Log in to Telegram from a computer

Telegram is not just a messenger, in part it is also a social network where you can learn about the life of celebrities, read news and even watch movies.

The messenger works on smartphones and PCs, and if on a smartphone it’s enough to enable proxies in the application itself, then launching Telegram on a computer is a little more difficult.

Ways to enter Telegram from a computer

Log in to Telegram from a computer.

There are two ways to enter Telegram through a computer. The easiest way is to open the online version in any browser, in addition.

The second way is to install the program on a computer.

The difficulty lies only in choosing a site to download the application. There are many options, and not all of them are safe.

Desktop version installation

Installation will take you about 2 minutes. It is further proposed to register or, if previously used, to enter.

This process is as simple as possible:

  • We indicate the country and your contact number.
  • At the initial entry, the code comes in the form of a message, at the second entry – into the application itself on the mobile phone. Enter the numbers in a special window.
  • When registering, you will need to enter a name, surname and add a photo. Here you can improvise and type fictional.
  • Now the account is created, and you can sit in Telegram via computer!
  • After registering in the profile settings, you can change the first / last name, add a nickname and tell a little about yourself.

After installation, the shortcut will appear on the desktop, and later open Telegram on the computer is not difficult.

If you are considering the option of using an additional cipher to enter a separate device, then be sure that the password will not protect when starting the online version, if it is installed on a PC.

Web version

You can open the Telegram link online from any device — laptop / smartphone, supported by any browser, you just need to have Internet access. Chat will only work for users who already have a registered account on the network.

To enter you will need:

  • Choose country of residence.
  • Enter registered number.
  • Get SMS with a secret access code.
  • Drive numbers into the field and log into your account.

By the way, the browser does not store the last entry and in order to re-enter, you will need to re-enter the number each time and wait for SMS.

There are practically no significant functional differences from the full version, but here’s what you can’t do:

  • cannot create a new account;
  • there is no way to organize a channel;
  • Secret chats will not open;
  • cannot send files larger than 1 GB;
  • some personal settings do not change.

Everything else – communication, viewing channels, access to contacts and other features are saved.

Without phone number

Log in to Telegram from a PC without a phone number.

Let’s say the phone was stolen, the SIM card is broken and cannot be restored, or the user completely forgot which number he went through the registration process from.

In this case, the question arises for a person: “how to enter Telegram without a number?”.

Each new visit is possible only with the help of a special code, therefore, if you have not previously launched the messenger from other devices, then this issue will not be resolved.

So, if you have an application on your computer, and at the last session you did not log out, then there is a chance to log into your account. But remember, now you can’t leave it, otherwise you will lose access.

Sign out

There are two ways to close the application: by clicking on the cross (so your account will be saved and you will not need to enter the code) or by clicking on “Exit” in a special section.

How to find this menu:

  • In the upper left corner, click on three stripes.
  • Find “Settings”.
  • In the new open window, select three points.
  • Click “Exit”.

If you usually close in the second way and now you do not have access to the number specified during registration, then logging into Telegram from the computer will not work. Now you can only create a new profile.

Important! For security reasons, we recommend that you log out again so that attackers cannot reach sensitive information.

Running 2 accounts

In some similar applications, such as Skype, it is possible to sit at once from two accounts. In Telegram, only one account can function at a time. Perhaps in the future, the developers of the official application will please us with this innovation.

If you still decide to register an additional account, you can use one on your smartphone, and turn on the second via a computer.

Undoubtedly, many third-party computer services zealously advertise the use of 2 accounts, but they do not inspire confidence in us and we do not recommend resorting to their services. But the choice, of course, is yours.

Precautionary measures

The developers took care of us and offer several options for additional protection.

1. Auto lock.

Configured as follows: “Settings” / “Privacy”.

The function allows you to block an account (if it has not been used for a certain time), starting from 1 minute. After the set time has passed, the account is blocked, and in order to send a message to someone, you will need to enter a personal code. If you forget it, reinstalling the program will help. All secret chats will be deleted.

2. Two-factor authentication.

Installed in the same section. This authentication offers secure login from other devices. In order to fully work in the application, in addition to the code from SMS, you will need to enter a personal password. Immediately we are invited to leave a hint and provide an email for recovery. Protection can be canceled only with the help of a personal code; it will not be reset automatically and automatically.

Possible problems

We learned about one of the problems at the very beginning of the article – this is blocking by the government. Of course, there are other, less global difficulties.

Here is some of them:

  • Outdated version of the application. You probably came to an unofficial site, or Telegram had already been installed on your computer somehow.
  • A large number of login attempts. More than 5 times incorrectly entered confirmation code and access is temporarily blocked. Another such difficulty arises when registering through a virtual number.
  • The problem with the servers. If you observe a long download at startup and chat updates do not occur, then the servers may be disconnected. More often this is planned work. But there can be unplanned accidents with a large flow of users.


The process of installing and registering on a computer is quite simple. You only need to follow the instructions and it is advisable not to lose access to your number.