Instructions for removing a bot in Telegram

Telegram bots are a convenient and popular tool. They simplify the use of the application and save time. To create robots, you need to have certain knowledge and skills, but any person can permanently delete it on the contrary. To clear a chat, channel or group from a bot bot with a simple instruction.

Description and purpose

Bot is a program created to quickly fulfill various requests of instant messenger subscribers. The robot communicates with the user in real time. The assistant can answer questions, search for relevant information or adjust application settings. Create a personal bot for anyone who has the initial programming knowledge.


In Telegram, you can use the services of a thousand assistants.

Telegram bots.

Among them:

  • chat bots. Designed to answer user questions. They look like a regular dialogue;
  • informants. The main objective of this category is to remind users of important events or upcoming events;
  • gaming. Inside the chat are mini-games;
  • assistants. Created by services or companies as a virtual employee. They can complement or replace the Web version;
  • to configure the application. Executes commands that change Telegram parameters. They can change the language of the interface, turn off notifications, etc.
  • bots for groups / conversations. They do an excellent job of regulating the communication of large groups, where it is difficult for the administrator to keep order. Delete messages with obscene language, block spam, or prevent messages from being sent at certain hours.

Why create them

The presence of a special robot helps to quickly achieve the goal. The bot saves time by setting up the application on its own or finding information. Reacts to the Telegram-bot command instantly. It will take users no more than a minute to get help.

Bots are created by many companies to enhance customer communication capabilities. For example, to inform users about updates, price changes or address changes.

How to remove a bot

You may need to say goodbye to bot at any time. The assistant may become irrelevant, stop updating or just get tired.


You can create your own robot using the bot created by the developers. The “father” of all @BotFather gadgets helps fix bugs or improve bots.

A wide range of BotFather commands allows you to configure everything to the smallest detail. Also, this bot can delete created by command. You won’t have to search long how to remove your bot in Telegram. To do this, select / deletebot from the list.

From the catalog

If the need for a robot has run out, you can remove the bot from the Telegram messenger.

How to do it:

  • Go to the list of active chats, where all recent conversations are displayed.
  • Find the right bot. You can use the search bar by writing the name through @.
  • Swipe right to left to open control panel.
  • Choose the option “Delete”.

note! This manual is suitable for both iPhone and Android.

From computer

The PC application has an interface close to the phone. Unnecessary bot can be removed using the pop-up button. You need to right-click on the selected chat with the robot, in the window that appears, click on “Stop and block bot”. Information about the deleted account will be lost from your review.

From groups

Since bot is installed in the group itself, it will not work to remove it in the tape. It is necessary to work with a personal account of the robot.


  • Go to chat / group user list.
  • Find bot.
  • Open Assistant Information.
  • Click on the “..” icon (upper right corner).
  • Select “Block”.
  • Return to the group and check the absence of the bot.

Possible problems

The process of uninstalling the assistant is simple and straightforward, but sometimes users encounter some inconveniences.

Bot search

In a large number of dialogs, it is difficult to find the right robot, especially if its name is not reliably remembered. Search will help to solve this problem. You just need to click on the line and the application will immediately show recent chats and bots that were used previously.

Another language

Before removing the robot, the application clarifies with the user whether he really wants this. Most often, such a message appears in English. If you do not know a foreign language, you may have doubts about what to press. Do not panic. Just click on “YES”.

Is it possible to recover

If the services of an assistant are needed again, it can easily be returned. To do this, you must re-find the robot through the search and add it to “Contacts”.


Even a child can figure out how to remove a bot in Telegram. Instructions for any device consists of just a few steps.