Telegram regeneration – how to restore a profile

Telegram is a new generation program created for communication. The messenger is multifunctional, and complete confidentiality when transferring data attracts users. Every day, people master the interface of this application, which they install both on Iphones and on ordinary smartphones.

In this article, we’ll talk about the problem of recovering a Telegram account, if for some reason it was deleted.

Why and who can delete an account

If the user himself did not delete the page in Telegram, then it may disappear due to the fact that the subscriber did not appear on the network for a long time. When creating an account, the settings indicate the period after which the account will self-destruct.

The deleted page looks the same as the regular one: there is correspondence, attachments. But at the same time, you will not see either the name or the nickname under which you enter. Often you want to return to your old account, so it is important to know how to restore Telegram.

How to restore Telegram

This is not always a complete page loss. Sometimes, for some reason or accidentally, messages, contacts may disappear. Subscribers often forget the password. Each of these items is easy to return. You need to follow a certain algorithm.


There are several ways to help restore a deleted Telegram account.

If you have not lost the SIM with which you registered in the messenger, you can restore the Telegram by phone number as follows:

  • Log in to the application using SIM.
  • Make the Way: Settings – Active Sessions. Complete them.
  • Change the lock code. To do this, in the “Settings” we find the item “Security and privacy”, and in it the column “Lock code”.
  • Change the code.

And you can ask the administration for help. A password message will be sent to the e-mail.


If we are talking about the history of messages, then there are no methods to restore correspondence. If the user deleted the story, then returning something is no longer possible.

There is still hope. The history of correspondence was stored not only with you, but also with your friend. Therefore, in case of great need, you can ask to take a screenshot of the records and send it to you.


There are also several ways to return lost numbers. If the device has a phone book, then contacts can be copied from it.

To do this, enter the settings. There, in the “Contact Us”, select “Invite Friends”.

The second method is suitable if the subscriber knows the number of the person whose contact needs to be restored. Again, go to the “Contacts” on the device and click on the plus sign.

In the pop-up field, enter the number and click on the checkmark.


The access code recovery algorithm is as follows:

  • You can contact technical support. They will send a message to the user, which will contain a new password.
  • If you previously installed double protection, SMS with a new password will be sent to the mail. This function can be activated in the settings section.

Regeneration Stages

Telegram can be restored only if the application was deleted on the device and the account remained untouched. In this case, just download the program again. After authorization, you will see that everything remained safe and sound, except for secret chats. Their messenger removes for security reasons.

If the account is deleted, then Telegram regeneration is not possible. But it’s available to create a new page on the same number.

What to do if you can’t

If you cannot restore any data, then you need to contact the technical support service:

  • Follow the link
  • In a blank field describe the problem in English.
  • Enter mail.
  • Indicate phone number.
  • Expect a response letter in the mail.

How to protect your profile

Telegram profile protection.

Telegram is the most reliable server that has earned high ratings in the ranking of applications.

But there is still a danger of hacking when the security services try to penetrate the work page of interest by intercepting the re-registration code.

In order to protect personal information, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Make an entrance to the mobile client application. Then click on the panel on the left and click on “Settings”.
  • The next page will contain the items Privacy and Security.
  • The button of interest on this page is called Security. Here you need to find the Two-Step Verification item and set a backup authentication password. This means that when activating a new device, not only the old password will be requested, but also the one that the user has just invented. Naturally, the password will be known only to the user.
  • Next, pay attention to such an item as Active Sessions. Using this service, devices that will be paired with a subscriber account are checked.

Situations are different, and sometimes users rush to delete their pages in applications, and then regret. Hacks are also encountered, and all information is blocked. The account owner cannot log in to his page and perform any actions.

But there are always solutions, because technology is evolving. Of course, in order to avoid additional problems, you should consider before deleting a page.