Overview of bot designers in Telegram

Telegram bot builder is a service that allows you to create robots that can answer questions and perform other useful functions instead of humans. Previously, users with the necessary programming knowledge could make an assistant. Today it is available to everyone.


Telegram bot builders

Thanks to all kinds of robots for the messenger, channel owners can keep in touch with their subscribers without interruption, saving time and effort. Helpers can perform useful tasks without writing separate code.


Basic commands for the bot.

Bot is primarily used to keep in touch with subscribers in telegram. Therefore, everyone who seeks to promote a business in the messenger is trying to create it.

The assistant is also able to:

  • Provide complete information to chat visitors.
  • Show event announcements, addresses and other useful data.
  • Answer standard questions (laid down during development).
  • Share links to social networks, sites.
  • Introduce subscribers to news, product reviews, etc.
  • Help set up affiliate support.
  • Checkout or register a new business partner.
  • Conduct surveys to get the right data.
  • Support partners.
  • Create sales funnels.
  • Make newsletters to customers.

The designers of Telegram bots can significantly simplify the work, save time, avoid mistakes.


Services used to form robots can be built into the messenger or work online. After creating the helper, integration of the finished bot is required. Universal telegram chatbot constructors are paid and free.

What bots can be created

Each editor allows you to get a specific robot.

They are conditionally divided into:

  • Chat bots. They are needed to maintain activity on the channel, conversations with subscribers. If you configure it correctly, then users may not even understand that they are chatting with a robot, and not a living person.
  • Informants. With their help, the group administrator posts new material, news, etc.
  • Gaming. Their main function is entertainment. Some bots can even play for money.
  • Assistants. They help the channel owner to administer, perform various tasks and do boring, monotonous work for him.

Telegram bot builder overview

The range of services for creating an assistant in telegram is quite wide. Each differs in some features and functionality. Consider the most popular.


Telegram bot builder.

Platform Integrated in Telegram. Here they offer to create personal assistants for free.

No programming skills needed when working with the constructor.

Therefore, even beginners use it. @ManyBot can:

  • create a menu;
  • send messages;
  • post automatically from YouTube, Twitter.

You can use it for free.


The bot constructor for telegram quickly forms an assistant from the available templates and connects it. Detailed instructions are provided for the client. Using the service, you can create actions on a variety of teams using the form for entering text, as well as a regular or online keyboard.

Free robot testing lasts 10 days. The cost of paid services starts at $ 20 for 3 months of work.

Flow xo

The main purpose of the service is to create, edit and support the functioning of robots in order to solve all kinds of business problems. Testing it without payment is allowed for a limited period of time. Then you have to pay. The minimum price is $ 19.

Flow XO Service.

In this case, the following functionality is available:

  • Using HTTP / JSON to create releases
  • set of filters;
  • lie editor;
  • Built-in full-fledged web-messenger;
  • triggers
  • sorting content;
  • work with javascript.

From time to time, developers add new features to the designer.


Service for creating entertaining robots, in particular quizzes. To do this, there is a convenient interface, ready-made templates for public people, GameBot. Such programs can be trained and applied on different platforms.

Which designer to choose

What of the presented services to pay attention to the user who decided to make an assistant for himself? It is necessary to proceed from what functional he wants to receive as a result.

There are a lot of designers who can make a bot for work or business promotion in Telegram. Some are for specific purposes, others are universal.

Some services can be used for free, there are also paid platforms. What to choose for a user depends on what result he is aiming at and how much he is willing to pay.