Telegram posting

Posting on the Telegram channel is very effective and beneficial to the authors. Unlike e-mail, where the letter may be lost or in the spam folder, here the information in full immediately goes to the subscriber, who can view it on his gadget at any time.

Using the telegraph service, you can create articles that are easy to read, format them with beautiful pictures, embed videos and links. How to do it right, we will tell further.

Telegram posting specifics

The messenger, which can be installed on a computer or smartphone, allows channel administrators to communicate with their users through publications. In order for the group to actively develop, at first it is recommended to get acquainted with the features of the platform and the order of placement of material.

What to write about

It is the theme of the posts that is considered the vector of the development of the channel in Telegram. Posting everything is unacceptable.

First of all, it will not be interesting to the person who decides to read your material, and he will not be able to recommend it to his friends simply because he himself will not understand what you can find out about here. Therefore, initially determine the direction.

Also, subscribers will not like to see copy-paste, with which they have already met several times on other resources. People like the uniqueness and the author’s look at a particular problem.

No need to post huge sheets of letters coming one after another. Not everyone will look at them, trying to understand what the author wanted to convey. A short note with an interesting photo and a link to the source works much more efficiently.

Posting via bot

Experienced authors use ControllerBot to post information. After its launch, a window appears in which it is proposed to make a new record and settings. It is better to leave them as they are initially. It is important that the formatting column is Markdown. This is much easier and faster than HTML.

After clicking on the “Continue” button, the bot will automatically select the channel where the post will be after saving. A message with a link to the full version of the article, which is already ready in Telegraph, is driven in the sending line.

It is worth remembering that Enter is used here not to go to a new line, but to open a preview window. You can transfer the record if you press Shift + Enter together.

To place a link where subscribers can view the full version of the text, it is written in parentheses immediately after the word or phrase, which will be a footnote.

When everything is ready, click Enter, so that the bot opens the scan mode. Here they offer to see in what form the information will be posted on the channel. Then, if necessary, you can edit it, add or delete something.

If everything is correct, go directly to the posting. To do this, use the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. The bot offers the author several options: to postpone the recording or post it immediately. After an article appears in the chat, the administrator receives a notification.

Post time

Posts in Telegram, as well as in other social networks, need to be done at a certain time. How to find him? It is necessary to study the geography of the audience. It is unlikely that anyone will be pleased to receive an alert at about three in the morning. It’s better to write when it’s convenient for users. If they are all in different time zones, then you should focus on most.

Telegram has one trick that allows you to publish information at any time. To do this, you just need to send it, after disabling alerts.

Postponed Posting

If the author does not want to constantly worry that the material will not be released on time, he can plan it using special tools. And it will be placed strictly at the indicated hours.


You cannot write posts in the Telegram channel with simultaneous formatting. In this case, they use separate free services or bots. They allow you to do any design of the article: change the font, color, shorten long text, fix a separate area, add cool pictures, video files, insert polling buttons, etc.

Post socialization

To do this, create a robot. In addition, it can be used to write comments, likes and other functions.

Post Design

You can make posts in Telegram directly from the editor or copy the finished work. Regardless of whether this is an advertising article or the author just wants to share his thoughts, it is important to format it beautifully.


Telegram post editing.

In the messenger, the opportunity has recently appeared to make letters in bold or in italics. But practically no one knows about this function.

To edit on iphone or Android, you need to select the desired fragment and choose the appropriate option for changing the caption.

It’s easy to see the available options by clicking on the image with three dots at the top above the message field.

If you need to write a post on a personal computer, then to format it, click on the darkened part of the text with the right mouse button and mark the appropriate mode.

Work with photos and videos

You can send images to Telegram in only one form. Here is a picture above, and below it is a description. But this is not always convenient. If a different format is required, use a bot created in one of the programming languages ​​or using @ControllerBot.

Organically look photo horizontal view. To create original images, it is not necessary to use Photoshop or other graphic editors; there are special services, for example, Canva.

Video material is best designed with the @TelescopyBot robot. To do this, they launch it and send a small video. The inscription is removed by sending the clip to @ControllerBot, from where it is published. They look best if made in round format.

Buttons and Emoji

With them, posting on Telegram will be more interesting, and the publications themselves more lively. To do this, go to the bot and select “Create Entry” by sending a suitable photo or text. The user will be offered additional features, including: the use of comments, reactions or url-icons.

If you select the first option, then after placing the post, there will be a key under it, clicking on which a window will appear where the subscriber can speak. By pressing the second button, the robot will ask you to select emoticons. Then you need to use the name and link to another resource.

Packing long posts

If you post a message with pictures in the usual format, you will get a huge wall of text that will not be convenient for familiarization, and the reader will not be interested in studying the mountain of information provided.

Therefore, it is worth using additional sites:

  • Telegraph is the most affordable and easiest service to work with the messenger. You can publish directly from the resource or using bots. The second option is considered more convenient, because the author has the opportunity to use the archive of articles, statistics, change his signature, etc. The disadvantage here is that you can only view publications on a smartphone. When working with a PC, additional applications will be required.

    Posting in Telegraph.

  • Personal site. This option is the most troublesome, so it is not common. Here you will need to register a domain and create a platform with emphasis on the preferences of the target audience. The only plus is the probability of receiving additional income from clicks on ads. But for promotion it will be necessary to spend a lot of time and finance.

Telegram channel navigation

Some consider this feature necessary. To create it, hashtags are used, they mark every post. With their help, the publication will be much easier to search the catalog.


Creating posts on Telegram can be a fun experience. The main thing is to figure out how to do it right. To make the group popular among users, you need to select a topic and write unique articles.

They will look original if they are supplemented with pictures, videos, polls, emoji and other resources. All sorts of services and bots come to the aid of administrators.