Saving photos from Telegram to your phone and computer

Telegram is a popular means of communication. With its help, you can send text information, images. Sometimes I want to upload the received photos to the device.

It is especially useful to store information on work, since files may be required at a time when there is no way to enter the application. Also, the Telegram service is unavailable for various reasons, so important images should be downloaded to the device’s memory.

Where Telegram stores photos

Unlike other instant messengers, Telegram stores photos on cloud servers. After sending, the image is encrypted, gets to the server, and then delivered to the addressee. This system allows you to leave photos available, even if they are deleted from the sender. However, in case of blocking the application servers, access to all sent pictures will be lost.

On a note! Other popular instant messengers do not upload content to their servers, but send directly to a smartphone. If the sender deletes the picture on the phone, then downloading it again fails.

Saving photos from Telegram

To save a photo from Telegram, you do not need to use third-party utilities. Everything can be done inside the application. Different operating systems have their own nuances and a certain sequence of actions.

On the phone with Android

To download a picture, you must:

  • Click on photo.
  • Open the advanced menu (in the upper right part of the screen there is a button with three dots).
  • Select “Save”.

Before the user sees the picture, it must be downloaded to the phone and hit the cache – a temporary file storage. Using this method, the data will be stored in the permanent directory of the smartphone and will not be deleted the next time the cache is cleared.

You can use another way to download a photo from Telegram:

  • Click on an empty area near the picture.
  • Select “Save to Gallery”.

The file will be downloaded from the Telegram server. In any case, the result will be identical.

On iphone

The process of saving photos on iOS is not much different:

  • Click on the image you want – the photo will open in a new window.
  • Click on the “Share” service button.
  • In the upper right corner, again click on the icon.
  • Select “Save Image”.

On the computer

You can download photos from Telegram to a computer both in the application and in the online version of the messenger. Right-click on the photo you want, select “Save Image As ..” and specify the directory. After that, the file will start downloading, and after a few seconds the picture will be saved. The method is suitable for both Windows-based systems and Apple computers – Mac.

Saving Images from Secret Chat

Downloading a photo stream from a secret chat is no different from the methods described above. The only difference is that due to the increased privacy it is impossible to take a screenshot of the correspondence.

Where to find saved files

Depending on the OS, the saved images are in different folders:

  • On Android – in the “Gallery” in the “Telegram” folder.
  • On iOS, in the standard Photos app.
  • On any smartphone, all pictures will be saved in the “Telegram Images” system folder.
  • The standard folder where Telegram saves a photo on a computer is located in “Drive C” – “Users” – Telegram.

Turn off auto save

When using a messenger with auto-saving of images turned on, difficulties may arise in the operation of the device due to memory congestion. You need to periodically clear the image cache or turn off automatic saving. The procedure for performing this action on different devices is as follows:

On smartphone

By disabling startup, you can permanently solve the problem of insufficient memory.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • Open the side menu of the application and go to “Settings”.
  • Select the category “Data and disk”.
  • Disable Download Automatically.

Now Telegram does not save the photo automatically in the phone’s memory. This method is suitable for mobile devices on Android and iPhone. If you need to save something, you have to do it manually.

On the desktop version

In order not to waste time deleting unnecessary downloaded files on your computer, you can turn off autoload as follows:

  • Open “Settings”, go to the “Chat Settings” section.
  • In the window that appears below, click “Media Startup Settings”.
  • You can choose which data to download and which not: photos, GIF-animations, voice messages.
  • Set the necessary parameters and click “Save”.

You can also clear the memory after that. However, remember that in this case, all unsaved data will be erased.

Saving from the Telegraph

You can download the necessary data from Telegraph in the same ways as in the messenger.

In this case, internal systems of devices are used, which allows you to save the desired content:

  • Click on the desired image on the smartphone or right-click on the computer.
  • Open the system menu on your mobile device.
  • Select “Save.” On the computer you will need to specify the save path.

After the download is complete, the file will be on the device. You can find it in the “Gallery” on Android and in the “Images” on iOS.

There are many reasons why you should save some images to the device’s permanent memory. It can be working documents, important information or just a funny photo. In any case, the saving process is easy and takes just a couple of seconds.

The application, downloading information, saves it in the cache, and until the next cleaning of the temporary storage there will always be access to the picture. Data can be lost even when the device is rebooted, so it’s better to save important information immediately manually, so that it does not suddenly disappear.

The autosave function is also useful – all media data will be downloaded to the device immediately, and after that you can selectively leave the necessary ones. This is especially in demand in those moments when the Internet disappears, and important information is in the messenger. In this case, there will always be access to the required information.