How to make free animated stickers for Telegram

Animated Telegram stickers are very diverse, here are the popular frog Pepe, Zhdun, Nichosi, anime characters and other famous characters. Ready-made sets are enough to convey all the shades of emotions in a dialogue. For lovers of originality, you can create collections yourself.

What are animated stickers

Animated stickers for Telegram practically do not differ from static ones except animation. The movement of the picture is obtained due to the successive change of frames, as in popular GIFs.

History of creation

In the summer of 2019, the long-awaited event for active Telegram users happened – animated stickers became available.

Now it’s even easier to convey your emotions, because the moving image is much more expressive than the static.

Initially, several standard sets of animated stickers were released, but now there are hundreds of them. Both paid and free collections are available.

Application area

Telegram channels use an animated sticker just like a regular one. The image is well conveyed by a variety of emotions, human conditions, so instead of a thousand words it is easier to send a picture. But you should not abuse it. It is better to use stickers in personal correspondence, while in the business an abundance of pictures will speak about the frivolity of the partner.

Where and how to search for animated stickers

Stickers can be searched online. The network is full of resources with free or paid sets. On sites, stickers are divided into categories: themes, popularity. It’s also convenient to use the search on site collections, the keyword will find the desired collection in the list.

TOP messenger is also looking for stickers. Just open the corresponding Telegram tab.

The fastest way to find stickers is to request a bot. To do this, send a message to @sticker. The automated system will list collections.

How to download and use

When the stickers you like are found, it’s time to download and add them. Installation on different devices may have differences, but the procedure is the same.

On Android

  • Make a search query with the name “animated sticker”.
  • We go to the desired site.
  • We select and then open the set you like.
  • Click on “Add to Telegram”.

Stickers will be automatically installed in the application for Android and will be available for use.

On iphone

  • We do a sticker search through Safari “Telegram animated sticker”.
  • Follow the link provided.
  • Select the desired set.
  • Click on the Add button.

The specified sequence works on all iOS devices.

Telegram animated stickers.

In pc

  • We are looking through any available browser “Telegram sticker”.
  • Choose from the proposed sites.
  • We find the necessary collection through internal search.
  • Open, click “Install stickers”.

Stickers will automatically install and be available to the user.

How to do it yourself

Despite the fact that the Internet is full of ready-made stickers by professional artists, it’s quite difficult to find an interesting collection. Popular kits quickly become boring, while less known ones are not beautiful.

You can solve the problem by creating your own set of animated stickers. This requires a little patience, as well as some special applications.

Additional applications

To create stickers it is better to use programs from Adobe. Their functionality is enough to create the most advanced images, and applications from this company have good tutorials, so it will be easier to figure it out.

Applications are paid, but they all provide a free trial period for which you can make a lot of stickers. An alternative may be the use of free software from other developers, but it is often not Russified, has many disadvantages.

To work, you need two programs: Illustrator, After Effects. In the first application we create vector graphics, in the second we collect ready-made animation.

Graphics Search

To create an animation, you can take ready-made images. You need to find through a search engine or on specialized sites. Graphics must comply with Telegram requirements: have a size of 512X512 pixels, a white background, and also not go beyond the boundaries.

We prepare tools

Before you begin, you need to prepare the After Effects application:

  • download ZXPInstaler and the bodymovin-tg.zxp plugin file, which is needed for export;
  • run the ZXPInstaler installer, in the window that opens, click on the file bodymovin-tg.zxp;
  • open After Effects, select “Edit” – “Preferences” – “Scripts and Expressions”;
  • use the option “Allow scripts to write files ..”;
  • select the main menu “Window” – “Extensions”, check the plugin name.

Now the program is ready to create files with the .TGS extension, which are supported by Telegram.

Create animated stickers.

Process of creation

  • If there is no finished picture, then create an image from scratch in Illustrator.
  • We select in different layers those parts of the picture that will move.
  • Save the finished file.
  • We launch After Effects, create a project of 512X512 pixels in size, lasting 2-3 seconds and a frequency of 30 fps.
  • In the project we load the image previously created in Illustrator, “File” – “Import” – “File”.
  • Customize size, create animation using application features.
  • Select the layers, select “Create” – “Create animation of vector layers” in the context menu.

The application has many functions for creating animations, you can study them in special tutorials from Adobe.

Import to Telegram

The created composition must be prepared for work in the Telegram application. To do this, select the “Extensions” submenu and the “Bodymovin for Telegram Stickers” item through the “Window” menu. In the window that opens, indicate the previously made composition and click “Render”. If the rendering succeeds, the application will report this and save the finished file with the extension .TGS.

In Telegram, we call the @Stickers bot and send the / newanimated command. Next, he needs to send the name of the new set of stickers, and then drag the created .TGS file to the Telegram window. The bot may ask you to indicate with which emoji the image will be associated.

Thus, you can drag a few homemade stickers and create a set. To do this, after downloading, you need to give the / publish command and select the downloaded images.


Creating pictures is not so easy and you have to understand special programs, but unique animations are worth it. In the end, everyone chooses what is closer to him – use ready-made kits or spend time and do home-made.