Instructions for creating stickers in Telegram

Telegram gathers a large audience around itself due to the fact that it is the most secure messenger. The site does not aim to make money on the audience. The absence of mercantile motives can be seen in the stickers. Any user can create them here for free.

What are stickers for Telegram

The main problem with text chat is the lack of a direct opportunity to show emotions. For this, emoticons and stickers were invented. The latter became a more popular option than emoji, due to the ability to clearly and beautifully demonstrate emotions due to the size of the sticker.

Format requirements

For the convenience of using the finished drawings, unified rules have been created, to which all persons who wish to upload their own pictures must obey.

  • 512×512 extension.
  • PNG format.
  • Weight no more than 350 KB.

note! The file itself can be static or animated.

How to create

There are several ways that you can create stickers in Telegram. For this, either a computer or a mobile phone can be used.

From photos

Stickers from photos.

How to make stickers in Telegram from photos:

  • Open photoshop.
  • Create a project with the extension 512×512. The background must be transparent.
  • add a photo.
  • Select the Quick Selection tool, circle the required shape.

Important! This capture will be effective only for images where the background is different from the desired object.

  • To make the finished picture look softer along the edges, you need to open the “Selection and mask”, where you need to work with the sliders until you can achieve the desired result.
  • When the work is completed, you need to copy the selected area to a new layer. Press the right button, select the appropriate line.
  • After that, it is important to stretch or reduce the image to the desired size. Click Ctrl + T, hold Shift and drag at opposite corners.
  • You will need to create a frame that will separate the photo and the chat background. To do this, click on the right mouse button, select “Overlay Options”.
  • Next, check the box next to “Stroke” and “Shadow”.
  • If the final version of the picture suits you, save the work.


To create stickers in Telegram, you do not need to be able to draw. Some users like to use pictures where there are only inscriptions.

To create such a picture you will need:

  • Make a file with similar parameters.
  • Enter the desired text.
  • Open the “Symbol”, where the font and the distance between letters and lines are selected.
  • Change color and stroke.

From the illustrations

Creating stickers in Telegram is best done if the user orders the development from a professional artist who makes money selling his work. Then the stickers will be of high quality.

But drawings can be created independently from scratch according to an example:

  • Draw a sketch on paper, and then make a scan.
  • Open Adobe Illustrator and create a file.
  • Drag photo to illustrator.
  • Create a new layer where you need to circle the sketch with the “Shape” and “Pen”.
  • On the second layer add colors.
  • It remains to draw shadows, highlights and strokes.

Via the mobile app

Sticker Tools for iPhone.

Make your Telegram stickers on your mobile phone:

  • Most often use the Sticker Tools app for the iPhone. The program is available only on iOs. For Android, there are its analogues, which work on a similar principle.
  • Add desired photo.
  • Crop background.
  • Decorate the picture with filters. For best results, it’s important to read the instructions for editing images on YouTube.
  • Save Sticker in iPhone Memory.

Through a graphical editor

You can create stickers in Telegram using graphic editors via the computer:

  • This may be Photoshop, which is installed on the computer, or its online counterparts. In this case, the Pixlr Editor online application is used.
  • Create a file of the desired size and format.
  • Download or draw a picture yourself. You can find suitable images in services with photos from Google or Yandex. Download in any format, because when you create a sticker, it will automatically be changed to PNG.
  • Add a photo to the app. It is necessary to monitor the parameters of the created file. They should be exclusively as in the screenshot.
  • Open image.
  • Decorate to taste.
  • Save work.

How to promote

After creating their own set, many users of the messenger have a question, but how to promote it and make it popular? There are several ways that can be found below.

Own set

The first audience is gathered among friends or people that a person can influence (in the public VK, Telegram).

Sticker Catalogs

You can publish the created sticker pack on the site with catalogs of ready-made packs. Examples of such sites: and You can upload work for free. Subsequently, it is not uncommon to promote stickers with stickers that can be sold or distributed for free.

How to create your own set of stickers

To create a pack yourself, you will need to write to the official @Stickers bot. Before this, it is necessary to prepare the pictures themselves and form a set of them, after sending the message / newpack to the bot. The next letter will need to indicate the name for the created pack.

Further procedure:

  • Now you can send the picture, which will be the first in a future pack. The image must comply with the rules set for downloads.
  • To continue to upload photos, you will need to send an emoticon. Only after that is it allowed to upload subsequent photos.
  • When the set is completed, it is necessary to publish the finished work. To do this, write / publish. Indicated abbreviated name of the finished pack.
  • In response, the bot will send a ready-made kit. Now add to yourself or send to friends.

How to remove / add stickers

Adding Stickers.

How to add your stickers to Telegram:

  • Open chat with @Sticker bot.
  • Send / delsticker and send the picture to be deleted.
  • Send / addsticker, then you can upload the photo you want to add to the stickerpack. If several “drawings” are required, then after each it is necessary to send a smile. No other way to add.

The @Sticker bot is the main tool to add, install, remove sticker packs.

Pros and cons of using

This method has a large number of advantages, the main of which is that you can use your favorite photos, characters from films (adjust the stickers for yourself). But there is also a minus – if you create a picture yourself from scratch, it will take a lot of time.

Examples of creating pictures

A sticker is created in the Stickers for Telegram application. Follow these steps:

  • Upload photo.
  • Select the desired area.
  • After selecting the zone, you need to select the eye icon.
  • Then there are two options: the first – just save the picture, the second – send it directly to the Telegram bot.


Making your own sticker pack is not so difficult. The main thing is the desire and skill of owning Photoshop. You can create a set that will be pleasant to use with friends by following the instructions above.