How to search for stickers in Telegram – step by step instructions

Today stickers sent via Telegram are widespread. In no social network or messenger did they gain such popularity. By adding them to messages, you can convey emotions, mood. But the standard “stickers” of the application are not always suitable for this.

Search is carried out in various ways. But not everyone knows how to search for stickers on Telegram. Consider how to find them on various devices, find out the pros and cons.

What are stickers for Telegram

Stickers in Telegram are drawings with the help of which users express their own emotions when communicating with other people. Pictures are similar to smiles, but better. Used in Telegram for free.

Format requirements

Telegram stickers.

The file must be in PNG format and have a transparent background. The document is required to fit into a 512 × 512 pixel square. On the one hand, the sticker is 512 pixel, and on the other – 512 or less.

To make the picture look beautiful on a different background, it is worth adding a white stroke, a shadow.

How to search

To find stickers in Telegram, there are several ways to apply it. Their search is available on the phone and computer. Consider in detail.

In the application menu

You can search for stickers in Telegram by visiting the application menu using your smartphone or PC. The messenger development team assures that there are the most popular drawings. Finding them using the program is easy.

On the phone

To search for Telegram stickers using your phone, do the following:

  • Run the messenger on your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Settings” section at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you see the “Stickers” line, select the appropriate package.
  • Tap the add icon.

After this procedure, the user receives the desired set. More than 20 drawings are available. For devices running Android OS version 4.8.5 and iPhones with iOs 4.8, an update has appeared with functionality that makes it easier to find “stickers”. Now, by entering emoji, you can see a list of images suitable for the emoticon.

You can select the appearance of the desired images using the tips by visiting the settings of the section called “Stickers and Masks”. In the image selection window there is a search bar. It is required to pull the screen with pictures down, and the user will see it.

On a note. Having visited the mobile device stores for Iphone and Android – the App Store and the Play Market, you can often find and buy fun new collections of packages.

On pc

Finding new stickers in Telegram using a computer and the program menu is easy. You need to open the messenger, perform the same actions as on a smartphone. A package of images will be offered. Click on the “Add” button or Add stickers.

In chat rooms

Consider how to find a sticker in Telegram, communicating with the interlocutor via chat. If another user sends messages with interesting “stickers” and you want to add them to your collection, you do not need to search for emoticons using the catalog. This is done directly from the chat.

To view images from the phone, click on the received image. To replenish our collection, click on the “Add” button. After clicking on the image on the computer, right-click and select Add to stickers.

In site directories

You will have to spend time on this procedure. For example, visit resources: @stickroom, @TgSticker, Telegram Stickers Catalog and others like that. On them you can find images by topic, popularity and usage statistics. Use special filters.

Using bots

Stickers are searched using bots. This option is well suited for people just starting out with the messenger.

To search in this way you need to do:

  • Open the Telegram application search window, launch the @sticker bot.
  • In the dialog box, enter his nickname, click on the “Space” button and click on the smiley needed to download.
  • The bot will offer a channel with pictures.

Then just click on the one you like and save it to yourself.

By name

This way of finding stickers on Telegram is pretty simple. Each set of drawings after its creation is assigned a unique name. For example, a person wanted to find a package of pictures called “South Park” (southpack).

To find him, you need to do the following:

  • It is required to open a browser line, register: tg: // resolve? Domain = addstickers / and after the last slash add southpack.
  • Click on the link.

You can add any name. Just keep in mind that the keyword must be single.

How to create your own sticker pack

Any user can create their own set.

Write to the @stickers bot and follow the recommendations:

  • You need to register the command / newpack and specify any set name.
  • Send the bot an image and related emotion. The action is allowed to be repeated until the drawings run out. The set consists of a maximum of 120 images.
  • After filling in your package, you need to send the / publish command and specify the set name. It must be written in Latin letters and have at least 4 characters.
  • Next will be issued a link to the set.

Now feel free to share with your friends.

Important! If the name for the drawing package is taken, bot will notify you. You will need to take a different name.

How to remove / add stickers

Stickers are added to Telegram in all of the above ways from the search. You can do this by creating them yourself. Here it is much easier to remove.

Removing Stickers.

Perform the following manipulations:

  • Open the dialog for text chat.
  • Enter the sticker menu by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the window in the corner on the right.
  • After that, you need to click on the gear that opens the settings of the installed “stickers”.
  • Use the urn icon next to the set, which is important to remove.

If you are tired of certain drawings, you can always get rid of them.

Pros and cons of using

The use of stickers in Telegram has undeniable advantages:

  • They are significantly larger than smiles in size.
  • Self-creation.
  • Their use allows a person to express more emotions in communication.

Using sticker on Telegram is free. Cons users using these “stickers” have not yet been discovered.


Where to get the sticker in Telegram is already clear. You can find and add funny drawings in various ways. To facilitate their search and save time, you should use popular sets or a bot. Then you will not need to search for interesting pictures on your own. Telegram is constantly evolving and the conditions for using drawings are becoming easier.