Rules for creating a Telegram bot in Java

Almost every Telegram user has repeatedly wanted to create a robot. Someone managed, but someone ran into difficulties and stopped halfway. This process is not easy. It requires additional knowledge and skills.

What are bots

Telegram bot Java is a small written program that performs a human-programmed action. At the same time, Java bots are played through the same interface as a regular user.

Their purpose

Telegram bot in Java has versatile applications.

The robot is capable of performing a number of operations, the most common of which are:

  • Translation of text from foreign languages.
  • Comments on posts and posts.
  • Testing and training.
  • Search for information.
  • Finding the necessary audio, video files over the Internet.
  • Work with documents.
  • Setting questions and answers to them.
  • Interaction with other sensors.
  • Network connection.
  • Broadcast video, presentations.
  • Weather forecast display.
  • Bypass blocking servers, routers.
  • Create chat rooms for communication or discussion of important issues.

The specified list of functions is far from complete, it is only a small part of what you can create and write in api bot Java.


Telegram bots are divided into a huge number of categories, which were classified in 2018 by:

  • male and female subjects;
  • business and finance;
  • for adults;
  • music
  • video;
  • photos and games;
  • entertainment;
  • education;
  • news.

The number of categories is constantly growing, due to the presence of programs that allow virtually everyone to create a Telegram bot in Java.

Features and Description of Java Software

Java software has the following characteristics:

  • Permitted to rearrange instructions.
  • You can use the underscore in large numerical values.
  • A language file may contain many non-nested classes.
  • StringBuilder is used to concatenate strings.

How to register a bot in Java

Writing a bot for Telegram in Java is easy. Consider a simple example of creating a robot using webhook.

Creating a Java Project.

The sequence is as follows:

  • Open Eclipse and create a new Java project.
  • Find and download the base for creating telegram robots.
  • Import the downloaded library into the project.
  • Create a test.SimpleBot class with the following content:
    • run messenger;
    • open a browser, follow the link:;
    • click the “Send message” button;
    • in Telegram, select BotFather;
    • set the command / start;
    • type / newbot;
    • invent and then enter a bot name on Webhook;
    • You will be prompted to come up with the username of the created robot. The main condition is uniqueness. Enter, click the confirmation button;
    • You will see a message about successful configuration. After “Use this token to access the HTTP API:” your token will be displayed, which should be entered instead of “Your token”.
  • Go to Eclipse and launch the bot.
  • To perform a health test, write in the browser address bar the name of the created bot.
  • Click “Send message”.
  • Return to Telegram and select the created robot.
  • Click the Start button.

Now Telegram bot Webhook Java is ready. The bot should respond to any request “I do not know what to answer.” The phrase issued by him can be changed by supplementing his base.


The advantages of the Telegram bot in Java are as follows:

  • Simplicity.
  • The minimum number of operations performed.
  • Java Telegram bot bypass the lock – no such need.
  • Minimum baggage of knowledge and skills.

From a technical point of view, writing code for a robot in Java is practically no different from creating it on other engines. Yes, of course, there is a slight difference, but it is not significant.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated in writing a robot. Anyone can perform this operation on their own.

If you decide to try your hand, then make a weather bot for Telegram in Java. Its advantage is lightness, ease of creation, accessibility. This robot is most often used as a template. He is studied at various courses, lectures. Before writing the code yourself, we recommend that you watch the training video, get acquainted with the advice of specialists.