Telegram for Windows 8: Download and Install

Windows 8 is a revolutionary OS that offered users to interact with the computer differently than in Win7 and WinXP. Despite the fact that a logical extension of this system has long been released – Windows 10 – the G8 is still in demand among users. Therefore, the developers of Telegram (TG) have released an optimized client.

The rest of the article describes how to install and work with Telegram for Windows 8.

General characteristics of Telegram for Windows 8

Finding features with this client is difficult. It does not differ from its analogues for versions of XP, 7 or 10. It’s understandable: the cross-platform messenger and users, according to the developers, should feel equally comfortable working with any PC and mobile device.


Telegram users on Windows 8 can:

  • Share voice, text, and video messages.
  • Use the services of bots.
  • Create groups and channels.

The functionality of the official TG client for this operating system is unlimited. If you wish, you can even change the design of the chat background or color theme, changing it to a dark version.

Device requirements

If you managed to install Windows 8 on your computer or laptop, then definitely Telegram client can be installed. The main thing is to have enough free disk space.

The TG program is so well optimized that for its smooth and comfortable operation a Windows device with minimal system requirements and a stable Internet connection is required.

Getting started with Telegram on Windows 8

To use TG on Windows, you need to go through the following steps:

  • download;
  • installation;
  • authorization;
  • profile setting.


With a stable internet connection, the download process takes two minutes.

There are two ways to download Telegram on Windows 8, which does not contain any spam or virus files, applications:

  • Through the official website.
  • From the Microsoft Store.

You can, of course, download clients from third-party sites, torrents and forums, but there is no guarantee that the virus will not be downloaded with them.

From the official site

To download a client from the official site, you need:

  • get to the resource;
  • go to the “Apps” tab;
  • in the “Telegram Desktop” section, select “Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux”;
  • click on the “download” icon, which says “Get Telegram for Windows”.

From Microsoft Store

An application store from Microsoft appeared on Win8, where you can also download the official TG client.

This will require:

  • Log in to the service.
  • Type “Telegram” in the search bar.
  • Find an official client (name: Telegram Desktop. Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP).
  • Press the “Get” button (available for free).


To install the application downloaded from the official site, you must:

  • Run the exe file that was downloaded.
  • Specify installation path.
  • Select options (folder location in the Start menu and desktop icons).
  • Click the button to download the messenger to the system.

From the same resource you can install the portable version of Telegram. Its plus is that the application starts without installation. Such a program is allowed to carry on a flash drive along with all the data.

From the point of view of data storage security, this is a dubious use case, but convenient when you need to enter the same profile from multiple devices.

Telegram downloaded from the Microsoft Store will be installed on the PC automatically, like any other application from this store.

Account registration

Creating a Telegram profile for a computer with Windows 8 is not difficult.

To do this, you need:

  • open the application;
  • enter the phone number to which the account will be registered;
  • indicate the verification code received in SMS;
  • add account name and surname;
  • upload profile photo;
  • select a nickname (ID – what will be written after the “@” symbol).

Any user who has had to create accounts at least once in his life will cope with the registration process.

Probable problems

Inexperienced users sometimes have questions about working with the interface. At a minimum, they may not be clear where the application’s settings are.

This section is hidden in a retractable curtain. You can go there by clicking on the icon of the three stripes in the upper left corner of the screen.

The following sections are located here:

  • Contacts (synchronized with the phone).
  • Calls.
  • Settings.

Also in this menu you can:

  • Create groups or channels
  • change the design (from a light theme to a dark one and vice versa);
  • work with TG cloud;
  • customize your personal profile.

Lock bypass

To get around the ban on use, you can:

  • Download any free VPN application and connect to TG through foreign resources.
  • Configure proxy server.


Telegram for Windows 8 is an application that is no different from analogues for Win 10, Win 8.1 or Win 7.