Removing a secret chat in Telegram – instructions

For secret communication, more and more users began to choose the “Secret Telegram chat” function.

What it is. What opportunities does secret chat open up, the advantages of conducting a dialogue in a secret Telegram chat. How to delete a secret chat in Telegram – about this in the article.

Secret Chat

This is the name of the function built into the messenger that allows you to hide dialogue data from third parties (administrators and owners of servers used to transfer information, hackers).


Benefits of using

The main advantage of the secret Telegram chat is that the information transmitted during the correspondence is not sent to the servers, but sent directly from one interlocutor to another, and in encrypted form.

The second plus is the ability to hide personal information. To start communication, the opponent does not need to indicate his phone number, it is enough to come up with a name when registering in the messenger (username).

And finally, in the secret Telegram chat, you can safely delete from devices (your own and the second participant in the dialogue) part or all of the transmitted messages. Moreover, at any time you can cancel the secret chat in Telegram, in this case the entire chat history will be cleared.

Attention! Destroyed information cannot be restored.


We will also refer this section to the advantages of the messenger, the functions of which allow:

  • delete messages after the recipient has read them within the time period specified by the sender;
  • on a PC and smartphone with Android, be sure that the second participant in the dialogue will not be able to copy the screen with the correspondence;
  • on iPhone, learn about an attempt to take a screenshot of the dialogue by the interlocutor and delete information before copying it;
  • open as many secret Telegram chats as required (at the same time).

Let’s analyze the ability to disable the secret chat in Telegram in detail for devices with different operating systems.

How to uninstall – step by step instructions

When the conversation is over and you need to delete the secret chat in Telegram and exit it, then we proceed according to the following scheme.

On Android

Without leaving the secret Telegram chat, on the screen at the top of it, select three points located vertically, click on them. In the drop-down menu, click on the “Delete chat” line, and then confirm the operation.

On iPhone

The procedure for a smartphone, tablet with iOS installed, the question of how to delete a secret chat in Telegram is solved in the same way:

  • after finishing the correspondence in the secret Telegram chat, click on the ellipsis on the screen in the upper left corner;
  • in the drop-down menu, find the line to delete, tap on it.


We perform the same operations with the version of the messenger installed on the computer.

Note that there is no “exit” button for the secret Telegram chat. After all the described actions have been performed, all previously sent messages are deleted from both the sender and the recipient. Unsaved data cannot be returned.

Message self-destruct timer

One of the useful functions of the messenger is the ability to clear information after the interlocutor has read it.

To activate this service, while in the secret Telegram chat, you need to go to the menu (vertical ellipsis on the left in the upper part of the screen), tap on the line “Set the message destruction timer” and select the period during which the data will be stored in the feed after they are read by the second a participant in the dialogue.

Setting a self-destruct timer for messages

Telegram allows you to set the time from one second to seven days.

After the selected period ends, the correspondence disappears without a trace from both interlocutors.

Is it possible to undo the deletion and restore the chat

If the information is erased in a regular chat, then a simple user will not be able to reopen it. Data can only be restored by the group administrator, who within two days has the opportunity to go to the “Recent actions” section and read the destroyed record. The admin can restore the data, return it to the tape.

When asked if it is possible to restore a secret chat in Telegram, the answer is no. All destroyed information disappears forever.

How to clear your chat history

In normal chat, only their own messages are available for deletion. For this, the following actions are carried out:

  • On Android, without leaving the dialogue, go to the menu (three dots at the top of the page), find “Clear history” – this will destroy only the author’s messages. If you need to remove a specific replica, then you need to select it, after which an icon of the basket will appear, which you must click on.
  • On iPhone, part of the conversation cannot be destroyed, only the entire dialogue at once. In the general feed, select chat, move it with a swipe to the left and click on the trash can icon.
  • The desktop version allows you to remove individual pieces of correspondence, delete all messages. To clear the history, go to the menu, find the corresponding item and click on it. To delete one or several messages, select them with the left mouse button, tap on the “Delete” line.

In the secret Telegram chat, the erasure operation is performed in the same way.

Sometimes it happens that a secret chat in Telegram has disappeared. This may have happened for one of the following reasons:

  • the correspondence was conducted from another device, and the secret Telegram chat is accessible only from the gadget with which it began;
  • the other side of the conversation has disconnected the chat, closed the chat.

How to delete a message for all chat users

Each group chat has an administrator who is given the right to clear information from all participants within 48 hours. To do this, when deleting, it should be noted that data is removed from all devices.

When communicating in a secret Telegram chat, when the chat is closed, the information is destroyed automatically.


Secret Telegram chat is a specially developed service that allows you to conduct private correspondence. It has built-in functions for destroying data by timer.

If in a regular chat the correspondence can be restored within 48 hours, then during the dialogue in the secret Telegram chat it must be borne in mind that unsaved information has disappeared irretrievably.

When communicating in a group or regular chat, you can only destroy messages that are attributed to you. In the secret Telegram chat, all data is deleted, regardless of who wrote it.