Telegram spam

Distribution of advertising information is a necessary condition for the popularization and promotion of goods and services to the masses. There are many means and methods. One of the affordable and effective, according to statistics, is considered spam in Telegram.

Along with other services, Telegram has its own audience. The number of users of this application is constantly updated with new members. Marketers recognized the service as a good tool to increase sales. Despite the dissatisfaction of users, according to statistics, out of 10 thousand letters sent, 50 lead to a deal.

Moreover, the cost of promotion is minimal. So users of the service should not hope that developers will try to remove annoying spam in Telegram. A smartphone on Android, iPhone or PC allows you to spend any free minute on receiving money.

What is Telegram spam?

Telegram spam.

The term refers to objectionable information containing links, ads or text that clogs an account, channel or group.

Distributed through instant messaging clients.

What is used for

Due to spam, users receive profit from the sale of goods by reference, inform subscribers about new content, etc. For private or work purposes, a narrow circle of people is notified.

Principle of operation

During the existence of the messenger, an algorithm for advertising distribution (manual, automated) was developed and improved. Rules of good tone for spammers and ways to bypass locks are formed.


To achieve the goal, the functionality of the messenger is studied, allowing you to use its disadvantages and advantages to your advantage. A certain sequence of actions is generated.

Sending to private messages

A familiar contact can also receive a spammer status. Frequent, insignificant information, notification of various sales, etc. – all this causes a negative reaction among users.

Chat and group mailing

Such notifications are sent using programs. Common ones include Tvigi. Use of this product is possible with a database of numbers. It is allowed to collect it yourself.

For these purposes, you will need to manually search for groups in social networks and save the numbers left on the pages, or use parsers.

Newsletter is carried out using a smartphone with a valid SIM card. It is possible to implement it through SMS activation, where Telegram is installed. All sorts of emulators are also common on the Web, for example, for Android – this is NOX.

Register an account. After this, further actions are best performed from a personal computer.

Implementation of mailing using twigs will require downloading the distribution demo. Next, add an account to it, check the database for its presence in Telegram. Then write a message and start the newsletter. PC accounts are not allowed.

In total, the use of this product will lead to expenses in the amount of 200 rubles. In this case, you will be able to send thousands of advertising messages.

Spam bots

Studying the presented services, you can always find a way to circumvent restrictions and achieve the desired result:

  • Member unintentionally adds a bot to a group.
  • Anti-spam bot detects its appearance.
  • The Telegram API method is called to impose restrictions on the rights to write messages to a group or channel.
  • Before the ban takes effect, the spam bot has time to do the chat distribution.

Telegram spam check.

The considered example showed that spammer attacks are easily implemented through users, and due to the Telegram functionality, it is possible to achieve the goals in a short period of time.

But you should be careful. It is not uncommon for spambot Telegram to send viruses and malware.

Spam software

For mass alerts it is recommended to use specialized software. Unlike human capabilities, it sends 300 messages per hour from one device.

Similar applications are released for a specific service: messenger, social network or e-mail. The functionality and capabilities of these programs are improved annually. The task of developers to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of spam bot when interacting with the service.

The most common include:

  • Telega Marketing – paid software, sends 50 messages from one channel (text), has a built-in database of accounts.
  • Telegram Sender – Telegram commercial spam bot. It is among the top applications. Supports multi-accounts, transfer contacts from PC to PC. Unlimited packages for a month are sold. During the distribution process, blocking is excluded. Implemented the ability to issue a report on the results.
  • TelegramSpamer is a free service with the necessary functionality. It works on a PC. Sends up to 250 messages. The user will be required to enter text and indicate the location of the file with the phones.
  • Tvigi promotes and promotes on social networks. Sends messages to the PM in the database of numbers.
  • Channels and chats in Telegram – are among the most common and free ways to send newsletters without being blacklisted. To do this, you need to create a chat, invite friends and colleagues of interest to it, among which the product advertising will be distributed.

You can use your own program. The popularity of the messenger and the lack of channel blocking makes it an attractive platform for the promotion of products and services.

Spam mailing order

In many chat rooms, the reaction to the appearance of advertising posts is adequate and the bot is not added to the blacklist. But there are groups where the spammer is blocked quickly, so it takes more effort to promote the product in a given category.

All the above factors, as well as time, the volume of the audience covered, will certainly affect the cost of mailing.

You can order business promotion services in Telegram either from private performers or in specialized organizations (, etc.).

How not to become a spammer

Tips to avoid blocking a bit:

  • adhere to the rule “Do not bother strangers!”;
  • unsubscribe from 18+ newsletters;
  • do not use profanity in the channel:
  • dispense advertising in the community.

The question of how Telegram can get out of spam if the account is nevertheless subject to blocking (temporary or lifelong) is always relevant. Perhaps he ended up there by accident.

To solve this problem, nIDte and add the user @SpamBot.

A message box displays information about the current locks for this account and the time that the restriction was removed.

You can speed up the resolution of the issue of removing the ban by writing a letter to the messenger technical support service by e-mail .

How to get rid of spam

Each person seeks to use the messenger only to communicate with loved ones. Therefore, the developers suggest using @SpamKillerRobot, which is responsible for removing unwanted information from group chats.

The cleaning process includes the following steps:

  • Add a bot to the Telegram chat, where a spammer is wound up.
  • Open a group, go to setup.
  • Choose administrator.
  • Type Spam killer Robot in the search bar, add it to the group.
  • Deleting unwanted messages in a group is performed based on user responses to such posts with the word “spam”. Chat clearing occurs after receiving complaints from at least 3 people.

Spam_killer Robot bot – assistant in the administration of large groups with active correspondence.

There are a number of recommendations that also work to reduce the receipt of unnecessary messages:

  • Since the task of the spammer is to form a database of contacts, suspicious messages should be left unanswered. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting into the mailing list database.
  • Do not follow links sent from strangers. These actions not only indicate that you are an active contact, but also provide an opportunity to infect the device with malware
  • Send complaints about user actions to group administrators.

note! Performing these steps will allow you to hide the contact from the bots and avoid receiving advertising mailings.

Support Complaint

In the event that the account is in the spammers database, or you become their victim, the messenger developers suggest using faq or the help of volunteers.

Spammer blocking

There are several ways to limit the rights of users and prevent them from sending messages to a group or to a specific person:

  • Open a blocked contact.
  • Go to setup.
  • Select “block” and click “OK”.

If we are talking about the Telegram group (channel), then administrators and participants have the option of blocking.

Ways to get around a ban

The use of public or private chat groups requires compliance with the established rules: it is forbidden to use profanity, insult the honor and dignity of people, and so on.

Note! Fulfilling these requirements, getting into the ban in Telegram is almost impossible.

If the account is blocked, then contact the administration from a different number and discuss the problem.


The examples and methods of protection against unwanted traffic considered in the article are important for users and those who earn on advertising.

Practice has shown that the reason for receiving spam is not always a well-planned attack. Sometimes the members of the group themselves or the channel’s subscribers inadvertently add a bot, thus opening up scope for activity.