Liquid cryptocurrency exchange – is it worth it to buy a Gram

Cryptocurrency tightly enters the life of every person. The number of users and operations performed with it is constantly growing. But not everyone knows what money is and how they can be earned.

Cryptocurrency exchange – what is it

Cryptocurrency exchange – a platform that allows you to carry out cryptocurrency purchase and sale transactions (trades). It has great opportunities for users who want to start working with cryptocurrency.

Conditionally, exchanges are divided into 3 types:

  • Allowing to exchange bitcoin and other fork positions for fiat money.
  • Supporting exchange for bitcoin. They trade forks, which can only be sold on individual exchanges.
  • Supporting margin trading. These include Bitfinex and Bitmex.

Features Liquid

Liquid Exchange Gram.

Liquid Gram Exchange – a platform for the execution of interchange of foreign exchange and digital assets.

Its peculiarity is the Word Book order book, combining highly liquid assets from around the world.

Mostly, trading is carried out with Ethereum and Bitcoin, sometimes with the Japanese Yen.

What is cryptocurrency and its types

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the release of money into circulation of which consists in the principle of proof of the work performed “Proof-of-work”.

Criteria for creating crypto:

  • Validation at any time convenient for the user.
  • Volume and complexity of calculations with predicted speed.
  • Inevitability (inevitability) of transactions.

The range of cryptocurrencies is huge.

Their main types include:

  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Litecoin – Litecoin (LTC).
  • Primecoin – Primecoin (XPM).
  • Pircoin – Peercoin (PPC).
  • Namecoin – Namecoin (NMC).
  • Feathercoin – Feathercoin (FTC).
  • Frecoin – Freicoin (FRC).


Gram – a monetary unit (coin), created on the basis of the TON platform. The token has a number of features. Talk about it below.

Description and characteristic

A feature of the Gram platform is transaction speed. It is capable of producing millions of operations per second. According to the developers, tokens should become an analogue of payment systems MasterCard and Visa.

Mining crypto is not supported. The authenticity of transactions is provided by “validators” who charge a small commission for the provision of services.

The token also supports fast micropayment mode – small transactions are displayed on the blockchain after a bit of time.

To ensure safety and reliability, a system of “pledges” of validators that have “nominators” is used. This whole system ensures that the node does not perform operations more than the amount of the deposit allows.

If a failure occurs, the pledge is sent to other validators as compensation for the operation that did not take place. Gram token will be available on the Liquid exchange.

How much is

A full TON start is possible by the end of the year. The final token price is still unknown. During the first round of closed biddings (sale), the price of one coin was $ 0.38, and during the second it increased to $ 1.33.

After the general release, when Gram appears on Liquid crypto, the cost will go up. According to some calculations, the price (price) of the coin will vary from $ 2 to $ 8, and over 10 years it can grow to $ 30 per unit.

Should I buy a Gram

The question of whether to buy Gram is found on the network more and more often. No one can give a solid answer to the question.

Cryptocurrency Gram.

That’s what it thinks 2Bitcoins Chief Editor Grigory Pasechnik: “The purchase of tokens in Liquid Gram – buying a pig in a poke.

Initially, there is no certainty in receiving purchased tokens. Their distribution will be completed by the end of the year, and during this time a lot of things can change. There is a chance to earn nothing, even if everything goes well.

I want to remind you that the TON team does not welcome speculative trading. The struggle with the instability of the course will be carried out at the expense of 52% of tokens in the reserve of developers. His overall perspective is even less than that of Bitcoin at the time of takeoff. ”.

Judging by the words of a person so respected in this field, the acquisition and exchange of an token for other coins is a risky business, as the existing conditions can change at any time.

How to make money on it

There are several ways to make money on cryptocurrency:

  • Buy tokens with available cash and wait for the appreciation. Such investments are long-term and may ultimately prove unprofitable.
  • Engage in buying and selling and earn on the difference in course. The method is good, but requires large investments, since it will not work to earn on a small amount.
  • Search for errors in the program and punish validator nodes. This function is called fishing in white paper. It can be performed by any host that has previously made a small steak. If an error is detected, he reports it by sending a special transaction, which is sent for further verification. A node that makes a mistake loses all or part of the reward. The award goes to the account of the “fisherman”.

In total, we have three working ways of earning. Each of them requires investment and has its pros and cons.


Predicting the price of a coin is still difficult. The best options are $ 10-15 per unit. In addition, all experts claim that within six months to a year from the start of sales, the token will occupy a leading position among cryptocurrencies.

The first weeks after the release of the coin will make it possible to make a more accurate forecast, but for now these are just assumptions.

What are the limitations

Tokens will appear in free sale by the end of 2019. Initially, the number of tokens will be limited, but over time, trading will be available to everyone. From official sources it is known that no agreements were made with Liquid Exchange.

The number of tokens that go on sale and their price are unknown. Investors who invested in a token will not be able to carry out operations with coins until the official launch of TON, which, according to preliminary data, is scheduled for late 2019.

To register for the auction, investors will need to go through the Know Your Customer Identification Card (KYC), which includes the provision of an identity card, photo and address of residence.

There is also a list of countries that will be unable to purchase Gram. These include: Iraq, Iran, Japan, Canada, USA, Belarus and others.

Who sells Telegram cryptocurrency

Many are interested in whether the Gram token can be purchased on the Liquid exchange – true or not. There is no definite answer. It has already been said above that no agreements with exchanges exist yet.

As for plans for the future, the coin will be sold on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, and possibly on some separate resource.

What suggestions look doubtful

Larry Cermack, Research Director for The Block.

Larry Chermak, research director for The Block, advises you to think carefully before making a purchase.

He expressed his opinion in the following points:

  • The Telegram messenger has more than 200 million regular active users, 70 billion messages per day, but there is absolutely no business model.
  • Costs in 2017 amounted to more than $ 70 million. In case the messenger feels a shortage of money, optional paid features will appear in it.
  • The plan to launch its own blockchain was formed against the backdrop of the peak of cryptocurrency development in 2017.
  • Also very dubious is the July 9 presale of tokens on the Liquid exchange. The exchange claims that the sale was agreed with the messenger, Telegram itself denies this information.
  • By investing money, investors counted on the release of the coin in March 2019. As you can see, this did not happen. The reason is low capitalization.
  • The virtual machine and the foundation for the blockchain client are almost ready. But there are no ready-made services yet, there is no information about the work of smart contacts, and the further fate of the Telegram interface is also unknown.

What they say about this in Telegram

The developers claim that the launch will be carried out by the end of 2019. Today, the investment is $ 1.7 billion. May 26, 2019 Pavel Durov held a conference at which he announced the testing of the platform for TON.


It is too early to draw premature conclusions about cryptocurrency on the exchange, but you should look closely at the development trend and make certain decisions. All that is required at this stage is to wait and beware of scammers who are already engaged in Gram trading. Often they create questionable websites on com domains and trade tokens under the guise of official sellers.