Send photos to Telegram

Send a photo to Telegram is a simple task, because unlike other messengers, there are no restrictions on the number of files. But there are nuances that excite users: why does Telegram compress photos and videos, what is a disappearing file. Next, we will deal with each item in detail.

Send photos to Telegram

If you urgently need to share a photo by phone, exchange images with a friend, or if you use Telegram for work, you must be able to do photo forwarding quickly and efficiently.

On the phone with Android

There are two ways to send an image.

Send photos to Telegram.

The algorithm of the first is as follows:

  • Go to the messenger and select the desired chat.
  • NIDte below the “paper clip” and click on it.
  • Select the file to send. To do this, use the airplane button.

The second method is as follows:

  • Go to the image gallery.
  • Select the desired image and click on “Share”.
  • Among the proposed options is Telegram ID, after which a list of chats will automatically appear.

Often you have to make descriptions under the photo, but Telegram usually sends images and text separately. After selecting the necessary files in the gallery during the sending process, you can write a message in the field that appears. Further sending occurs as described above.

The sent message can be edited. For example, we click on a free field near the picture. In the menu, select the “Change” button. Add information. The modified version will have both a photograph and an inscription.

On iphone

A similar principle of operation. In devices running on iOS, they also click on the “clip” in the chat and, having marked the desired image, send it to the interlocutor.

On a note! The first button after clicking on a paper clip is the camera. Online you can take a picture of yourself or everything that is happening around. Additional functions – flash or screen switching. After making a frame, you can instantly send it.

In addition to the “camera” function, the latest photos will be available, which you can simply scroll down and find the ones you need. Then they are sent using the command “Choose foto”.

On the computer

Not the most popular request, but if you have the application installed, then you need to go to the desired dialogue. In the chat in the lower left corner there is a button (clip). Choose a photo. Click on the “Send” icon. You need to decide on the format: send as a photo or as a file. But PC users do not have the ability to collect images in albums.

Sending without compression

The choice of sending format directly affects the quality of the photo. Sometimes it seems that the perfect picture in the gallery goes bad after posting.

This is indeed so. Telegram, in order not to take up a lot of traffic, saves and compresses the size of photo materials.

For example, if the original version of the picture weighs 5 – 6 MB, then in the process of sending the application will reduce it to a few KB, which will damage the quality. To prevent this, send photos as files.

That is, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Click on the paper clip, but select the “File” button.
  • Go to the Gallery. (The explanation says that the files are sent without compression – “to send images without compression”).
  • Next, select an image and send it to the recipient. Photo quality will remain unchanged.

If you are interested in the question, does Telegram compress photos of any format, then the answer is “No”. Only jpg (jpeg), png and gif are subject to change. For example, raw or psd are sent in their original quality.

How to send a self-destructing photo

The messenger gives users the ability to send a disappearing photo to Telegram. These are such images, access to which will be lost after a while, that is, temporary images that are deleted a few seconds after viewing.

Stages of sending a disappearing photo:

  • Install the version of the application in which the function of sending self-destructing images is available. The developers explain: this is possible in all versions starting with 4.2.
  • Next, follow the simple principle of sending a photo or video: click on the image, select the clock below (timer). Then set the desired time, from 1 second to a minute.

Saving received photos

Telegram stores all received files in the phone’s internal memory. Photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the device’s cache. For convenient search in the gallery, a separate folder with images and videos from Telegram is created.

On a PC, drawings are saved in Telegram Desktop.

It can be found in this way:

  • Go to the folder “Local drive C”.
  • Go to “Users”.
  • Click on “Downloads”.

Sometimes it takes a very long time to search for images in the phone’s internal memory. They also take up a lot of space, which negatively affects the performance of the device. It’s better to disable the “Download automatically” task in the messenger settings or periodically clear the cache.

To immediately save the necessary photos to the Gallery, you need:

1. For Android:

  • enter the chat;
  • open a photo;
  • click on the symbol in the form of 3 dots above the image;
  • select the second item “Save to gallery”.

The second way: click on the free space near the photo. Telegram will offer to send, copy, forward, pin, delete photo or other options. You must select “Save to Gallery”.

The third way: click on the name of the chat, go to the “Photos and video”. Click on the image you want to save. Then again, according to the scheme with clicking on three points.

2. On iOS the same principle, only the desired icon is at the bottom of the screen (a square with an up arrow). You must click on this square. The messenger will offer “Save to Photo Stream”. We click on this button and now we can find the photo in the gallery.

3. For PC:

  • if there is an arrow on the photo, then click on it and wait for it to load;
  • by clicking on the right mouse button, we open the menu, and from the proposed options, select the “Save As”.

Unlike smartphones, on the PC you can select the folder where you want to save the photo.

Knowing the ways to send and save photos from Telegram will facilitate your work, save time. To ensure the quality of the photo you send, save it as a file. And self-destructing photos are easy to send using a timer.

And remember, Telegram stores all the images and videos that you receive in the internal memory of the smartphone, which may slow down the phone. Do not forget to clean the device memory and delete unnecessary files.