Screenshots in Telegram

In the usual mode of correspondence, each person in Telegram can take a screenshot of the chat and then use it for their own purposes. The process becomes much more complicated if the function took a screenshot telegram is disabled on your device.

Which means – you can’t automatically make a screen in Telegram. To do this, you must separately select the setting inside the application. Let’s figure out how to turn it on yourself.

What are screenshots for?

Telegram screenshot.

By taking a screenshot, you can save important information for the future in the device’s internal memory.

This can be very useful, because many messages self-destruct after a certain period of time (after 4, 12, 24 or 48 hours you can no longer see them, the sender sets the data storage period on the server).

Also a print screen from a secret chat is used to send to third users.

Important! This goes against the privacy standards your interlocutor hopes for. Therefore, with the distribution of such messages you need to be extremely careful. This violates not only the personal boundaries of a person, but also the policy of the messenger.

How to enable screenshots

In order to be able to make a screen in Telegram in any mode, you need to enable two-factor authentication when interacting with the application. The private function for creating screenshots will appear by default, later it can be adjusted in the settings when it is needed.

Step by step, your actions should look like this:

  • Open the Telegram main screen.
  • Swipe right, in the new window select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the list of available options, select “Privacy”.
  • In the “Security” section, click on the first item “Password Code”.
  • Set the code (the password can consist of four digits or any alphanumeric designation).
  • Click on the checkmark in the upper right corner to confirm.
  • In the new menu you will be provided with the full functionality of the settings, from which you will need to select “Allow screenshots” and move the slider to the side to enable / disable the device to take screenshots.

Attention! Password code must be remembered. If you forget it, then you will not be able to restore it, the application will have to be reinstalled.

How to make a screen in Telegram

In order to take a screenshot in Telegram, the installation of additional components is not required. You only need to know the key combination of the standard system setting that is responsible for the screenshot. In practice, on each device, such a combination differs depending on the operating system, country of manufacture, etc.

On an Android phone

Screen screen on Android.

Most of the existing phones in the world run on Android, this significantly affected the form of combinations.

Basically, two modifications are common:

  • Home Button + Power Button.
  • Volume Up / Down Button + Power Button.

Also, in the phone settings, you can additionally set a screen shot by long pressing the “Menu” touch button in the lower horizontal panel.

Typically, the screenshot image is duplicated on the screen again, and a message appears in the notification bar about a new picture.

On iphone

To take a screenshot on an iOS phone, use the combination of the Home button and the lock key. A distinctive feature of iPhones is that a preview of the image immediately after creation can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen. With a single click, editing is enabled, you can apply your drawing or text.

On the computer

To make a screen on a computer, each person can choose the most convenient software.

If we are talking about using utilities, then the algorithm looks like this:

  • Press Prtsc (or Prtsc + Fn).
  • Open Paint and click “Paste”, the image will be displayed in the working field, you can crop it, draw on it, etc.

Attention! You can also use custom services that are easily downloaded from the Internet. As a rule, they have much more visible and hidden opportunities. For example, Yandex.Screenshots or Lightshot.

To take a screenshot in such a program, just click Prtsc, it will start automatically. Then you just need to make a choice of the image area.

How to forward a screenshot

If you save a screenshot on your phone, in order to send it, you need to go to the gallery, open the file, click the “Share” button (on Android it is located at the top of the screen, on the iPhone below), select the application and contact.

If you send a screen from a computer, then you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V to copy it from a folder and paste it into an email message or message on social networks. Not every user will be able to do this, as in some services you will have to copy the image from the cloud or clipboard.

Important! By default, in most services, the name is signed as the date the screenshot was taken.

Advantages and disadvantages of screenshots

Among the reasons why screenshots are irreplaceable, it is worth mentioning:

  • convenience of information storage;
  • fast data capture;
  • low file weight.

In contrast to this are the following disadvantages:

  • a screenshot can be faked through a graphical editor;
  • with a large number of similar screenshots, it is very difficult to navigate them.

So, screenshots taken in Telegram are an indispensable part of everyday communication. Even if you encounter a snag that you can’t take a screenshot in the application, this problem is quickly resolved through the “Settings”.