Telegram X – an alternative to Telegram

Throughout its existence, Telegram attracts great attention not only from ordinary users, hackers, but also from professional programmers. For this reason, more web clients regularly appear that offer improved messenger modifications.

Telegram X stands out among them, since it was released under the auspices of the team of Pavel Durov, who created the official Telegram.

What is Telegram X

Install Telegram X.

Telegram X is an official web client that has appeared to research and test new application features.

Initially, it competed with the original Telegram, as it had a large number of technical capabilities. However, gradually the race between the messenger and the web client came to naught because the Telegram Open Network appeared.

Since its release in 2017 to this day, Telegram X has been used as an improved version of the usual Telegram with faster loading, a more thoughtful interface and more options for customizing your individual design.

Attention! Key benefits Telegram X shows on iOS devices and legacy Android models, as well as on 64-bit gadgets.

History of creation

Initially, Telegram X was an experiment in introducing new developments into the official messenger. The creator of Telegram X is Russian Vyacheslav Krylov, who won the competition to create an alternative Telegram client for Android in 2016 (such competitions are regularly held by developers until now).

In early 2017, Krylov became a full-fledged member of the Telegram team of Pavel Durov, and on January 22, 2018, after collective improvements, his invention was published on Google Play under the name Challegram. A few days later, the web client became available for download in the AppStore. The name was later changed to Telegram X.

reference. The Telegram team confirmed on its blog that Telegram X is an official web client (though only a month after publishing the download application).

Device requirements

Like the original messenger, the web client is supported on as many devices as possible, up to Android 4.0 and iOS 10 and earlier.

Telegram X compatibility with the gadget is tracked directly when downloading to Google Play, the App Store. If the technical capabilities of the phone do not correspond to the latest version of the application, then you will automatically be asked to download an older version of Telegram X.


To create Telegram X, it was decided to completely write the application from scratch in the Swift programming language (instead of the usual C). The advantages of this language are the much lower code weight (which significantly speeds up the loading time), as well as support for more frameworks.

This significantly increased the number of supported devices and proxy susceptibility.

Sticker set in Telegram X.

Telegram also offers many additional features, for example:

  • separator of chats, channels between calls;
  • new themes;
  • smoother movement of animated objects;
  • simplified design of the side menu with a larger avatar window;
  • a separator between pinned contacts and common;
  • Larger images in the multimedia selection menu
  • new stickers and faster access to them.

Attention! The difference between Telegram X is that it looks like a regular application, and not like a site.

Getting started with the messenger

The algorithm is simple. It does not differ from the steps for installing and downloading another desired application, and also does not cause any special problems, because it has extremely high performance and compatibility with any type of device.

Download and Install

Regardless of the device’s platform, downloading and installation is free of charge through the entrance to a specialized software store (it’s not necessary to use the Chrome browser, or any other!). In general, the process takes about 3-5 minutes.

Important! Check the amount of free memory in advance so that the installation runs smoothly. Also do not forget about the quality of online connection, because the download speed will directly depend on it.

To Android Phone

The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

1. Open Google Play (it can be found in the application menu or on the main screen: depending on the version of your operating system).

2. In the search bar, enter “Telegram X”. The official web client should appear first in the issuance.

reference. In the original Telegram X, Telegram LLC is designated as the developer. This information is always indicated immediately below the name of the program and in its description.

3. Go to the app page of the application and click “Install.” After the download is complete, installation will start automatically.

On iphone

The algorithm for downloading and installing the apk web client on iOS is identical to the actions on Android with the difference that the App Store is used instead of Google Play.

On computer

The web client is not cross-platform and is not supported on the computer (regardless of the operating system Windows, Mac or Linux). The only way to use the desktop version is to download the BlueStacks emulator or its analogue, and install Telegram X inside the application.

Advantages and disadvantages of Telegram X

Among the advantages of the web client are the following:

  • shorter loading time;
  • light weight application;
  • small amount of power consumption;
  • new design features;
  • smoother and more thoughtful animation;
  • support for more devices;
  • new kind of music player for playing songs.

Among the negative points, it is worth noting that the main version of Telegram X is not much different from its new competitor, and other unofficial web clients offer more features than Telegram X.

However, Telegram X is still popular, especially in the context of blocking the official messenger and the constant use of proxies. The web client is suitable for those who are inclined to the original appearance of Telegram, but want to get more individual benefits and amenities in work.

Differences in the functioning of Telegram X will be fundamental for all owners of iPhone and devices with low performance.