector. Online lessons for students are taught.
  • Local government.
  • Medical workers. Ministers, doctors to inform the public about the situation, home consultations.
  • Nonprofit Organizations.
  • Companies whose employees work remotely.
  • Representatives of medium and small businesses. For example, for the purpose of network distribution of products.
  • Fundraising Charities.


You can find a channel like this:

  • Enter in the search bar the keyword, the name (if known). For example, the Ministry of Health. Go to the finished link.
  • Tap the first recoil option. With reference, the second stage is missed.
  • Choose the command “Subscribe”, “Join”.

You cannot enter a private group. These include corporate correspondence. You can become a member of the chat only by invitation.

Information Security

Self-isolation is not the only way to protect yourself from the virus. It’s important to track false facts, not to spread panic.

For this:

  • Read exclusively official bulletins, press service comments.
  • Block suspicious media channels.
  • Refuse to repost publications aimed at provoking panic.
  • Inform about safety rules for relatives and friends.

COVID-19: protection, symptoms

The virus has much in common with the flu, ARI. Symptoms appear suddenly, like a simple cold.

However, coronavirus is characterized by:

  • dry cough;
  • elevated temperature (in some cases not observed);
  • weakness
  • muscle aches;
  • rarely – loss of taste, smell.

Detailed symptoms, differences are described in the infographic:

To protect against COVID-19, you need:


  • Avoid crowds.
  • Adhere to quarantine even if you are healthy.
  • Do not contact persons returning from foreign countries. Especially from where the virus appeared most actively.
  • To go out in extreme cases.
  • Do not forget to put on disposable gloves, a mask, use an antiseptic outside the house.
  • Opt out of public transportation.
  • Do not leave the country without the need.
  • If symptoms occur, remotely consult a family doctor. Avoid self-medication.

“Today, for the struggle, the resistance is enough to stay at home. This is the only thing that can be done to save ”.

At the same time, do not forget to update Telegram. With a stable Internet connection, a free installation from Play Market, App Store, the official site will last a minute.