Telegram for Windows 7: Download and Install

Windows 7 was once one of the most popular operating systems. Therefore, the software developers optimized their products for it and the Telegram messenger team (hereinafter TG) is no exception. Updates affected all utility commands. Telegram users for windows 7 (32, 64 or 86 bit) can officially install the service on their personal computers and use it without restrictions.

Telegram for Windows 7 General Features

In terms of functionality and appearance, the application for a computer or laptop on Win7 does not differ in any way from analogues for other versions of the OS from Microsoft. The same interface, the same settings, notification sounds. Therefore, users are comfortable working with the messenger: it is cross-platform.


Telegram for Windows 7.

Users on Windows 7 can:

  • Create and manage channels, chats.
  • Use bots.
  • Communicate via text, voice, and video.

Nothing new. Similar features are available for users of Mac, iOS, Android.

Advantages and disadvantages

The messenger has many advantages, including:

  • data exchange security;
  • free bots, stickers;
  • the ability to create secret chats and supergroups (maximum size: 1000 people).

The service has no significant flaws. Unless some users would like to create video conferences, and Telegram Win 7 has not yet provided such an opportunity. However, the creators have already announced a utility update.

Work with Telegram on Windows 7

TG has an intuitive interface. Its installation will not cause problems for experienced users, but it will still not be superfluous to recall the procedure for working with the Pavel Durov service.

Client loading

There are several ways to install Telegram for a computer with windows 7:

  • Through the official website.
  • In the Microsoft store.

You can download equally safely using any of these methods.

From the official site

To download the client for Windows 7 from it, you need:

  • go on the website;
  • get to the “Apps” section;
  • follow the link “download Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux”;
  • click on the button “Get Telegram for Windows”;
  • Download Telegram for Windows 7 (available for free).

The site system itself will determine the OS and begin downloading the appropriate program for the latest version.

From Microsoft Store

Some users find it convenient to work with application stores by installing software from them online. Windows has a similar download platform – the Microsoft Store, but it is only available from Win 8 and above.

Therefore, downloading the TG client for Win 7 from the Microsoft Store will not work. You will have to download either from the official website or from third-party resources.

Application installation

Install Telegram for Windows 7.

To authorize the version downloaded on the official website, you need:

  • run the resulting file with the exe extension after downloading;
  • choose the installation path;
  • adjust the settings (placing the icon on the desktop, folders in the menu);
  • to establish.

From the same resource, you will be able to download the portable version, which does not need to be installed, but can be immediately launched on any medium (for example, a USB flash drive). All data will be saved in an automatically created folder. This option of using Telegram is convenient for those who need to constantly carry information with them and often log into TG from different PCs.

Account registration

To create a profile in TG, just enter the phone number and verification code.

A personal account will be created for the user, which he will be able to configure at his discretion:

  • Add first and last name.
  • Set photo.

Problems and their solution

Users may encounter crashes in the Russification of the application interface. How to solve it, described above.

Also, not many people know how to create secret chats (the safest way to chat in the messenger). To do this:

  • click on the icon to create chat / channels;
  • tap “Secret chat”;
  • choose an interlocutor;
  • confirm action.

After a certain time, the chat will be automatically deleted, and the data in it will be deleted.


Telegram for Win7 is a convenient application with which you can communicate with people, solve work issues, and relax.