Telegram Support

Today, almost any answer to a question, step-by-step instructions or description of terms can be easily found on the Internet. But often you cannot solve the problem yourself. Telegram, like any other large company, has its own technical support service.

Since this is not just an information site or a regular social network, it can be difficult for beginners to figure out how to get help. Telegram technical support responds to every request received. It remains only to choose the most convenient way to send an application.

Common problems for Telegram users

Utility support will help solve any technical or organizational issue of the user.

The most common call topics related to the application:

  • unable to open Telegram;
  • the SIM card on which the account is registered is lost, or you need to change the phone number;
  • password recovery;
  • hacking or deleting an account;
  • I can’t send a message in groups, chats, personal correspondence.

Beginners love to learn about ways to bypass the lock, ask simple questions, the answers to which can be easily found at

For example, there are instructions on how to:

  • Delete message
  • create or change a theme;
  • add, block any contact;
  • do, upload stickers, where to get ready;
  • launch your channel, group or secret chat, etc.

Technical support for the Telegram messenger

You can contact technical support for help in several ways:

  • in the browser on the help site without authorization;
  • in the mobile version of Telegram on the tab “Ask a Question”;
  • write to the administration through a special bot-assistant;
  • using social network twitter.


Telegram Support does not have the usual for most trained team of hiring professionals who receive money for their work. Plus, there is no hot reference phone number or a dedicated line for receiving calls.

Such a system was not invented in order to save money, because Telegram can quite afford full-fledged technical support with the payment of remuneration. However, the owners felt that it would be too difficult.

It will be necessary to create a system for monitoring the quality of service. And when volunteers work, motivated only by love for the messenger, indifferent and disinterested in promotion people are eliminated immediately.

Telegram support specialists are often contacted by owners of banned accounts. A fraudster may complain about the blocking, which will conceal that it has been deleted for spam or deceiving people. All ban cases are reviewed by moderators, because only they can verify this user.

How does it work

Since it is impossible to call the support phone number in Telegram due to its absence, the support only studies text applications.

The procedure is as follows:

  • The user can send an appeal from the messenger itself or from the site.
  • After that, the system will register the application, and after that – assigns a special code to it.
  • Support gives instructions on how to use Telegram and an explanation for correcting the situation. If the complaint is associated with a technical error, then work is immediately carried out to eliminate it. A notification is sent to the user about the solution to a technical problem.
  • Before closing the ticket, the applicant will be asked to evaluate the quality of the company’s specialist work through an answering machine or inside Telegram.

Instructions for contacting technical support

There are two ways to get help with Telegram.

The first is used to solve serious failures, complex technical problems. In order for the support service to review and respond to the request, a request form is filled out on a special site. You can log in and complain if you do not have access to either the mobile or computer version of Telegram.

The second way is to log in and send a request within the application. This is an easier way, allowing you to quickly get a consultation, understand the settings and get comfortable inside the messenger.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

From computer

The order of contacting technical support from the browser:

  • Open
  • Under the Support box in the “Please describe your problem” window, provide the most detailed information on technical problems or ask a question. Since a screenshot is not attached in many cases, a support specialist should get an exhaustive description so as not to waste time on additional questions.
  • In the field “Your email” you should leave an email address to receive a response from support, and in “Your phone number” write the phone number to which the account is registered. Be sure to specify the correct country code.
  • It remains only to press the Submit key.

Usually, a support service sends a detailed response with detailed instructions for resolving the problem. It happens that the letter is delayed. No need to worry and fill out the form again. The system is designed in such a way that every appeal, no matter where it comes from, will be considered.

Contact Telegram Support.

Due to the Telegram blocking, the website may not open in some browsers (for example, Yandex).

To do this, it’s easier to configure and use Opera with VPN enabled:

  • When you open the browser in the lower left corner there is a function to change the sidebar (with the image of three dots), where you need to check the option “Settings”.
  • Go to “Settings” and then “Advanced”.
  • Scroll down to the VPN section and move the slider to the active state.

From a mobile phone

You can get help in the messenger application for devices on Ios and Android platforms, as well as the desktop version.

What you need to do for this:

  • Open Telegram, in the upper left corner click on the image with three stripes and select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Ask a Question” option. A message will appear on the screen stating that volunteers will answer questions, so delays with feedback are possible. The user can also examine the section with the most common support requests.
  • If you select the Go to FAQ button in this message, the site will open at Here are collected popular questions and answers to them from the support service. Information is presented in English, but you can always use a web translator.

When you select the Ask to volunteer option, the central page of the online chat with the Volunteer Support bot opens.

After clicking on Start, the selection of options for the purpose of treatment starts:

  • “I want to report a problem ..”;
  • “Learn more about Telegram”;
  • “We have a blocked messenger”.
  • “I want to know how ..”.

When you select any of the items, the bot displays a ready answer on the screen. If the user cannot find the necessary information, the robot offers to transfer the communication to a volonter specialist. In this case, the ordinary person will answer the questions.

Through the assistant bot

There is another way to get help and not wait for a specialist’s response. In Telegram, you can open a chat with a bot. To do this, enter the username @WikiToken Support Bot or @WTSupport_bot in the search bar.

You must enter into correspondence with the robot as follows:

  • Open a conversation and press the “Run” button, then – start.
  • Select “Send request”, write the text of the appeal in support.
  • Specify your username copied from the profile. To get it you need to open “Settings” (Setting), then “Change profile” (Edit profile), save the name from the line “Username” (Username). It starts with the @ symbol.
  • After entering the username, click “Save” (Save).
  • Describe a problem or question for support, here, if necessary, you can attach a screenshot.
  • After that, the Done key is sure to be pressed, and the application will be sent.

Usually, the technical support operator contacts the creator of the call. If any technical problems are identified, a ticket with a special number will be assigned to the application. You can go to the “Information on request” section and track the progress of the task.

The Telegram bot has a significant drawback – this method of contacting the support sometimes stops working. The problem is solved only by developers.

Through an account on Twitter

Users of this social network can contact Telegram support at It is enough to send a personal message to the @smstelegram account with a description of the problem and indicate the phone number.

This method is useful for those who for some reason can not log in through the Telegram application.

Reasons for Delayed Response

Often the user can see the inscription “Too many attempts please try again later.” This means that too many connection attempts have been created. The system perceives such an account as a bot and can block it. The only way out of the situation is to wait and try again in 2-3 days.

And, of course, it is worth remembering that assistance to users is provided by volunteer enthusiasts. Therefore, the administration and technical support of Telegram are asked to treat delays in their work with understanding. Each employee receives a request for help about once every 2-3 minutes, while the time to solve it may take from 10 minutes to half an hour.

How to become a tech support volunteer

Everyone can work. Telegram Support is a community of volunteers. Internal chats have been created for them, where they can send messages about problems. The activities of volunteers are coordinated by the center – the application development team, in a special group all the main news about the utility’s work is laid out.

Volunteer work is a special profession. There is no clear schedule, workplace, citizenship requirements, performance ratings and other attributes of an office manager. Nobody needs to show the fulfillment of the plan, the volunteer will not receive a reprimand, even if he answered only two calls in a day.

Now the temporary acceptance of people for volunteer vacancies has been stopped, as the Telegram team is preparing a revolutionary system for working with user requests. But on the official website you can find instructions on how to fill out an application and write to @TelegramAuditions account.

Despite the fact that the volunteer does not involve payment, the selection of candidates is carried out in several stages. The process is difficult from a psychological point of view, because you have to interact with a variety of people and sometimes answer the same question several times a day. Therefore, only motivated and enthusiastic users get into the support service.