Telegram bot overview

Telegram is a well-known messenger for exchanging files or messages. For ease of use, Telegram bots were written and implemented, a list of which includes hundreds of assistants for any topic.

What are bots?

These are special utilities designed to perform specific commands or actions.

Such robots help the user solve a specific question – find a ticket, book a hotel room, work as a search engine or manage a “smart home”.

On the basis of bots, they develop online games, trading platforms, assistants for online stores.

The entire catalog of bots in Telegram is designed to save time, since robots work around the clock without stopping. They act as intermediaries between the subscriber and the Web service.

How to use them

The first robots that appeared were launched by manually entering a command. Now each bot is equipped with a menu and a list of understandable tasks. Interaction with utilities does not require special knowledge or skills: a request is simply typed into the chat, and after a couple of seconds the answer appears.

The catalog of Telegram bots is large. To work safely with catalog, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not give assistants personal confidential information;
  • no need to send them scans of documents from a PC or other devices (the exception may be the official Telegram Passport site);
  • care must be taken to make offers easy to earn and check them first.

 How to find the right one

You can find bot in the same way as searching for channels of interest:

  • use the search in Google;
  • resort to the service of the assistant @StoreBot. Start a conversation by running the / search command. To the question “What do you want to find?” you need to write a keyword: earn, analyst, sale, promotion, formatting, reviews, analysis, 2020, etc. From the proposed matches, select the appropriate option.

Bot Categories

Telegram bots are divided into many categories. They are implemented in almost all channels or groups of various topics.

The most popular types of queries when searching:

  • for dating;
  • music;
  • for earnings;
  • entertainment;
  • games;
  • news;
  • education;
  • automatic mailing;
  • social network;
  • education;
  • finance.

Adding your bot

First of all, you need to find out the name of the resource and enter the name in the search bar. In the list that appears, all programs relevant to the information gathered will be displayed. It remains only to select the desired one and click on it. After that, the robot will be added to the list. To start the chat, click on the utility.

Adding to the channel is as follows:

  • The channel itself is created, it is given a name and selected whether it will be public or closed. Copy the link that will be the invitation.
  • Participants are invited through the link or through the “Add Subscriber” function.
  • For the program, the algorithm of the necessary actions is set. This is done in the @ manybot constructor.
  • Then the name of the channel is clicked, the menu item “control” is selected.
  • The Add Admin button is clicked.
  • In the search engine you need to enter the name of the required robot and set for the selected right.

Possible difficulties

A common problem is the lack of a program answer to a asked question. The main reason is server failure or its failure.

It happens that a programmer made a mistake when he wrote code.

Perhaps the user enters an incorrect command, and the utility simply does not understand it. In this case, the best action would be to find out the correction path in Google.


Telegram bots make using the messenger comfortable, facilitate the search for information. They can organize working hours, help find a cafe nearby or perform other tasks. Installing bots is completely free, and the possibilities are almost endless.