Telegram takes a long time to load: ways to solve the problem

The main reasons for the lack of a Telegram connection

You open the messenger, and the download icon spins endlessly on the screen. This infuriates even the most patient user. Do not rush to remove the application, the long download problem is solved quite simply.

There are several reasons for the slow connection in Telegram, they are associated with incorrect device settings or malfunctions inside the application.


Telegram Lock.

To open the application on a computer or phone, VPN services are used. With their help, the IP address of the device changes to a foreign.

If changing the IP address is necessary only for entering Telegram, it is enough to use special proxy servers. For example, MTProto or Socks5.

How to install proxies:

  • Go to Settings, then to the Data and Memory section.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the “Proxy Settings” tab. In the “Use proxies” section, move the slider to the active state and click “Add proxy”.
  • A window will open where you need to enter the server address and port. This data can be taken on any resource on the Internet. For the messenger to load, the proxy must support Socks5. Login and password are optional.
  • To complete the configuration, it remains to approve the addition of a new proxy.

In the desktop version of Telegram you need to do the following:

  • Open “Settings”, then “Advanced Settings”.
  • Typically, the default connection type is TCP, leave it alone. Click on this item, the “Proxy Settings” section opens.
  • In the window that appears, click the “Add Proxy”.
  • Choose Socks5, enter the server IP address and port.
  • After setting, click “Save”.

OS and application version

Another reason Telegram takes a long time to load is due to the device through which the login is made. So, the messenger will not work on smartphones with the Android operating system versions 2.1, 2.3 and 3.0. Also Apple 2.0 – 4.0.

You can check your phone as follows:

  • Open “Settings”, then “About phone”.
  • NIDte the “Android Version” section and see which operating system is installed on the smartphone.

Telegram updates from time to time. There were cases when some of them conflicted with smartphone operating systems. Neither the owners of iPhones, nor the latest versions of Android are safe from this.

If you made an update, but Telegram connects for a long time or you cannot open it at all, download and use an earlier version of the messenger that worked. Do not forget to refuse automatic updates.

When working in Telegram on a computer for Windows 10, you need to download and install the latest version of the application.

Internet problems

If Telegram loads for a long time and does not start, the cause is often a poor connection. To eliminate this problem, try opening another site. When using a Wi-Fi connection, turn off and on the router.

If other resources work, the problem may be in crashes on the servers of Telegram itself. In this case, it remains only to wait and try to establish a connection later.


If after the last Telegram session you left it, the application will require you to confirm the identity of the user. Authorization, as well as registration, is carried out by mobile phone number. When the data is correct, a message with a confirmation code is sent to the smartphone.

To correctly register a phone number, pay attention to the country code. If the application starts via VPN, the location is determined automatically. Depending on the server, a foreign country code will be selected. You need to change it to the code of your country and then enter your phone number.

VPN connection

The main rule is to download programs to smartphones only from official sources: Google Play or the App Store. To connect to Telegram and bypass the block, you can use CyberGhost, Turbo VPN or any other VPN application.

Using VPN servers creates inconvenience – the device will load information for a long time. No matter which site you open, connection speed drops dramatically.

You need to be prepared for the fact that Telegram can take so long to load, sometimes the wait lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. If the connection server is busy, changing the country in the client helps.

The easiest ways to solve the problem

If Telegram has stopped opening, and the starting picture is constantly hanging on the smartphone screen, restart the router. The long process of uploading photos and videos can be associated with an overloaded application memory that needs to be cleaned from time to time. When working on a computer, closing all background programs will help. Depending on the device, there are nuances of settings to speed up the application.

On the phone

If Telegram opens slowly, try restarting your smartphone. An easy way to work with any gadget, regardless of the Iphone you have or Android.

Telegram may load slowly due to phone settings blocking the receipt of applications from unknown sources.

Often users do not pay attention to a system warning and think that the application has been successfully installed.

What needs to be done when Telegram registers the user for a long time and does not load:

  • Open the settings and go to the “Security” section.
  • There is an option “Unknown sources”, you need to move the slider to the active state, allowing the installation of applications.
  • After changing the settings of the smartphone, try downloading the application and re-register.

On the computer

Telegram desktop versions also use proxies or VPNs, for example, TunnelBear and Hola VPN, to bypass the blocking. In Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome, the VPN mode for surfing the Internet is easily turned on. In addition, there are special browsers with built-in VPN.

If the proxy server has stopped connecting, it may be blocked. Therefore, you just need to find another one and reconfigure the connection.

The main reason for the slow download of Telegram is the use of VPN. It is difficult to do something with this, you can try changing the loaded server to another. In some cases, the speed problem is solved by simply rebooting the device or installing an earlier version of the messenger.